monsters that crave sex part 1

there wans was a mad docter named hojo who studded how monsters get there mana back when it is used up or even if they even run out like humons do wan day he was working on some experaments to make humens be able to have ever lasting mana with out rest or food so they would never run out and need to rest but some thing whent wrong the monsters broke free i was is lab assistent at the time and was the first to expernce how the monsters truely got there mana they stoll it from us i was in my lab when i saw her she walk in the door naked i was soo shocked i didnt realize the alarm was going she was black she had a big ass a long cock a dark wet pussy a deep tight ass hole big round tits thin adumben long purple hair red eyes red lips long toung pointy eares long fingers and some kinda of mouth loooking thing on her stumick it when from her chest to her waste she come to me and took off my pants using only her mouth and started to suck my cock she then stuck her finger up my ass then put it in her wet puss and back in to my ass trying to ge my ass wet it didnt work good enuff for her so she took me and layed me down slowly spreeding my ass cheecks i feelt her face go into my ass crack then all of a suddin i felt a slimey feeling start to go up my ass hole it started going real deep i culdnet hold my feelings in i started to moan loud yess yess baby she said her name was stacy i began to crave her deepher and then she started puting loads of spit in my as lubing it untill it gushes with her spit then her belly opend up and dick tinticales came out houlding may ass open and my arms and legs down as she started f***eing her cock down my throwt i felt her get hard in my mouth as she started to grow long and hard it started going in side my neck she said u feel good on my cock then she said im going to keep u my cum will surve as a tracker so i can find u when ever i need mana and sex she then started to **** me in my ass hole i started to screem her name yess stacy yess i want to be in side u now then she said very well and here tinticales pulled me in her stumic then it closed shut then she started to escape here tinticales keept aborbing my mana power of speed makeing her faster then she ran into another monster and it was the same type but it was white and had wings and a tail with that was real long and looked like a cock it started fucking her in her ass i know cuse i felt it cock go in sider and then in me stay told it to stop and that it will share something later then out of no were a plant monster swallowed us and then she feel and i feel out of here we both land in slime and then it started movien and dicksstarted comeing out of the grounf we wure in sind the plant and i felt cock in my ass she got up and said this are lair were we feed on mana then i saw a black humen women in here she was masterbaiteing hard there was that winged monster fucking her the plant monster that swallowed us stared ffucking me then stacy stuck her ass in my face hard rubing her puss on my face assif she plant to slide my head into her cunt she rubed up and down geting wet and then i was right i felt her pussy het big and wet i grabbed her cock hard and trid to stop her but for some reson her cock turned me on it was so soft i could not stop rubing it mmmm yes it made her wet more and then i felt my head goin her pussy then she when up and down on my head with her pussymy cock got hard then that black girl started sucking it will that winged moster fucked her ass up with its cock then the night was over and we wure aslep this story is to be contenued
55% (3/2)
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2 years ago
Sensational xxxxx
2 years ago
yes I agree with the abovc...and there is a button called spellcheck...really handy.
3 years ago
Was hard to read but other wise excellent story
3 years ago
monster sex can be so much fun (wink)
when viewed from the safety of the control room,

use paragraphs next time, it makes the story more easy to read.