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Am I just too old or what? In 55 years of sexual activity, I've done anal with women a couple of dozen times (second wife said she liked it and wanted it 3-4 times a year) and never found it the least bit satisfying. My present wife asked for it once while we were still dating, but later told me she only asked because she thought I might expect it and just didn't want to ask her. I wonder how many women really like anal as opposed to the ones who only do it because they think their partner expects it?
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Why is that some women who swear that they love giving blowjobs attack your cock like they are going to get some kind of prize for making you cum in the shortest amount of time possible?

When I'm going down on a woman, I like to take it slow and easy, building up the tension until the point she is begging for release.
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[Story] Cum Hard!

Not long ago, a couple of my friends and I were sitting around talking and drinking, and as usually happens in such circumstances, the talk turned to sex.
My friend, Rick, offered up a tale of his most surprising and intense orgasm that got me to thinking along the same lines.

More than 35 years ago (it was the '70s after all), I took a chick home from a singles bar after a night of dancing and drinking. We had been hitting it off real well all night and we both agreed it would be a good idea to continue the party at my apartment.

Debbie was a pretty, slightly plump, brunette who had th... Continue»
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