The mom who sneaks behind the door.

Hi im james and im 20 years old my mom is in her 50s with a larg rack big booty thin tight abbs and long smooth legs blue eyes and long hair aways weres pantie hoes and skirts and coresets and long red hair.
any way I was on my way home from school at night i got home mom was a sl**p i was on my lap top looking up porn watching this black chick lick a nother chicks ass hole i turnd all the lights off and started rubing my cock.
but as the black chick licked the other chick ass she moand so load some wan els came in will there eyes wure closed she was wearing a skirt and coreset.
she was black with the same body structer as my mom she started rubing her pussy area and ass. she got closer they seen her but then they lifted up her skirt and started sucking on her dick.
i was shocked cuse she was so hot.but i couldnt help my self i started rubing my cock harder. i thought i hurd something at my window.
i jumped to go see it was nothing i sayed.i hoped back in bed ops. i made a load noice. i posed for a short moment to listen for my mom.
To make sure she still asl**p. then i went back to rubing my cock and watch the porn i started looking at the black shemale for some reson i was jerking off to her as she fucked the black chicks ass hole real hard
there was a BLACK 30 YEAR OLD BLACK SHEMALE WITH BIG COCK SKIRT whight school dress skirt and whight pantie hoes and long sexy legs and big black tits.
she had a picth dark black ass hole red thongs red lips pitch dark black cock and long hair she had been comeing to my window master baiting and fingeringer ass at myu window for years.
i have never notest her and still dont as i keep rubing my cock to this shemale on the video and these lesbians.
i hed something at my door but i asomed nothing. i keep masterbating mmm mmmmm i took my pants off and ass i did my door creeked wide open i got up too look nothing there so i rushed over took my pants back off.
forgetting to shut the door. i put my head set on so i would get no more destractions. hi im jameses mom trea i was walking to his room cuse i herd a noice.
and iu found him masterbaiting i got mad and was opeing the door in the dark i was going to catch him. but i seen how big his cock had goten and it made me wet changeing my me from mad to horny.
i then hid my self in the dark ass i was looking at him master bait i slid my hand under my skirt and into my red pantie hoes and into my hot pink thongs and started fingering pretending his tongue was in side me.
I started fucking him in my mind i said to my self im his mom i shouldnt do this so i wal;ked away into my toom and started looking at my porn books of shemales i f***ed my self to pictur them in me insted off my son.
i could so i got out my shemale sex doll to fuck i started fucking it real hard and ass i cumed i moand my sons name. and fell a sl**p. hi im james i thought i herd my mom say my name.
so i whent iun there she was a sl**p in her room so i ran back to my room my window was open y pc was faceing it and there was cum on my bed it was not mine i closed the window and whent to sl**p.
next moreing i woke up got dress and whent to school i was in jim this black girl came up to me and ask to talk to me in the locker so we sneak to the girls locker she said hi im christena and i been haveing a major crush on you.
I said ok and she said how would u like me to be ur girl friend i said ok. she got soo hapy she took me in the shower and started kissing me she said wow ur big.
I better do my dutys as ur new girl friend if you dont want people to think we wure doing stuff in here. i said ok wat do u have in mind she started sucking my dick untill.
i cummed down her throwt she swoolowed and said i been wanting to do that for a long time. she then walked me to my locker and kissed me good byei walked home all haappy that night.
i when and turned all my lights off mom was a sl**p on the couach i when in my room turnd on the pc and started looking up shemales like that wan i saw then i found wan calld cock worship/
there was a black naked shemale pitch black dark skin huge larg tits big booty super black long dick and pitch black ass hole sh started saying u like this ass as she bent over spreding her ass.
she look so hot fingering it she said dont think just rub ur dick picture me in ur face i did then i starded geting hard sh said look away if u dont u eill be craveinging dick.
she swapt over to a picture off pusssy she said look at thiss crave pussy so i look at a pictur of her black pussy i started rubing hard.
she started flashing back inforth between pussyu and dick then she just should me her rubing her tits and jacking off she said hahaha u want cock dont u not pussy. yess i said out load in a trans
she then started fucking a girl in the ass and iu watch she said this me fucking u. she said finger ur ass and open ur mouth do u feel mt dick in side u i got hard, i herd a noice at the window i closed the pc too look.
hi his mom trea agein. i thought i herd some thing at my sons winder i sneaked over and watched as he opend it a black girl came in. hi im james i hopend the window looked down christina said umm hi can I cum in?
