Further Adventures Part 2 & 3


Morning came a little later for Anna than usual, as it must have been after 9:30 when she stirred. She had the day off, so there was no reason to hurry and besides her boy had set the automatic coffee pot to start at 10:15 so she turned over, relaxed and considered last night's fun and games. Her new boy's training was coming right along, and in a month or two he might be ready to show off to her s****r. Provided the bitch was ready to let her play with her toys. Thinking about that hot little wench she kept around to keep her two teens company... as if those two needed anything more than the company of their friends and a little parenting every now and again. But no, Miss Rich Ass needed a little female company in her own bed; so the k**s got looked after by a gay hottie. A doe eyed, very busty gay hottie. God how she wanted to whip that wench's tits. Tie 'em till they turned blue, and whip 'em lightly to start, and she was getting wet just thinking about it! Her hand grazed her puss. Time for a nap.........

The morning sun had shined in the window and heated up the foot of the bed to the point where her feet had gotten warm enough to wake her, and after a quick shower Anna was pouring over the morning paper with a cup of hot coffee. Since the Police Blotter had yielded no familiar names of any wanton sluts caught up in any shenanigans, and the news was a rehash of the weeks before she started daydreaming as she absently read her way up and down the columns.

“Annaaaa!” She heard her Mother call her from across the house. “Is you s****r dressed yet?” “You girls are going to be late for school!” Thinking I dunno Mom, why don’t you fuckin’ ask her, she hollered back “I’ll up upstairs and see Mom!” and started to trot up the stairs to Anna’s room. Though they were twins, Anna and Marisol had separate rooms at either ends of the second floor. Her’s was over her Mother’s bed room and Anna’a was at the other end of the house. Marisol had gotten into the habit of locking her door lately, so Anna knocked and quietly called her name. Her s****r padded over to the door, opened it a crack and peered around the edge of the door. “Aren’t you dressed yet?” she hissed at her s****r in mock indignation, and barged in. She loved catching her s****r in a compromising situation, but was totally unprepared for the sight that met her eyes as she blew past the door. And Anna was speechless. That morning changed everything between them, and changed nothing between them, but none-the-less it seemed like an eternity until Anna could phrase a sentence. “Mariiiisol!” she hissed.

There was a naked boy tied to her bed. A naked boy encircled with rope, with a gag in his mouth, and rope wound tightly around his hard cock and swollen balls. He wasn’t struggling, and Marisol just stood there alongside her, naked as a jaybird, her hair brushed and neatly tied back, make up and ear rings on just like this was any other morning before school. “He looks nice, doesn’t he?” “I’m getting better at tying him up.” She said matter-of-factly. Then she started to giggle, and Anna did too. Soon they were holding each other up as they quaked with each new onslaught of giggles. Anna couldn’t help but notice that her s****r was aroused, and if the liquid at the tip of the boys cock was any indication he was too.

“Annnaaaaa, is you s****r ready?!” Mother’s voice floated up from downstairs. “I’m off to work now, see you girls tonight, luv ya sweeties!” “Bye Mom!” they shouted in unison, before another fit of giggles over took them- after they heard the garage door slam. They watched the car speed away through the window.

Marisol and Anna had loved to play Cowboys and Indians when they were little girls and as they got older they took turns tying each other up. They played at being caught spies for a while, but as they got older the c***dhood games that occupied most of their time were cast aside, first by sports and then boys.

When their laughter was finally sated Anna could only hoarsely whisper “Marisol who issss he?!” then “Open a window it smells like PUSSY in here!!” and finally “What would Mother say!” She stood there with her hands on her hips and gloweredd at her s****r. Marisol’s nipples still stood erect. “Help me untie his gag Anna, I want him to lick me so bad!” “After I open a window” said Anna. “No sweetie, I’ll get cold, now help me untie his gag. You were always better than me with knots.”

After we rolled his head to the side, our fingers started working on the tight knots. Anna couldn’t help notice that Marisol’s fingers were mostly working on her clit, and after she managed to get the last one untied, the boy looked at her thankfully and slowly opened and closed his mouth. Anna raised his head and looked around for a bottle of water, just as Marisol slid over the top of his chest, rolled over, kneeled and lowered herself down on his face, with her back to the headboard. Her boy needed no encouragement, as his the liquid he craved was as close as the tip of his nose. “If you cum, I’ll whip your cock again” she announced.

As Anna slowly backed away Marisol positioned her crotch with her hands so the boy could better tongue her. “This is sooo fucking good,” moaned Anna “don’t run away until you’ve ridden him.” “Please sweetie, climb on; don’t you want to play with these?” She cupped her breasts, and started to rub them. “Please sweetie, we’ll talk later. Let’s ride together.”

