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I woke up from my soft bed and started watching tv then the door bell rang and it was the mail women she was black and she had big lips big huge tits a big nice round ass and a thin body she want to welcome me to the naberhood she also had sexy long green and red hairshe gave me her number and said i was cute and would like to hang out some time i said ok mybe we can play some video games at my house later when she got of work she said that would be niceso it got late and then i was dark out then the door bell rang and i whent to it and there she was she was wereing tripp pants and a hot tight shirt she came in and we started playing video games then i got tired and told her she can sl**p here if she wants there covers on the couch and im going to bed she said ok so i whent to bed and she keep playing video games then i herd them shut of ass i started falling a sl**p i herd my door open and then foot steps she took off her pants and got in bed with me i felt some thing hard between her legs and i said wat is that and she said i thought you know wat i am i said no i dont i thought u wure a women arnt u she said yes only i have something a normal women dosent and i said wat as she pulld my under were off and rub her wet hand on my ass as she said this she shuffed her dick in side me she said as i screemd shh it ok this will be over soon ans she be gan ****ing me in my ass i felt her starting to pee in my ass then she started fucking me harder then she said as she stuck me with a need contaning a sl**p d**g and she filld my ass will lube at the same time ass i started falling a sl**p i felt her raming my ass the next moreing she was gone and there was cum in my mouth i went to the shower and cleeand my self off i got dressed and went down stairs and then the bell rong agen and i answerd and it was her she was wereing a short skirt and a tank top with chains rapped around her she said i had fun playing games with u last night i desided to come play some more i told her i know wat u did last night u ****st and she said wat are u talking about then she said i thought u had fun last night then she pushed me in to my house locking my door and then gthen i grabed her by her neck telling her that i dont want to see here agen and that i want her to leave but she started rubing my dick and un buttoning my pants and pull down my under were ass i opend the door she started sucking my dick i started geting mad wanting to push her out the door but it started feeling so good ass she started lol i came to and grabed her but then she stuck me with a needle full with a d**ge that makes ur body tired then i fell down i could fell every thing and see every thing she started doing to me but i couldnt stop her she said no mater how long it takes i will make u learn to love my cock and crave cock and make u desier me and make u want me and make u do wat i say then she made me suck her dick ass she sucked mine i started giving in and i started sucking hr dick for some reson i felt good sucking her dick as i sucked her dick she farmed a pussy betwwen her ass and dick it started dripping on me and it had some thing in it juici that made me want cock i got strangth back she started fucking me in the ass and cum started comeing out then she said ill be back to night and u better realiz ur place then i cryed cuse i didnt know wat was happening i didnt know am i gay ni do i like only wemon wat am i then the door bell rang and it was another hot sexy girl i was happy it wasn.t curila the mail girl this girl was white with long very long blond hair and she had big lips red lip stick and a red dress on with red pantie hoes i opend the door wandering who she is she got big nic round ass and big tits and then curila cam in said this is candy she my bitch just like u and then they pusshed me in the house and cam in and puuled my close off and draged me to my room and stared succking my dick and i said it ok i want u to **** me i want ur dick and she said good boy and shuved her dick in my mouth then candy lubed in my ass and started fucking me ass i sucked curillas dick then they said fuck us and i started fucking them in htere ass and then they started shiting on me dick then they both grow a pussy hole and i started fucking them in there pussy and we fucked all night they both took turns rappeing me over and over and then riding me and makeing me suck there dick then they said we are moving in and going to **** u every day the end if u like this story text me and let me know if u want to have some fun
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2 years ago
OMG you lucky bastard,I've went out with and married pre-ops all my life. But I'm the top because they want a real man. So I get my cake but I don't get to eat it.