Bi curious while Swapping Wives.

Me and My Wife were always open sexually and would always talk about experimenting with other people or friends, And one night at a our friends house we got what we asked for and more... Friday was finally here after working all week and I was ready for a drink or five, My wife had called me on the way home and said our good friends Bob and Jenny invited us over to there house for drinks, a bonfire and just to sit around and have a good time. I am 22 my wife is 19 and our friends Bob is 30 and his wife Jenny is 28.

After work about 7pm me and my wife swung to the liquor store for plenty of booze and headed over to there place, We got there Jenny met us at the door and Bob I could see out back when we pulled up getting the bonfire going. My wife and Jenny went inside and I went around back to see if Bob needed any help. Bob was a good friend of mine and part of that was me and him had the same mind when it came women and sex we would always talk about what our wives started doing in bed and what positions were good and even sometimes what our wives fantasies were.(We did this when the wives weren't around obviously) After sitting out back awhile and having a few beers around the bonfire while the wives were inside catching up Bob had said "Your wife looks very fine tonight, that midriff top really shows off her tits" I smiled and said "I know" I wasn't get angry because me and him would compliment each others wives all the time.While I went into the house to get more beers I noticed Jenny bending over in the kitchen and noticed she had a pink lace thong and when I got back outside I mentioned to Bob that Jenny had an amazing ass, he smiled.

After an hour of mosquito's eating us up outside we went inside where the wives were sitting in there living room watching a movie on two separate couch's and were already pretty d***k, me and Bob sat next to our wives and after about five minutes Bob told his wife Jenny "Why don't you go sit over by Mike(Me) and let Amanda(My Wife) come sit by me" the girls looked at each other and giggled and and that switched places, Jenny sat on the couch and scooted closer to me and put her hand on my thigh and Amanda went and sat with bob who put is arm around her and immediately was staring at her breasts. I started kissing Jenny's neck while my left hand went under her shirt and started squeezing her breasts while Bob was making out with Amanda while doing the same after awhile Bob asked me to come sit next to him on the couch and the the girls stood in front of us and started making out while taking each others tops and bras off while making out, then one would stop to lick and suck on the other ones tits and than would switch. After ten minutes of watching Bob started unfastening his belt and pulled his pants and underwear off and started stroking his dick which was about 8 inches and very thick and he told me to do the same and I did, than he looked at the wives and told his wife to suck my cock while my wife sucked his and they both got on there knees in front of the couch and started sucking, my wife was very good at giving head and I saw Bob was enjoying it, moaning and setting his hand on her head and forcing his cock all the way down her throat making her gag each time. His wife was very good but not as good as mine. Switch he said after awhile and they did.

After awhile of back and forth he told the wives to sit on the couch and me and him got on the floor eating out each others wife and than our own switching back and forth while they sucked on each others tits while we did it. Bob got up and said we should all go to the bedroom, we got in the room where they had a king size bed in a small room but it worked. He told my wife bend over the foot of the bed rail while keeping her feet on the floor he had me sit at the head of the bed facing my wife as she was bent over, he told his wife to suck me while I watched my wife getting fucked. His wife curled in the middle of the bed with her head in my lap and started sucking while He slid his cock in my wife and she whipped her head back and let out a loud moan while he grabbed onto her hair she had in a pony tail and pulled her head as far back as it would go and started pounding her hard, with each thrust she would let out thunderous grunts after awhile she said I'm coming and he body started shaking as she Bob pounded harder and harder till she came hard. He pulled out of her and and switched, His wife bent over the bed while they got on the bed, I bent down and started licking his wife's pussy to get is nice and wet while my wife started sucking bob on the bed. I stood up and slid the head of my cock in her slow while she let out a loud moan and I slid it in very slowly till my stomach was pressed against her ass, she said "It's sooo deep and she was going to cum" while I was all the way in her I pressed as hard as I could to get as deep in her as possible and started gyrating while she let out a scream and I could feel her cum all over my cock while she stared into Bobs eyes.