Marisol looked at Anna sternly. “You always got wet when I tied you up, you know.” And that morning was no different. Anna was wet, very wet, and she shucked her clothes, climbed on and slowly lowered her puss down on the boy’s erect shaft, her nips grazing her s****rs as she slowly pumped up and down. They found each other’s lips and kissed deeply as their hands explored backs, necks, hair and breasts.

Anna’s mind jolted back onto the printed page, her reverie interrupted by the feel and scent of her wet crotch. She stuck her hand in her panties, wiped herself, and licked her fingers slowly as she savored her own juices. “I still do” she said to no one in particular. And it occurred to her that she hadn’t seen that boy in a while…. She shivered and clasped her snuggly soft terrycloth robe around her and retied the belt, awash with her thoughts and the scent of hot puss. Squirming her thighs together felt good; should she pay him a visit today or tonight?


Opening the door to my lair always had a better effect on people than I ever gave it credit for. It’s not that it’s that much different from anybody else’s digs, but the influence of Anna and Marisol were everywhere. We all agreed on the wall coverings and fabrics, the furniture was a collection of cast-off floor samples, and antiques I had collected, but what made it work was the combination of light afforded by the old drafty windows and the colors. A mix of pastels and earth tones, with lots of green plants and sunlight, both diffused and direct gave the place a simple warmth that belied all the planning that had gone into making it. At night the lighting set the mood, but during the day the suns rays ran from window to window, splashing light on the walls, reflecting the colors back into the room. Guys were always pretty matter of fact about the fact that it was pretty cool, but ladies seemed to luxuriate in the setting as they walked in. Some headed off to explore, some paused and took it all in. Liz turned and took me in her arms, as soon as I shut the door. Her hands on my shoulders she squeezed and kneaded them for a little while before her fingers traced their way down the front of my shirt. Finding my nips with her fingernails, she traced their outline beneath my shirt until they were hard. Her head shook slowly as she rebuked my lips, and I felt myself stiffen as she toyed with me. My hands were on her waist, so I took the opportunity to slowly squeeze her as I moved then up and down, from her beltline to just under her breasts - slowly up and down. “I want some rope.” she said. I allowed that I might have some, and beckoned her to follow with by hand as I started to walk through the living room. She followed me through the kitchen and down the hall. When I opened the door to the stairs, she followed me down, we went through another door, and as I turned on the lights she stopped and stared at all the equipment. I don’t believe she had ever been in a real playroom before; she might have fantasized, but the sight had an effect on her that startled me. It empowered her.

Once she had looked the contents of the room over, our eyes met. “Petey” she cooed. “Come stand in front of me.” I did as I was told. She smiled sweetly. “You little slut.” She giggled. “You little fucking slut.” “Now strip!” I looked her in the eye for a moment before I started removing my clothes. They were sparkling. When I was naked I stood in front of her at attention, and looked down at her feet. “Petey, when is your wife coming home?” I assured her I had none. “You mean that nobody’s coming home from work, no boyfriends, live-ins ….. no interruptions?” I looked her in the eye, and she smiled, as I. shook my head from side to side. “That’s ducky sweetie, now show me where the rope is.” I brought her to an antique armoire that stood against the wall, and opened the two doors wide. I stepped back and allowed her to gaze at the contents. “My, my Petey, you do like to shop”, she said giggling like a schoolgirl. “and look at what I found!” Holding up a strap – on, she grinned. “Petey, you slutty boy!” “Do you enjoy being opened?”

She pulled out some wrist bracelets and I held out my arms. As she fitted a set to my ankles, she realized that there were enough for my thighs, calves and forearms and slowly and tightly dressed me. After another trip to the closet she held up a cock and ball harness. “Where does this go?” I pointed to my not quite hard member, and she handed it to me. “Show me how slutty boy.” I smiled and snapped the wide strap around the base of my sack, separated my balls and tightly cinched up the second strap. “And the third?” she inquired. I pulled that one around my shaft and snapped it tightly shut. She slowly raised my packaged plums and palmed them. “Petey, would you like me to squeeze them a little?” Our eyes met. “Please Maa’m” She started to squeeze, a little harder, as we gazed at each other. As the pressure increased, I started to wince, but our eyes were locked and she steadily increased the pressure of her grip. Grabbing one of my nips with her free hand, she fondled it as she mashed my plums. I gasped, and she slackened, and as I arched my back she mashed again and I let out a slow moan. She let my package fall, grabbed both of my nips with her fingernails and started to stretch them. Again I moaned and sucked in a slow breath. “Petey you slutty thing; I do believe you like this!” I grinned, as she took a drop of pre cumm from the end of my cock to her fingertip. She brought it to her nose, sniffed and traced my lips with her wet fingertip. She put the next drip on my tongue. “I’m going to have fun with you Petey!”

to be continued.....
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