Night of my Dreams

This story begins with my b*****r and me sitting in our living room, when one of our younger friends - Caitlyn, 18 - came from the back of the house saying that she needed to change clothes. She had a summer dress on but wanted to change into something more comfortable. Being that she did not have a change of clothes with her I said she could borrow some of my clothes if that was alright. She had no problem with that so I took her upstairs to my room to find some clothes. Now my room is in the attic which has been fixed up, so there is plenty of room up there.

Once we find our way up there I begin searching through my dresser for something. I find a pair of my basketball shorts and she had no problem with those. Then she asked if I had a tank top that she could wear under a shirt, so I handed her them and she began to move to the middle of the room, just on the other side of the small couch I have up there to watch TV on. I see her place them on the edge of the couch as I begin searching for a shirt for her. Then I noticed out of the corner of my eye that she is taking off her dress. I glance over at her to see that she has nothing on underneath her dress.

Her body is the most amazing piece of art that I have ever seen. She has the body of a goddess, nice and petite. Wonderfully perky breasts that any man could love. With a small patch of hair between her legs.

Luckily she does not look over at me, but instead goes for the shorts and puts them on. She glances over at me just as she reaches for the tank top, so I quickly get back to looking for a shirt. I think she noticed me because once she got the tank top on she asked if she could borrow a pair of my underwear. My heart began beating faster because I knew that I had been caught, but I just went along with it in hopes that I was wrong. I got a shirt for her and my boxers then walked over to her and set them on the couch. I did not know what to say or do so I just stood there. She asked me if I was even curious at all as to why she asked for a pair of my boxers, and all I could think of was "No, I've got a pretty good idea why."

Instead of putting the rest of the clothes on she took my hand and walked me to my bed, then told me to lay down. So I did and then she lay down right up against me. The next thing she said was, "well I guess I know what's on your mind. I love being able to feel your hard dick up against me." I was completely speechless. All I knew was that I wanted her more than I've ever wanted another person. Being that she seemed interested too I gently rested my hand at the top of her knee so that my hand rested partly on her thigh. As I did this she let out the lightest sigh. I was certain that she was mine so I carefully slid my hand up her thigh moving the shorts with every move.

Just as I got to the top of her inner thigh she pushed my hand away and stood up next to the bed. I was almost afraid that I had gone too far, but luckily I was wrong. She stood there with this excited gaze. Then she moved her hands down her body, and as she got to the waistband of my shorts her thumbs went under the band and my shorts began moving down with her hands. I immediately sat up, keeping eye contact with her the whole time. Caitlyn then stepped out of my shorts, then what was directly facing me was her little patch of her and the slightest hint of her pussy lips between those gorgeous legs. Once again I begin sliding my hands up her thighs, right up to that same spot on her inner thigh then...

...I wake up, alarm blaring. "Damn, it was only a dream." I do my best to fall back asl**p in hopes that I will pick up where I left up, but to no avail. All is lost. The girl of my dreams is gone and there is no chance at seeing her again. Or is there? Maybe tomorrow night I can finish what I started with this dream goddess of mine.

73% (12/5)
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2 years ago
Great story, thanks. Nice, healthy sexual encounter. ...ohh yes more more !Thanks for sharing
3 years ago
WEll not bad but since it is a dream you could have gone longer
4 years ago
very good some more details
4 years ago
Cute story. Short and to the point. But what did her skin feel like? Don't forget all five senses! Adds to the realism.