It's not boating season anymore

I have a vision of you sitting in my boat. There are two tight fitting chairs in front. The dash has a nice cut out, so your long legs are nicely stretched as you keep yourself balanced during a succession of wake hops. The jiggle of your breasts are too much for me to ignore, and your hand petting my crotch is an inviting signal.

At a secluded cove, we steal a furtive glace at each other, and I pull in, stand up while we still moving and toss the anchor out. The boat glides to a stop, and I toss out the stern anchor, and start hauling it in until it sets. Not to be left out of the work, you sprawl out on the stern deck and seductively lay on your side as I haul in the rope. In the hot sun I start to sweat, and I notice the faintest bit of dew between your breasts.......

After I stow the end of the rope, I shuck off my shorts and dive in the water. It's just the jolt of refreshment I need, and I haul myself up onto the stern right up to the very deck you are laying on. The water pours off me as I make short work of getting you very wet. Are you screaming with delight, or are you a mite pissed?

With a quick yank on your top I manage to free your tits and roll you onto the carpeted floor, getting my hand between your thighs in the process. Do I smell hot cunt, I wonder, but passion gets the best of me, as I sink a paw on the flat of your back and pin you down.

Now it's just a matter of spreading your knees with mine and palming your cunt to get you elevated before I take your little brown pucker...... What gem; I can just imagine how tight it is....

In the meantime I've become quite stiff, and thought of burying my red knob in your bum gets me stiffer yet. Your protests are still those of a nice girl though, but my lust is too far gone to care. You're gonna get ass fucked sweetie......

When the end of my dick touches your cheeks, you raise your ass and offer me your cunt, and I take the signal in stride and plunge in and out until my sack is slapping your clit as my buried member bottoms out inside your tight snatch. And do you kick up a fuss, my slutty girl. Moaning and writhing like a stripper making love to a pole, your cunt makes a nice lather as I slide in and out. By this time I no longer need to pin down your back, so after a series of strokes long enough to exit your pussy and then glide right past your partially closed lips as I stab back inside you I pull out and roll you on your back. I've got a taste for your twat, so I part your thighs and start licking. Both of my hands are either slapping your tits and/or pinching your nipples. It's heavenly to hear you shriek and feel your hard nips between my fingernails. That tasty pussy is gushing, and I slowly lick from your asshole to your clit; stop to tickle your labs before I nip either side of your inners. You slutty cunt, you seem to be enjoying my ministrations, I think, maybe time for a finger in the bunghole just to see how it feels.........

Scream after scream you fuck my face hard as you thrust your cunt into my nose and tongue. Those muscular thighs clamp and release in cadence with my fingers inside your little pucker. Soon all four of my fingers are sliding in and out between violent hole stretching, and your screams subside a little as your voice becomes hoarse. The sweat between your large jugs glistens, and the sight and smell of your drippy slick crotch stiffens me further.

Pulling my hands and face out of you, I kneel and start slapping your inner thighs, and ass cheeks with both sides of my hands. Your cunt gets the back of my hands exclusively so if my fingernails hit your engorged clit you squeak a little. I increase the speed and power of my slapping until you start to wail for real. My good slut is still holding herself open for her punishment so there is no reason to tie you......... yet.

Tracing my fingers along your thighs, I linger on your buns, kneading and squeezing; running both of my hands around he sides of your thighs. What a nice ass you have, and such sweet muscular thighs. One day I'll tie you very tightly and whip your inner thighs, I think... but not today. Today I'll lick your slutty cunt, and finger your tight ass....

My hands trace circles on your cheeks and in an instant, I spread you open hard and spit into your already juicy asshole. I continue nibbling on your labia as I start moving my thumbs toward your little brown hole. Slowly I open you with one thumb, and probe your sphincter, gently probing in and out. Slowly and gently. You start to moan a little, and I increase the push of my tongue into your drippy snatch, and start fucking you with my face. Your asshole feels so tight that I can't restrain myself any longer. Holding you open with my one thumb, I push the second one deep inside your asshole and spread them wide.