After awhile of switching back and fourth Bobs wife had to leave for work she was an overnight nurse, Me and Amanda asked Bob if we should head out too and he said no it was alright if we stayed and His wife smiled and said "You guys stay and have fun, Ill just have to catch up next time" So she left while me, my wife and Bob stayed in the bedroom. Bob looked at us and said what should we do now and my wife looked at me and said "You always said you thought you were Bi curious (which I was I had just never done anything with a guy) wanna give it a try?" I said OK. Bob sat at the edge of the bed and my wife got on her knees in front of him and looked at me and said come down here as she patted the carpet, I got next to her sitting on the carpet and she looked me and said "I'll go first" and she started sucking him while he had one hand on her head and his head to the ceiling moaning every time she went all the way down on him, after awhile she stopped and looked at me and said "go ahead" I got positioned in front of him grabbed the base of his shaft with my hand as I was slowly sliding the head of his big cock in my mouth he put his hand on the back of my head and started shoving my face down on his cock, every time I gagged which he seemed to like. My wife was watching and fingering herself as I sucked his cock, he seemed to like it cause he was moaning as he did when my wife was doing it. He looked at me and said "Lick my balls" I was stroking his cock above my head as I licked his balls and he really started moaning loud. Me and my wife went back and fourth sucking him till his cock was rock hard. My wife got up and Bob told her to lay in the middle of the bed and for me to bend over the side and start eating her out. I did so, I knew he was going to fuck me and I was trying to brace myself for it cause he was very big. He went into the bathroom and got his lube and came out and was lathering his cock while I was licking my wife's pussy. I felt him place the head of his cock against my asshole and he told me to "try and relax and don't tense up" I did what I could but I felt him enter my ass and immediately let out a thunderous groan. He eased it in at first but than started pumping faster and faster, My attention wasn't eating my wife's pussy anymore but the huge cock I had slamming my ass.

I felt like I was gonna pass out from the pain but at the same time it felt really good. My wife was looking at him telling him to "fuck him harder" and he did. she held my face so I was looking into her eyes and she wiped away the tears I first had when he put it in. He was moaning loud as he pounded my ass. He pulled out of me and I sighed in relief but a part of me wanted him to keep going. He told my wife to bend over next to me and she did, I heard him lube up his cock again and soon he was sliding his cock in my wife's ass, she let out a louder scream than I did and she grabbed my hand tight as he started pounding her ass, she shot her head up and I noticed her eyes rolled into her head and her mouth wide open but she didn't make a noise. He pulled out of her and she slammed her head to the mattress and was saying "ohh my god" over and over and as I looked at her recovering he slid his cock into my ass again and started pounding again I was moaning and trying to pull my body forward but couldn't cause of the side of the bed. my wife got on the floor under his cock and was sucking my cock as he pounded my ass. He started grunting louder and louder she he said "I'm gonna cum who wants it?" I was unable to speak with him balls deep in my ass so my wife immediately said "Cum in his ass". He started thrusting faster and faster till he slammed it all the way in as fast as he could and I could feel my ass get warm as he shot load after load into my ass, he pulled out and my wife said my ass was gaping and she could see the cum starting to ooze out, as it did he put his cock under my ass as I was bent over and my wife started putting her ring and middle finger in my ass and was scooping the cum out and was slathering his cock with his cum out of my ass till his cock was covered with cum, he sat at the edge of the bed and my wife said "suck it off" I bent down and slid his cock into my mouth tasting all the cum he had shot into me. We got up and got dressed my wife looking at me and said "You had fun?" and believe it or not I had. As we walked out the door my wife looked at bob and said "Same time next weekend?"

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1 year ago
bet theres more one on one next time..
1 year ago
good story
2 years ago
2 years ago
wish it was true(for me)
2 years ago
Very nice!
2 years ago
wow that is soooo fucking hot
2 years ago
great story!
2 years ago
hot times:) well written too:)
2 years ago
Hmmmmmmm...... Ooooof....