I said sure but dont wake my mom she came in wearing white pantie hoes nee long green skirt white button up dress shirt and black nee high boots.
she opend my laptop and started listing to wat i was watching and seen my hard cock. nowe wat would your mom say she said she puyled my boxers off and started sucking my dick she then started licking mt ass also i dont no y but it felt good.
she stuck her tounge in my mouth she started rubing her pussy throgh her pantie hoes and red thongs. hi im his mom tera im still watch my son and his friend thaty came in the window. got mad but still got wet at the sit of his cock.
i could not eneter to stop them for fear i would fuck my son. so watched and as i did i got a chair and stat it in the hall then started thinking he herd me he looked but she grabed my son aND STARTED kissing him saying it nothing no wan there.
he listin to here i started rubing my clit as if he was licking it then i spreaed and lifted my legs riseing them up let my pussy drip in my ass.
his girl told hime to look at his door way i got scared she said do u see any thing my son said no SHE SAID GOOD. NOW END DOWN and put ur head up my skirt pull my pantie hoes down and thong close ur eyes and lick my ass.
my son did as she asked. i started geting weter. i then masterbait fingering my pussy and ass. she started at the door way as if she could see me then she puld something out. omg it was a long black pitch black cock were her clit should be on her wet pussy.
she stard right at me and started rubing it she said jaes i want u in my ass. he studerd umm umm umm. she bent down puting her cock away started sucking his dick and slobering all over it. i started to moan load my son said wat that noice i said it just me u feel so good.
it is true she know i was there i got weter. i started craveing them both now wat was wrong with me. i whent to my room. hi im christina james girl friend i told james to wait here i need to go to the bath room before u fuck my ass. he said ok so i walked into his moms room instead.
at last wee meat ms tera i said she turned all scard cuse she was still master baiting. i know u master bait to ur son watching porn i been watching u do it for 3 weaks you should fuck him hes good u know.
no she said get out she said. i said i cant then ur son will find out. about wat u ms tera. ms tera says and watabout u ill him ur realy a man. no im a girl im a shemalle and i have a pussy. besides i think he wants cock any way i found him watching shemale porn.
very sexy son u got. ms tera said get away from my son u tramp. no and i push her on the bed im going to let u picture him in side u as i shuve my cock in you untill my cock turn back to a clit.
then i fucked james mom so hard she cummed and said his name i told her i loved her she cryed. i whent back to her son naked he said now are u readyi said yes but lick my juice of my pussy he said it smells like old person juice i said ir ok he licked and said it tast good his mom herd.
hi im james i stuck my cock in her ass and fucked it real hard then rown stuff start comeing out she said mmmmm james i said the f ids this she said im marking you as mine then i seen her clit start geting big as she bent over stuck my dick clean.
i started to cum down her throwt. she then said close ur eyes and open i did i was scared SHE SAID SUCK I SAID Y SHE SAID IT HER STRAPON SHE WANT TO FUCK MY ASS NOW i said ok i started sucking i felt it get soo hard in my mouth she moand said u feel soo good.
i said this dildo feels so real she said it bran new type it sapose to feel real. she said keep ur eyes closed and bend over she started licking my ass. i moand it felt good she slid it in then said i lied about wat i asked.
she said this is a real cock i turnd and strugled she push me flaton thew bed said stop i know u like it ibeen watching for 3 mouths now watching shemale cock worship she ramed me hard said fuck yess i been wanting in uer ass forever.
i said in a trans state cock cock cock i tryed to resist her she said resit me baby it feels good in side dont it yuess you liked fucking my ass hole huh yes.
when u fuck my ass u think off geting fucked yess-ur mom know how i said i saw her in the hall master baiting t9 use i whent to fuck her and u licked her cum of my clit nosww im cuming in ur ass then i felll my ass fill up with cum she got dressed sayed ill see u at school.
ok i said and i whent to sl**p. I woke up told my mom in going to school she said when u get back we are going out some wear. i said wear she said to dinner.
