Cont.... Part 2: My legs are so sore from being fucked so hard, so my husband places them over his strong shoulders and devours my pussy. I am still so sore and sensitive from being fucked, having my pussy stretched wide and cumming so good, but my husband knows how to eat my pussy and make it feel better, so he softly blows on my clit and gently licks it as he reaches up to rub my breasts.. Then I feel him stretch open my pussy lips, all the way into my sweet cum-covered vagina, and strokes it with his tongue.. ever so gently, he licks me up and down, up and down... then I feel his tongue slide inside my pussy, so warm and wet, and I hear my husband moan with delight, and thats when I know he's found Mr Black's cum... It's all his! As i feel his tongue sliding in and out of my pussy, I place my hands on my breasts and begin rubbing my nipples.. fuck it feels so good, " please fuck my pussy with your tongue honey.. please" I beg, I'm arching my back as I grab my husbands shaved head and shove it deeper into my pussy, my legs spread wider, welcoming this pleasure.. I beg my husband not to stop, then he looks up at me and says "we're not done with you yet".. Then, my husband grabs my hips, and turns me over.. I giggle as I ask him what he's doing, but he just asks me to get on my hands and knees, so I do.. my husband places a pillow under me to lift my ass in the air, then I feel his strong hands rubbing my ass, he's kissing my back and softly licking my skin all the way down to my supple ass, I can feel his hard dick wanting to enter my ass, mmmm he's so hard and wet, so much precum is leaking from my husbands hard, thick cock.. its dripping down my ass.. then I feel his warm breath in my ass and his soft tongue start to lick my ass hole... slowly, softly he flicks his tongue on my ass hole, I can't get enough, it feels fucking amazing! So I lean back as to push my ass deeper into his face, my husband knows what I like, he knows how to get me off... I reach down and slide 2 fingers inside my pussy and I'm soaking wet, I need to be fucked again!
As I look over at Mr. Black, his dick is hard as a rock from watching my husband eat my sweet, supple ass, I watch Mr. Black as he turns and walks to the door, when he opens it, a beautiful black woman is standing there with a long coat on, he grabs her and kissess her, this must be someone he knows...
Then my husband tells me .. "I want to watch you fulfill your other desire," and I just smile as I look over at her, so beautiful, soft lips and nice big titties!
As I sit up, my husband and Mr. Black both take a seat on either side of the bed, both men still naked, with their cocks hard as a rock, then Camille drops her coat and stares at me sitting on the edge of the bed, my legs spread open, both of us now naked and being watched by our husbands.. so I stand up and walk over to her, I thank her for coming, she smiles and says her name is Camille, I smile and reach for her hands.. I gently place them on my breasts, as I reach for her soft titties, so big and plump, and her nipples are so hard already, just like mine. I see her lean down and take my tittie into her mouth, sucking on my hard nipples, I close my eyes, and lean my head back with pleasure.. then I slowly move my hands down her tummy, rub her hips and ass, mmm fuck yea! Perfect in every way.. just what I've been fantasizing about.. She brings her body up against mine, as I'm holding her ass and kissing her neck, I move up to kiss her lips, and she welcomes me with open mouth, sliding her tongue deep into my mouth, she grabs my neck and takes me into her deeper.. I nibble on her lower lip, and lick them.. My pussy is dripping wet, I can't wait to taste her sweet cum... I look up at Camille, and take her to the bed, I lay her down and begin exploring her beautiful female body. As i kiss her mouth, her neck, and her breasts, I feel her grab my head and f***e me down to her sweet pussy... "Not yet," I tell her.. I spread her legs open, I let my long black hair tease her inner thighs, I want her to feel the utmost desire.. So i stand up and move over her face, spreading my legs over her face, in position to 69 her.. as i stand over her, she looks up at me, and i spread my pussy open and slide my fingers inside to scoop out my pussy juices.. as I do, she opens her mouth, ready to taste me, after, she grabs my legs and pulls me down on top of her and I am met with her warm, wet pussy.. I grab her legs, spread them wider, and begin to lick her clit softly as I feel her licking mine, and fucking my pussy with her fingers.. oh fuck she feels amazing! I wrap her legs around me, and take her pussy deeper into my mouth, sliding my tongue in and out of her, as i rub her clit, I feel her legs tighten around me and I know Ive hit the spot. I don't stop, I slow down, sliding my tongue slower, in and out, in and out, feeling her get wetter with every stroke of my tongue.. then I feel her tongue on my clit, and her finger sliding into my ass.. oh yea, i like that! Nice and slow, she fingers my tight ass, and rubs my clit with her tongue as I lean down harder onto her face, I start bucking and grinding as I cum so hard, so fast and so good.. I continue fucking her pussy with my tongue, I need to taste her cum now, so I keep hitting that spot thats making her go crazy, as she pushes my head harder onto her pussy, I feel her pussy tighten up as she starts cumming, but I keep fucking her with my tongue.. I want to taste all of her sweet cum as it drips out of her.. To be cont..

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