The strange day that left me beging for more

I was at work it a friday so I get to have a break from work after i go home anyways i was on my pc at in my offices and i called my secatary in for my papes it was late so there wasnt meny people there when she cam in i notesed that shewasnt my usal secatary she was beautayfull she had big tits double ds or big i mean these wure big tits an she hade a nice round booty and nice thick strong legs she had a tight skirt on and nice work shirt she said katie called in sick im here to fill in is tere any thing special u need i said im not sure she sad let me know ill give it to u any thing dont be shy to ask

I was geting tired as i started to fall a sl**p she cam in said u must wake up sir no sl**ping she started rubing my back saying ur tince then she closed the curtens saying would u like me to do something for u to keep u awake she said my name is latosha she got on her ness and turnd on porn on my pc she said this will help u then she said rub it it ok i wont tell started to but then i said stop we at work i whet to the mens room to pee then she busted in saay u dont think u can walk away from this do u I said yeah then she opened the dore and started sucking my dick as i was peeing she said i tast good

i said stop but she keep going the she started fingering my ass until i cumed down her throwt she said that feels better huh i said yes but this is not right we are coworkers she said it are secret now go home ill finish up here as i was leaven from work i notes she never cam out the building so i tryed to hurry dowen the dark road next tosome woods tat i pass on the way to my house so she wouldnt see me then i seen these three blacke wemon they all had long hair bnigh tits andbig bootys but thn i seen some wan els omg it was latosha I started to run into the woods and hidebut then i triped and past out after i hit my head i woke up and they all wure standing above me i could see up there skirts only 2 wure female te other to wure shemale latosha a shemale she said that right as she shuved her coc deep in me the to female tarted kissing each other as they watched latosha said u think i let u cum in my mouth and i let u leave with out me cuming in urs pluse my frend nikki wanted a go at u and i brot cloressa and christna along cuse they wanted to watch then i fel a laRG SETHING GO IN MY ASS AND I FELT IT FILL ME UP WITH SOMETHING COLD AND OILY

she said dont my 9 iunch cock feel good in your mouth i said you it dose she said nikki want to try is that ok i said yes nikki 15 inch cock went in she said can i goo deep i said yess before i know itwas 15 inches i had to swallow to let i go down my throwt then i felt latosha slide in my ass i gazed over and christna and cloressa wure squirting on each othere then they cam over and strted sucki my cock latosha said i loved seens the moment i meat u and i know u wantedme all of a sudin nikki cumed into my stumic an latosha pulled out and i started sucking her haRD then christina started fucking my dick as cloresa licked my ass nikki grabbed latosha tits ans tarted fucking herin theass as latosha startdto cum and pe in my mouth then the next day at work katie came baCK SHE SAID HOW WA HE I SAID WHO THE SUB SHE SAID YEAH I SAID NICE SHE SAIDWELL SHE TOLDTO TELL UTO PULL DOWN UR PANTS I SAID Y CUSEIHURD UR A SLUT ISAID WAT SHE SAID O IT NOW BITCH I SIDE NO THEN SHE GO UNDER MY DESK AND STARTED RIPING MYPANTS ANDSUCKING MY DICK LATOSHA CAM IN AND SHUT THE BLINDS AND PULLED HER DICK OUT SAID HAD UN LAST NIGHT THEN KATI SAID HI AND LATOSHA GOT MAD AND SAID WT SHE DOING HERE THEN HE BENT ME OVER AD MADE KATIE PEE AND CUM ON MY ASS AND LICK IT OF THEN SHE STUCK HERDICK IN MY A I SAID SHf***eD HE SELL ON METHEN SHE OPEND THE BLNDS SHE SAID NOW EVERY WAN WILL KNOW URA SLUT THEN SHE STATEDFUCKING ME WIL EVERYWAN WATCH AMZZINLY EY ALL STARTED MASTER BAITING AND HAVEING SEX IT WA VERY STRANGE SHE FUCKED ME SOHArd i know from hen on my life wasnot goning to bethe same i was fucked every dayat the officend on the stree in thewoods aND AT HOME UNTIL GAVE IN IF U INJOYED THIS STORY MEESSAGEME OK
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2 years ago
tne story is very good the spelling needs a lot of work
2 years ago
fucking horrible