An interview with Nina parts 1 and 2

This story contains humiliation BDSM and anal themes and is based on BigDDtits from NN's

Interview with Nina part 1

Interviewer:- Hi Nina! Thank you for this opportunity to talk about your experiences of being one of the UK's dirtiest fat whores.

Nina:- no problem! I love talking about and sharing my nasty sexual activities.

Interviewer:- okay! Now it's well known your husband hires you out to anyone who willing to use, abuse, humiliate and degrade you! Is there any recent examples of your exploits you can give us?

Nina:- I love behaving like the total slut I am and just yesterday I answer the front door to a courier wearing only a butt-plug up my arse and bulldog clips on my droopy tits!

Interviewer:- your obliviously a dedicate full-time fat slut being just wearing that in the daytime?

Nina:- well I knew we would be receiving a parcel! But when he came I was in the middle of doing a live cam-show.

Interviewer:- this must of been a bit of a surprise for the courier! What was his response?

Nina:- well his first reaction was to call me a "dirty fat whore" who should be ashamed at behaving like that at my age! But as soon as I asked him to "come in and teach me a lesson" his demeanour changed!

Interviewer:- in what way?

Nina:- well for a start he shoved me inside before removing his cock from his trousers and demanded I suck it!

Interviewer:- how do you normally react to that sort of situation Nina?

Nina:- I'm a cheap old fat bitch that is addicted to cock! How do you think I normally react? I could get his big fat dick in my mouth fast enough! Plus he was loving every second! He had hold of my hair and was fucking my mouth whilst I abused my tits by yanking on the clips.

Interviewer:- well I must say it sounds as though you certainly live up to your reputation! Although I'm sure your webcam viewers were pissed at you for cutting short your show!

Nina:- not really as I begged this guy to take me upstairs and use me hard on cam for my viewers!

Interviewer:- what was his reaction! Reluctant ness I'm guessing seems as he had a job to do and you being a dirty old slag!

Nina:- on the contrary! He made me get on all fours and led me infront of the cam by my hair! I then proceeded to give this guy a long sloppy blow-job whilst he verbally abused me and jiggled my droopy tits hard by the clips which got me so horny that I resist the urge to frig my wet cunt hard whilst munching on his long thick cock!

Interviewer:- what was he saying! It was obviously having a desired effect on you!

Nina:- he was telling me "what a nasty fat cock-sucking cunt" I am and making remarks about how pale and saggy my tits and belly were. At one point he had me point my "massive dirty fat arse" as he put it at the cam whilst he spread my cheeks roughly apart to show my plugged hole and my now unashamedly dripping wet creamy pink cunt. He then proceeded to ream my pooper with the plug whilst he spanked my cheeks relentlessly until I was snivelling.

Interviewer:- sounds intense Nina and a lot of people couldn't handle this treatment and get off on it but you seem to!

Nina:- I can never refuse to being used, abused and treated like the nasty fat piglet I am! I love it! Even when I'm pushed to my limits and broken. Anyway this guy then makes me get on all fours facing the cam and unplugs my anus before making me suck it whilst he jack-hammers my fat freshly spanked arse. Whilst I'm snivelling with mascara tears streaking my face sucking my anal juices of this plug! He's taking pictures on his phone of him buggering my now sore bumhole!

Interviewer:- wow! Sounds like your truely are a depraved old no-limits bitch! What did your internet audience make of this?

Nina:- they were loving every second of it! Every pop-up message was encouraging him to do more nasty stuff to me! Sadly he couldn't really see what was being suggested! Plus he seemed to be doing a good enough job of treating me like a one-dollar fuck-whore! Even more so when he pulled out and a huge load all over my face and hair before making me suck him clean.

Interviewer:- well that certainly was a revealing insight into the life of one of the country's well renounced housewife whores. Next we will be finding out about Nina's best and nastiest encounter of 2013 so far.

Interview with 'Nina' part 2

Interviewer:- so Nina! We wanted to know more about some of the nastier points of interest a seasoned fuck-whore like yourself has experience in 2013?