I said ok all you can eat tocos yea she said ok. sea later mom. by sone see u after school love you mom love u to dear. i walked to school and christina ran up to me and said hi baby. fun time last night huh i said yea sure was.
did i fill ur fantasy she said yup. she said so you realy like dick huh? im not sure i said. do you like men yuk no nasty.
oh i see u just like women cock! i guess so. that means ur bi but not gay. wat am i ur a fagget she said is that bad to some but not to me.
she winks at me and i fall into a trans and start walkinginto the woods and i stop and neal down i lift up her skirt and f***e her pantie hoes off i smell her wet pussty i start sucking her clit lick a dick and then it begins to grow she says wat are yoiu doing?
this is day time people will see then she starts moaning. my friend crystal walks by on the way to school with her gay friend adam black guy crystal is fat with big tits big huge booty same cloths as christina.
she saw us i was in a trans and keep sucking her clit. crystal had a crush to but was aways shy to say she trembled at wat she saw. she seen me looking at her as i sucked christinas clit. christinas clit started to grow.
my friend crystal stared and began rubing adams dick in his pants he said stop she said no and started pulling his dick in her mouth pretending its mine moaning my name.
james harder christina said adam walked over to christin and i was blind in my trans as christina said do you want my cock yess she said good and put adams cock in my moth at the said im not a boy im a girl pulled of his close and his r****gs
on his chest and there was big huge tits he then said his real name was finastar i sucked and cristin whent over to crystal and said u like this cock. yes she said cuse james was sucking it she then put her pussy on it and cumed james like it off crystall said ass she cumed.
then crystal whent to school and adam cumed on my face and whent to school still in a trans i got out and relize i was in the woods and christina is fucking my ass hole then brown stuff came out she wiped it on her self and cumed she then got dress saying i love u james.
i said i love you. i goto the pool at school adam showed up and saiod if u tell any wan im realy a girl ill kill u then prosedded to fuck my ass with his cock cuming in sid of mee then said now let it go bitch and slamed me under water and left. later that night i walked home my mom said take shower get dressed .
so i daid she got dressed to i said ge mom wat kinda atention u looking for she said hopen to bag me a an she had a black coreset black skirt thongs long red boots and red haire red lips and look in her bag they wure full of sex toys i didnt let her know.\
she said we are going to a club i said wat about tocos they got thos and baretos there to cool i said this must be nice plkace as we parked we whent in she took me in a roo with a glasss window and locked me in there later some 3 black shmales walked in with mom body figer and 1 was fat.
i paniced and tryed to get oot i seen my mom behind the glass i said mom wat going on stop hellp she daid not here all i seen was her starting to spred her legs then she started puting chessy toco souce in her pusst and grocamoly in her ass started master baing ass they riped my pants off.
i screamed as my mom stared said mmm fuck him they started making me suck the fat girls cock as the others start taking ters sucking my dicking and licking my ass and sucking each other mom started picking up a big can of cheese it and squrting it all iun her pussy filling her self up some reson i got hard watching.
she the emtyed a big can of nocho cheese in her ass hole and opend the door and said lay my son down mom started sucking my dick as they started fucking her covering there coclk with mom then finger my ass AND SAID ILL TEACH U TO FUCK SOME SLUT IN MY HOUSE THEN SHE f***eD HER SELF ON ME SAY MAKE ME PREGNET SON NO I STTRUGLED.
and said i hope nu had fun the next day i tyold my girl friend she said wat omg we should talk to her i said no she mad she saw use last friday fucking she said ill sneek in later rhen ok
i said ok she came over and beoght crystal in my window i said you bring her she said it be fun to three way i said ok i told crystal to suck my dick and she started going at it like a whore would.
my mom walked all mad then chriustina said shut up and suck ur sons cock. i said christina wat are you doing mom said ok and christina said james ur mom wants u that y shes jelous we have u not here so let her fuck u then we can have you to.
mom sucked my dick i moand mom u feel good she said son so do u crystal said i love u james as s lick** my ass christina kissed me. my mom pulled out a strap on and said i herd u like cock and shoved it deep in me then in to cryustal then i watched my mom fuck crystal as i fucked christina then they cumed in my mouth and we all sl**p to gther for rhe first time

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