Working Kelly part 4

This story contains lesbian and anal themes

After we left her friends house Kelly suggested we meet again there tomorrow night.

The following evening as I made my way to meet Kelly! I text her to see if she was there and she replied that the front door was open and to shut it after me.
I walked into the hallway to hear grunts and groans of pleasure!
Then I heard Kelly called out "in here Hun!"
As I walked in to the living room I was greeted by the sight of Kelly and another girl naked in a '69' position.
"Hi sweetie! This is Ali! This is her flat that we were looking after by the way" said Kelly as a chunky tattooed goth looking long-haired beautiful brunette smiled and waved before burying her face back between Kelly's arsecheeks.
It was amazing to watch these two beautiful ladies entwined licking and sucking noisily at each other's pussies and anuses whilst their natural horny scent filled the room too.
"Babes!!! Don't just stand there like a 'spare wheel'!!! Come take a look at this pussy babe!" Kelly moaned.
As I knelt down Kelly spread apart Ali's labia revealing her sticky wet crimson/pink hole.
Kelly whispered "smell her cunt with me Hun!" as she pressed her nose against Ali's wet pussy before inhaling deeply and moaning.
I quickly joined Kelly as we both revelled in Ali's beautiful strong natural aroma whilst she laid there underneath Kelly moaning.
"Smells incredible doesn't she?" Kelly whispered.
"I've told Ali about the wonderfully hot arse-fucking you gave me in her kitchen and she wants some of the same! But only if she's a good girl that is" Kelly boasted.
My painfully hard cock had been straining at the fly of my jeans since I walked in the room and had not gone unnoticed by Kelly who got up off Ali and repositioned so they were face to face.
"Mmmm!!! Look at that Ali!!!" Purred Kelly as she traced her finger over a damp patch of denim covering my bulge.
"I fucking love it when he leaks pre-cum! Come on Hun get that fat dick out! Lets get a taste of that hot seed of yours" Kelly eagerly requested.
I began popping the buttons on my fly as I watched Ali gently kiss and whisper something into Kelly ear which made them both burst into a fit of giggles.
My dick sprang out and throbbed pointing towards these two beauties faces whilst pre-cum oozed from its end.
Kelly just kissed the tip of my dick lightly and was rewarded with a few squirts of hot watery cum over her lips and chin as my cock jerked in reaction to the soft touch of her lips.
She kissed Ali full on the mouth as they slowly sucked on each other's faces I reached down and rubbed my fingers slowly between Kelly's cute cheeks rubbing her hot tight anus and creamy cunt before putting my fingers up to my nose and inhaling her natural scent.
"Shall we get to work on this sexy bitch babes?" Asked Kelly wryly.
"Where do you want me" asked Ali softly.
Kelly pointed to the coffee table sat in front of the sofa.
"On all fours your horny little slag!!!" Kelly commanded as she reached down the side of the sofa and pulled out a pair of Velcro-cuffs.
I watch in awe as Ali got into position whilst Kelly went to work restraining her into this exposed but sexy position.
With Ali's on all fours with her wrists cuffed to her ankles Kelly spread Ali's chunky cheeks open to reveal one of the most amazing arsehole's I'd even seen!!! Ali was clearly no stranger to anal penetration as her beautiful anus was not a tight little hole but more like a set of pinkish brown glistening pouting lips!
Kelly noticed the glazed look that had befallen my face and grinned wickedly saying "just imagine how good it's going to feel inside there and how nasty it's going to be watching me lick and suck her arse off that fat cock of yours? We needs some lube first though babes!"
With that Kelly got up and wandered off leaving me alone with Ali's big juicy booty pointing at me!
I leaned forward and pressed my nose against Ali's humid arsecrack and inhaled her strong natural scent which made me even more hornier and desperate to fuck her.
She wagged her arse at me and let out a long moan as Kelly then reappeared clutching a tub of margarine!
"Forgot the lube so I'm going to have to improvise! Anyway this stuff tastes nicer" Kelly said with a giggle.
I watch Kelly dig her index finger into the soft yellow grease before pulling it out and showing me her heavily coated messy digit.
"Oh god I want my arse fucked
!!!" Ali whined
Lowering her face to Kelly began to slowly plant small kisses on Ali lips
murmuring "I'm going to grease that big pooper of yours up slowly just to tease you and keep you waiting for that fat dick to fill it"
I watched as Kelly touched her greasy finger at the puckered hole that sat between those big white gorgeous cheeks of Ali's.
Ali jolted and gasped at the touch before moaning loudly in frustration as Kelly drew away giggling.
"Please babes!!! Lube me up and bang my cock hungry shitter hard" Ali sobbed whilst wagging fat bum desperately in the air.
Kelly placed the tub of margarine on the crack of Ali arse and began to scoop more onto her finger before smearing the battered puckered anus with copious amounts of the greasy mess and sliding her finger slowly in causing Ali to groan in satisfaction.
"I'm going to make him bugger you till your crying like the little slut you are Al" Kelly taunted as she applied even more margarine to the waiting brown swollen bulleyes I was aching to fill.
With the raging horn I couldn't stand it any longer and pushed the whole length of my fat cock easily into Ali's greasy bunghole making her cry out in pleasure as my heavy balls squashed against her hot juicy cunt.
Kelly cuddled Ali's waist and watched intently as I fucked Ali's arse deep and hard whilst my balls slapping her hand as she played with Ali's pussy.
I pulled my cock out and inspected Ali's nasty arsehole which now an angry looking red colour and just hung open dribbling a river of grease from it.
Kelly scooped up another big load of margarine and packed it Ali's waiting arsehole which began to melt straight away.
I immediately plunged my dick back up her loose messy arsehole again hard and deep with Kelly watching intently.
I pulled out again to inspect how nasty Ali's slippery loose hole looked as Kelly moved in close as well to see as a stream of melted merge run ran out of her open swollen anus and down her pussy.
I grabbed Kelly and pushed her face down towards Ali's gaped greasy battered anus.
"Get your tongue up her fucking bunghole you dirty fucking bitch" I growled as Kelly without hesitation began to stab her tongue deep into Ali's nasty big pooper whilst moaning "yes sir!!! Anything to satisfy my dirty slut girlfriend"
I then walked round and offered my greasy arse-juice coated dick to Ali who looked at my angry throbbing messy cock.
"Do you want me to see me suck it and clean my bum-juice off your dick babe?" Purred Ali.
My response was to edge my cock closer to her lips as she pressed her nose against my bell-end sniffing deeply.
"Mmmm!!! I love the smell of my own arse" Ali moaned before greedily enveloping my nasty dick with her hot sexy mouth.
I looked over at Kelly who was now sucking noisily on Ali's banged-out bum who stopped and growled "let's cuff this sexy cunt into another position and smash her broken arsehole well and truly"

To be continued......

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