My god it was huge 1&2

My god it was huge1

my uncle bobby decided 2 visit me one afternoon after everyone had left the house. He had been waiting to be alone with his favorite white girl for awhile. I was sitting on the couch when he walked thru the front door. He sat down next2me. Out of nowhere. He pulled out his big dick &starts stroking it. I turn to see if he is doing what i think. As i first made eye contact with his dick my mouth just opened. i could not say a word. My god it was huge. 13" of the thickest dark black cock i ever saw. even bigger then porn stars i thought. Not to mention the thickest mushroom head that flared out like a shovel. He asked me if i wanted 2 touch it.

My husband of 6 years was at work for the next few hours. I could not resist touching a cock more then twice the size of my husbands, 5 3/4" penis. first thing i noticed was the heavy mass of this thing. so thick that my fingers could not touch my thumb by a lot. i can reach the first knuckle of my index finger on hubby. as i squeezed it a large river of pre cum flowed over my thumb. almost in a trance, I slowly lower my mouth to suck my uncles huge black cock.

I tried so hard just get my lips past the thick mushroom head. i can suckle on my hubby to the balls no problem. here i was choking uncle bobby with about 8" left out. i was so wet i just had 2sit down on it. bobby just barely opened my pussy when i realized... i may have gotten in over my head!

he was much harder 2 take than i thought! he gently used his fingers 2help open me. he slid his head in past my pussy lips until just the head was locked in me. i yelled... "please don't go all the way in!" i couldn't even take half but i needed it all!

I slowly started2ride filling my hole w as much of his fat cock as possible. going down further&harder&faster with each pump. i was cumming sooo good just as the front door opens. it was my husband...... what happen next was not what i would ever expected in my wildest slutty dream.

My god it was huge2

I could not stop myself. As i rode up and down uncle bobby's huge black dick, my uncle bobby tells my husband " look how much your beautiful wife needs this. Come over and give her a kiss. Tell her how beautiful she is and how much you love her" I just sat still with uncle bobby deep inside my pussy. Then my cute husband walked up behind me and kissed my neck then whispered in my ear. "I love you my beautiful wife. I know uncle bobby loves you and would never hurt us. I just hope you let me worship you as the goddess you are."
I turn to my husband and kiss him with more passion then i ever have known in my life. I break the kiss long enough to moan into my husband s mouth "immm cummmmmmmmmmmmmming on uncle bobby .Is that ok my love? Before he has a chance to answer, uncle bobby tells him to" worship her sweet booty as she takes uncles nice big black dick in her perfect white pussy. Look how good she cums for us baby boy" My husband is eating my booty as i ride up and down the entire length of uncle bobby's huge cock. Moving as slow as possible so I enjoy every inch of uncle bobby in me and my hubby's face smashed onto my booty ring. Up till that point my husband has not seen the fat mushroom head lodged in me. I stand to pull off of uncle bobby's cock. Just as i do, I squirt all over my husbands face. At that same time uncle bobby's cock fell right across my husbands face. I jumped down next to him and sucked all my cum off of uncle bobby. My husband so close i would pull off and kiss him every couple of seconds. Uncle bobby tasted so good I know my husband could taste the new flavor uncle bobby was making me crazy for. I then realized my husband was still 100% dressed.
I quietly told him to go wash up and get the bed ready for the 3 of us. As uncle bobby and i walk to the room, my cute hubby is getting out from a quick shower. My husband is super sexy looking guy. not a muscle head but he does have a nice muscly body. not a sissy at all but i love it when he wears my panties. He is putting shorts on while carefully covering his cute "lil guy" with a towel. I tell him " baby? can you wear the pink ones for me tonight? please ???"He looks at me kind of funny so I say" i just love how sexy your booty looks in the pink ones... please". He walks to the closet and gets the pink panties and changes out of the shorts. Meanwhile uncle bobby is pissing and you can hear the river flowing from him super loud. I tell hubby to lay on the bed on his back. I get on top for 69 so he can lick my clit as i rub his "lil guy" threw the panties. I look up as uncle bobby walks up to me. Cock still hard, he puts that big black cock on the panties that held my husbands cute little 6" dick. Uncle bobby started to smack the pantie covered baby cock. I moved the panties to one side so I could suck them together. My hubby had a cute clit next to uncle bobby's huge black meat stick.

I will continue but would like commentary feedback about where you think it should go from here. sexually of course. I will try to incorporate the nastiest comments in the next one

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2 years ago
I keep getting back on this one.. Sexy!! :)
2 years ago
Short and erotic.. more pls.
2 years ago
AWESOME, you are doing a fine job,,just keep it up. Thanks
2 years ago
you should do the same thing i tell everyone to do. do what makes you cum, if you like that big dick then kleep fucking it, hell find 3 more to join him. just do what makes you cum babe, dont worry about anyone else
2 years ago
Good start