Nina:- well there has been so many as I'm sure you'll understand. Being a fat old perverted slapper brings lots of nasty rewards which I can't get enough of! Probably one of the nastier highlights of my year involved the local amateur rugby club.

Interviewer:- ah! You do have other interests in life other than being the nasty old housewife/whore your so well renounced for then?

Nina:- no! I just love the thought of being gang-banged by a large group of men who want and will humiliate, abuse and treat me like the fat piggy whore I am.

Interviewer:- okay! So where and how did it all begin then?

Nina:- well I'd had this fascination with our local club players! Every Saturday evening they would come into our local pub to let off steam after the match and I couldn't help but fantasise about being used and passed around between them. So much so there were several occasions where I couldn't help myself and ended up in the ladies toilets fucking my horny wet cunt and arsehole with a couple of beer bottles.

Interviewer:- I must say I'm a little surprised you ended up wanking in a toilet rather doing what we would have expected from you and getting your holes filled by as much available cock as you can!

Nina:- normally I would have but these guys were massive! As you can see I'm in no way petite but these boys made me look small and add to this they behaved like a pack of a****ls. I have to admit to being somewhat frightened but I eventually I plucked up enough courage to start flirting with a few of them.

Interviewer:- how did they react to having some submissive old fat bitch trying to get laid by them?

Nina:- surprisingly well! They invited me over and sat me down in amongst them! My cunt was soaking wet as they mauled my flabby tits through my top, touched me up and told me what they wanted to do to me!

Interviewer:- what exactly did they say then Nina?

Nina:- they said they were going to treat me like the cheap nasty whore that I was and told me to come wait in their changing room for after the match on Saturday!

Interviewer:- what happened that Saturday then?

Nina:- I sat in the changing room with the raging horn dressed and looking like an old fat hussie when they came bursting through the door. Straight away they surrounded me! telling me to 'get my fucking clothes off bitch!' but I didn't have chance to as some of the men literally tore them off me. The next thing I knew I was being pinched, slapped and mauled all over. They then picked me up, carried me out to the pitch, threw me in the mud and made me crawl on all fours around whilst oinking!

Interviewer:- so you were literally being treated like a pig then! Was this treatment having the desired effect?

Nina:- I absolutely loved it! What made it better was the fact there was still a few people dawdling in the stands watching me crawling around in mud with my droopy tits and belly wobbling and swaying around on show. They thought it was some kind of joke and shouted insults about my fat mud splattered body.

Interviewer:- what was the teams reaction then?

Nina:- they just stood around laughing and calling me names until they picked me up and roughly dragged me back to the changing rooms!

Interviewer:- please Nina! enlighten us as to what went on in that changing room!

Nina:- first they made me get in the shower whilst they stripped off their kits and then they surrounded me! I remember one of them commanded 'On your knees you fat disgusting old cunt' as every way I turned my head there was a big hard cock pointing at me. Doing what just comes naturally to me I started to randomly suck and wank off the hard fat dicks of the lads.

Interviewer:- it must of been quite a task even for you Nina and must of put your many years experience as a nasty fat slapper to the test!

Nina:- it was quite a challenge but one I relished! They were a****ls! Yanking my hair, slapping me round the face with their hard meat, spitting in my face and mouth! And the verbal abuse was just continuous! They even nicknamed me and chanted it whilst they abused me 'knob gobbler Nina! The saggy titted slag'!

Interviewer:- *laughs* well they obliviously figured you out pretty quickly then?

Nina:- yes I suppose they did but I loved every second of it! But that was just the beginning! They grabbed me and dragged me over and pinned me to the bench! Before I knew it some of them had hold of my arms n legs and were roughly spreading me open whilst other were slapping and pulling hard on my "droopy old udders" *as they put it* . I just started sucking on the big hairy balls that were resting on my face and enjoyed being the centre of their attentions.

Interviewer:- I definitely wouldn't expect anything less from you Nina! Please do continue!

Nina:- I felt my shamefully aroused pussy being spread open and fingers being pushed up my bumhole! I heard them start talking about how my fat pussy looked like a grannies cunt because it was surround by a grey bush of pubes. "Let get rid of that granny fanny" I heard one of the say as I heard the tell-tale noise of a set of clippers switch then felt the cold metal touch my cunt.