Now my sweet girl starts screaming, so I start biting and pulling your labs in time with the thrusts of my spreading thumbs. After a while the amount that I can spread your tight sphincter surprises me and once you stop screaming I stop licking, pin your legs down to your chest and start pumping in and out of your asshole with the hardest cock I've had in a while. You surprise me by pulling yur legs to your chest with both hands, opening your self even wider for me......... What a fuckin hot pig slut, I figure, so I start pounding your ass as hard as I can. Your breath is in and out in raspy gasps, so I pull out and start licking your twat all over again. Now I get two index fingers in your ass easily, so I figure I'll make you scream if I double it. I spit on your spread asshole again and start to insert.... and when i get them all in I really try and pull you apart. I want you spread wide for me bitch, I want to see you asshole gape when I pull out. I trying to think what I can stuff your cunt full of that I have on the boat when it hits me like a ton of bricks.....

I keep a ball bat under the rear seat somewhere, and I start feeling around with my feet for it as i work both your holes. I'm gonna make you cum a couple of times first I figure, but I want to fill one hole and fuck the other.......... I wanna see you hump the bat!

In the meantime I've snagged my old bat with my toes and dragged it forward. Your crotch is so wet by this time that I pull it up alongside your thighs and start telling you about my plans. The beautiful crimson color of your labia are framed by your angry red thighs. Talk about a delicious girl! I'm not a big believer in pillow talk, but I love seeing a girls eyes widen, and I start growling out bits and snatches of my plans for your holes, waiting for you to release your grip on your ankles, but you surprise me with the extent of your passion, which makes me think I'd like to spread you wider with some rope. But first I want to fill that fat juicy cunt of yours so I spear you with one quick thrust of my cock and keep on pushing till I find your cervix. Then I start pounding your innermost hole until the tears start streaming and you hoarsely beg me to fuck you still harder... Which I accomplish by spreading your legs even further with my elbows, as i suck and bite your tits and nipples. Every now and again our lips meet; are you tasting your own cunt's sweet nectar?

I grin and whisper that it's time for the bat. I love feeling a filled cunt while I fuck a girls asshole, and believe me baby you are going to be filled... "Hold yourself open for me bitch" I command and you obediently comply. I pull out and start wiping your copious juices all over the blunt end of the Louisville Slugger. Then I show it to you, and ask if you remember how many of the guys had their hands on this fucker at the last game? As I thrust it into your wet hole i make sure to tell you that you are gonna do the fucking this time!

So I kick your thighs a couple times until you get the idea and you roll over and hike up your knees until you ass is up in the air and the bat is stuck out of your cunthole. After a seconds thought I grab your hair and one of your tits and drag you backwards just a little so the bat's little end is jammed into the floor of the boat. "Now hump the fucker" I yell as I slap your ass cheeks. And you really do grind on it baby, you are awesome!

Believe me your asshole is gaping by this time. Winking at me. I stroke my hard shaft just to get some of your cunt sauce on my hands and smear it on my face, so I can really enjoy the scent of a hot bitch as I plow you. And that just what I do. No sensitive guy for you bitch, I start to laugh as I plow your ass as deeply as my thighs can push. I grab a hunk of your hair and pull it hard as I thrust, jerking your head up; the sounds of your tits slapping your chest, can just be heard over your whimpers and moans; in your passion you start talking dirty which gets my rock hard cock even stiffer. God how I love how you are fucking the bat, and how tight your well open asshole is feeling thanks to your filled cunt!

Pretty soon you start yelling that you are gonna cum and you really start screaming then. The sound of your extacy is too much for me and I blow a thick load of spunk deep into your ass........

"Fuck my cunt!" you beg......... so I slide the bat out and as the jizz starts to leak out of your bung, I slowly slide the bat inside your gaping brown hole. One impaled you roll over like an obedient bitch and hold your legs open while I position my elbows at your ankles to spread you even wider. I love watching as you abuse your nipples and I slowly enter your cunt just to savor the moment. Your fingernails dig into and stretch those nips, and when i think you really have them nice and tight I plow into you cunt, and start banging away, until your cries tell me I've found your inner hole again.........

Sure do wish I wasn't the only Pirate on the boat, so I could share you with the boys........

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2 years ago
very good
2 years ago
Damn GM - you've got me all wet and throbbing!! Gonna have to do something about that real soon!!
3 years ago
Well you inspired me lonnie!
3 years ago
nicely done!