Too Tired to Fuck

One time while my wife was pregnant we had just climbed into bed. She was tired but also felt like sex. She wanted sl**p more than sex though and practically passed out in a minute. She sl**ps in only her panties, so I started gently groping her breasts and lightly squeezing her nipples. Her nipples got hard and she sighed a few times. She didn't wake up at all so I kept going until her nipples started leaking milk. That always made her body want more. It made me want more, too. She was on her side and u*********sly rolled to her back and spread her legs as if it was instinct. I had been hard for a while now and pulled my underwear of so I could leak precum on her back and butt. I figured she wasn't going to be woken up easily so I just ran my hand down her belly and over her panties and to her crotch. She started moaning softly as I began rubbing her through the cloth. I know that irritates her after a while so i slipped my hand in at the top of her panties, ran it though her hairy bush (I like it, hope you don't mind), and plunged my rather warm fingers into her already wet pussy lips. Her mouth dropped open and she sighed heavily. I kept slowly running my fingers from her pussy to her clit along her left lip, circling her clit, slowly running my fingers back down her right lip, and sliding a few fingers into her pussy. After a few minutes, I wispered, "I want to lick you." She must have been half awake but too aroused to care because she nodded. I crawled down below her and pulled her panties down and off. I layed down, wrapped my arms around her thighs, took a breath (both for a little air and to smell her scent), and burried my mouth and face in her warm, hairy pussy. I started by pushing my hot tongue out onto her clit. Then I slide my tongue and face down as far as her ass hole. she sometimes likes me to lick and finger her there but I just licked a little while she was asl**p. I moved up a little a pushed my tongue in her pussy as far as it would reach. I pumped my tongue in and out a few times then slid my whole face back up her pussy. My nose was wet with her juices. I let my self go wild and slobered all over her hairy crotch while licking her pussy. Eventually she took a little gasp and bucked a few times before exhaling heavily. I gasped now because her orgasm had clamped my head between her thighs while my face was buried in her. I didn't really mind because it was my turn to make a mess in her even if she did wake up from being jostled by my thrusting. As I lifted myself up to get into position to enter her, she closed her legs and rolled onto her side. I could work with that, so I layed at her back, pulled her butt cheek up a little, grabbed my cock and started pushing in. Unfortunately her brain decided she had gotten hers and now this was uncomfortable. She woke up and asked me what I was doing in an irritated voice (frowny face). "I'm putting it in you..." but her silence let me know her brain was not on the same page as her body. I explained that I had just gotten her to orgasm, that her panty-less ass and dripping pussy proved it, and that I was just going to get mine and make a lovely mess in her. Well, she was too tired to be awake, so I just shot my load on her panties a few minutes later. "Haha, take that my beautiful but tired wife" I thought to myself.
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2 years ago
I did many times with my wife