Interviewer:- so they decided to shave your pussy!

Nina:- yes! They clipped all my hair from around my pussy and arsehole which felt so good as the machine vibrated heavily making me even more horny than I was as whilst holding me down they started to make me suck randomly on the big meaty cocks that were being shoved in my face and I couldn't resist getting my hands on and wanking off some of their hard thick dicks too. I then felt them take a razor to my cunt and arse to rid me of any stubble. They even slapped aftershave all over my now smooth bald pussy which stung badly! Especially as they kept slapping and pulling apart my cunt-lips.

Interviewer:- now your well overused pussy and arsehole were now ready did they put to use that fat old body of yours?

Nina:- they made me grovel and beg like the dirty fucked up pervert that I am to get my now attention hungry holes filled with dick but eventually they rolled me onto my side as I felt my cunt and arsehole being filled and shafted hard by their hot hard dicks. They were even trying to f***e two dicks into my mouth as well as making me wank them off too!

Interviewer:- wow! How many of them was there Nina?

Nina:- I think there was about 13 to 15 guys all baying to do what they wanted to me. I don't think I've ever heard such a constant stream of nastiness being directed at me.

Interviewer:- can you give us some examples of what was being said?

Nina:- one of them worked at a prison and he told me he wanted to arrange for me to be locked in a cell with a large group of inmates and film it!
Another described how he wanted me to be his wife's and her friends submissive fuck toy for them to dominate when he was away from home.
But most of it was insults directed at my body! Telling me all I'm good for is a cheap nasty fuck and making me oink and squeal like a pig!

Interviewer:- it doesn't get more nastier than that does it? One truly bonafide 100 percent whore!

Nina:- oh it gets worse! After what seemed like I was getting filled and abused all night they tied my wrists to my ankles and put my on all fours with my bum in the air. After slapping my cheeks till they were stinging they lined up behind me. I heard them say "that is one big fat white butt" and "let's break this fat pig arsehole"
As I felt the first big cock enter my pooper one of the guys placed a whole very large strawberry cream Gateau under my face. "Come on you fat nasty piggy! You've earned a little treat! Now get that snout in that cake and start eating" he said.

Interviewer:- so there you were face down in a gateau whilst a large group of men fucked you arsehole?

Nina:- yes! Whilst they were all chanting "who ate all the cakes" My arse was getting filled with spunk too as one by one the ravaged and cum in my already sore bumhole but I was so fucking aroused I could feel my pussy was dribbling juices down
Across my fat saggy belly.
Then one of them picked up the clippers and turned them on. "Let give this lardy pig a new look" he said.

Interviewer:- don't tell me they shaved your head for fun!

Nina:- not shaved but they gave me 'the butch dyke look" so they called it. Admittedly I was very apprehensive but total submission to a group of men gives me such a sexual thrill and it did have its upsides too! I've never had so much sexual attention from lesbians and bi-girls looking for a weak willed cunt to dominate.
Anyway they shaved off my long blonde hair and filled my arse with a lot of spunk! By the time they finished my anus hung agape and they made me squat over my used ripped knickers they found and squeeze out every single drop of cum from my arse into them before stuffing my mouth with them. I loved the taste of their hot creamy loads mixed with my nasty arsejuice as they bundled me into a their mini-bus and drove me home.

Interviewer:- unbelievable! What happened when you got home then!

Nina:- as they stopped outside my house they told me to be there in the changing room same time next week or else they would come looking for me! I didn't really need an incentive to repeat that nights nasty antics again anyway! So I ended up staggering naked, my face plastered in gateau and my mouth stuffed with my dirty knickers that arse covered in a mixture of a group of men's jizz and my nasty arsejuice! Sporting a new hair-do!

Interviewer:- what did your husband say?

Nina:- well after he'd spanked fucked and fisted me for a further few hours he told me that the next session with them was going to be filmed and uploaded on as many porn sites as he could find!

Interviewer:- wow Nina that was a great account of what has become quite the norm for a fat depraved Trollop like yourself!

Nina:- thank you! I can't wait to share more with you all.

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