Working Kelly part 2 and 3

The next day Kelly was at it again! Discreetly grabbing my crotch and squeezing or softly whispering nasty things to me.
Since our little after work session was cut short the previous evening Kelly wanted me to meet her round her mates flat which she'd been looking after whilst her friend was on holiday.
When we met I wanted Kelly so badly as she tried to open the front door with my hand rubbing her hot pussy and arse through her trousers.
Finally we got in and kissed frantically as she undone my trousers and freed my hard cock before stroking it slowly whilst squeezing my balls hard.
"I want to taste you babes! I want you to fill my mouth with your hot sweet cum" moaned Kelly as I kissed her neck and massaged her pussy which I could feel was getting wet through her trousers.
Kelly got on her knees and started to plant gentle kisses on the end of my dick coating her lips with my sticky pre-cum that oozed from it.
All of a sudden I felt her fingers touch my arsehole which made me jolt and yelp.
"Is that nice baby?" She purred whilst grinning broadly before taking my cock slowly into her hot mouth.
I could only nod as she slid a finger up my arse whilst sucking my now throbbing cock.
"You taste so fucking good sweetie! Keep leaking that delicious spunk for me" Kelly murmured as another thick river of pre-cum dribbled down my cock which she greedily sucked up.
"Let's '69' babe! I want to taste you now!" I pleaded.
Kelly quickly stripped as I laid on the floor and stroked my hard swollen meat.
As she stood astride my face I started to kiss her ankle and knowing what I wanted she placed her sexy foot on my nose and mouth.
Her foot smelt as per usual so very sexy as I began to suck and lick the underside of her cute toes.
Getting in position Kelly squatted her self over my face as her wet pink pussy and tight anus was merely inches from my face.
Her beautiful natural scent was Strong from her hot moist sex as I flicked my tongue at her tight little arsehole making her jolt and gasp.
Kelly lowered herself down meeting her wet pussy with my mouth and pressing her tight little pucker against my nose.
As I revelled in the taste and scent of her I felt Kelly's mouth envelope my waiting cock slowly sucking me whilst she squeezed my balls milking more pre-cum for her to suck up.
Lifting up slightly Kelly said "tongue my arsehole please babes!"
As I slowly tongued her tight little hole I slid two fingers deep inside her wet creamy pussy and began to massage her.
"Gonna give me this cock where I need it baby?" Kelly said whilst getting up off me.
She got on all fours in one of the armchairs and waved her beautiful arse at me giggling and moaning whilst doing so.
Her pussy felt so hot and wet as I pushed my hard cock inside her making her moan.
"Fuck me sweetie! Give me what I need please" she whimpered as I shafted her with slow deep strokes.
She moaned even louder when I put the tip of my index finger against her hot little bumhole and began to slowly rub around her pinkish brown rubbery ring.
I could see my cock was now streaked with her creamy pussy juice and my fucking her was now accompanied by squelching noises where she was getting so wet.
I leaned forward and began kissing her neck and gently squeezed her big swollen areolas.
"Will you Suck my dick baby? I want to see you suck your pussy off my cock" I quietly groaned in her ear.
Pulling out I walked round to her face and offered my messy dick to her mouth which she quickly enveloped in her sexy mouth and began sucking her pussy slowly off my cock whilst I continued playing with her tight arsehole.
Releasing my cock from her mouth Kelly reached up and pulled my face towards her as we kissed deeply.
"You can't leave my bum alone can you" she giggled
Grabbing my hard throbbing meat she began to slowly stroke me
"Do you want to put this in my tight little pooper eh?" She moaned
"Yeah I want to fuck your sexy arse slow and deep baby! I want to fill your anus with my hot seed" I whispered in her ear.
Kelly stood up and went to her bag pulling out a tube of hand cream and giving it to me before leading me into the kitchen.
She sat on one of the short backless stool by the 'breakfast bar' and hung her cute bum off the edge.
"Squirt plenty of that on my arsehole Hun!" Kelly said as I began to squeeze copious amounts on the translucent greasy cream on her pucker.
Watching her she reached back and slowly began to massage the cream around her tight hole and slowly inserting two fingers deep into her now greasy bum whilst moaning loudly.
I squeezed even more onto the fingers she was using making her anus even more slippery before she pulled out her fingers and I placed the tip of the tube inside her arsehole and squeezed even more inside her.
I scooted up behind Kelly as I pointed the head of my hard cock at her greasy bumhole.
"You want me to fuck your arse now baby?" I whispered as I kissed her ear.
"I want your dick up my bum baby! Give it to me deep and slow honey" she gasped in reply.
I pushed the head of my cock into her hot tight little with ease before without warning in one slow gentle thrust buried myself in her to my balls.
Kelly let our a long high pitch moan as began to slowly fuck her greasy little pooper with long slow strokes.
Even though her arse was so full of greasy lube Kelly's anus was so tight around my hard cock as I slowly and deeply fucked her cause her to moan loud and intensely.
As I kissed her neck I whispered "is that good sexy girl?"
"It's hurts but in a nice way" she groaned in reply
I couldn't resist playing and squeezing her hugely swollen puffy nipples as I began to shaft her pooper gradually harder and harder.
Kelly began to fidget around whining "My cunts on fire baby I need to play with it"
Deciding to heighten the moment I grabbed her hands and held them behind her back to prevent her playing with her soaking pussy.
"You fucking bastard! Teasing and denying me pleasure whilst you sodomise my tight little arsehole" she hissed before kissing me deeply.
"I want to suck you cock Hun! I want to be naughty and taste my arsehole" she murmed with a cheeky grin.
It was so hard taking my cock out of her arse because it was so irresistible tight and hot in there.
Kelly got on her knees and planted some gentle light little kissing on my peehole before pushing her nose up against my nasty cock and inhaling deeply.
"I'm such a pervert smelling my own dirty arse on your cock baby" Kelly groaned and she continued to sniff my throbbing cock before sucking the end into her mouth as I felt my cock release another stream of pre-cum.
She then got up and kissed me deeply sharing the mix of her arsejuice and my pre-cum.
"Tastes so sexy doesn't it babe?" She whispered as she kissed me again! Her face and breath smelling of her beautiful arse.
Wanting more anal I laid on the floor whilst Kelly faced away from me and squatted over my throbbing cock!
She slid her dripping pussy on to my cock which felt red hot and wet and slowly rode me.
I couldn't help but rub my fingers around her greasy bumhole as she lifted up to reveal my cock streaked with her pussy cream before bending over and rubbing her nose up and down my messy shaft inhaling deeply.
Kelly again took my cock into her mouth sucking her pussy off my cock whilst I fingered her greasy pooper begging for her to sit on my cock.
Eventually she let me put my dick back in her tight hole as I watched her ride her anus slowly up and down my shaft coating it in a mix of her arsejuice and grease.
By now I was on the verge of a massive orgasm! I hadn't cum for a while now and buggering my sexy co-worker was taking me ever closer.
"You gonna cum for me my nasty boy?" She softly moaned as I finally gave up and began pumping her arsehole full of my hot spunk.
She slowly lifted off my dick as Kelly hovered her red open pooper over the tip of my cock and squeezed out and covered it with the load I'd just pumped into it.
With a smile Kelly began licking up the gooey cum and arsejuice from my shaft before slowly sucking my messy cock clean...............

To be continued

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