Further adventures

Having made the acquaintance of the lady who runs my favorite boutique, stopping by to say hello has become a new fascination. Business is shitty these days, so I arrive with coffee and sweetbread from starstrucks to help smooth over the prospect of another hour with no customers obsessed with lingerie.

We've covered all the ills that beset society, politics and business, so it was only a matter of time until we started to converse about sex. Lightly into it at first; I assured her that my taste in such matters was too perverse to burden her with, but as woman are wont, that statement was too beguiling to escape her natural feline curiosity.

In later conversation, every time she queried me I ducked her parry, and turned the conversation to her current boyfriend's shenanigans.

The lad had rather exotic taste in porn and the two of them were fond of acting out some of the scenes in their favorite dvds. This required more props than either wanted to buy at the local shop, so when she inquired about the purchase of such items on line I was only glad enough to steer her to a favorite web site of mine while seated at her store's computer.

Once there, she let out a cry of glee when she spied the variety and number of items available. And so did I when it occurred to me that I was about to get a birds eye view of the goings on in her bedouir. Later I realized that the same thought (about the happenings in my sordid lair) had also occurred to her!

After considering the relative merits of 20 or so dildoes, we arrived at a page with a strap-on harness. She gasped out-loud, (I did inwardly) and beckoned me to pause scrolling while she read.

When she asked me if I had ever experienced the use of such a contraption, I harrumphrd loudly and thought that would be the end of it, but when she started stroking my neck lightly with her fingernails I realized that the cat might have poked his head out of the bag.

I looked back over my shoulder (she continued to lightly stroke with her nails) I looked her in the eye (her fingernails paused in mid stroke) "Now what on earth have you two been up to?" I solemnly asked. She giggled "Nothing with any gear like that... but... (she started up again with her fingernails).... I've always thought", she dreamily paused, "thought that I might like to wear one of those". "Really." I stated, making the period after the word pretty obvious. (or so I thought) "Yeah", she paused again, "yeah, I....(now she started to lightly rub my neck) I always thought I might like to fuck a guy." Again, I turned and looked her in the eye. "So try that out on what's his name." "Naah" she said dreamily, (and started to knead my shoulders with both hands this time, using her thumbs to knead my neck.) "Boy that feels good" I sighed. "Really?" she asked in a little girl's voice. "Would it?" she cooed, "Do you like it?"

She had me, hook line and sinker........

My hands stopped her wrists and held them still on my shoulders.

"What are we getting into?" I asked. She giggled. "Lets see what else they have for sale." I continued to scroll down the menu on the left side of the screen. "I like nipple toys." she said noncommittally, "let's take a look at some of them."

My cock started to stiffen. I let go of her wrists, and she continued with her massage. We scrolled through the selection as she ooohed and aahhed whenever another picture and description appeared on the screen. Her hands released my shoulders and grazed my chest "I have sensitive nipples" she said, "Me too", I choked back a chuckle. "No shit" she murmured as she lightly grazed mine through my shirt, "look at them stiffen up", I took a breath, looked back and felt my way up under her arms until I could just stroke the sides of her breasts. "Well look at that, why don'tcha" she murmured, "you're stiff as a board>"

"Yes I am" I replied flatly as I let go of her and swiveled the chair around. My head was even with her breasts, so I looked her in the eye. "Just what sort of a guy do you think I am?" I asked with mock indignation. "A horny one" she replied quickly, "and I am too, so lets go back to your place and see what sort of trouble we can get into." I protested, "But what about the store?" "Fuck the store, and I think you might get a fucking while I'm at it." "I know you live around here somewhere, so you just lead me home."

She grabbed my nips through my shirt and pulled a little. I looked up.. She tugged a little harder. "let's go." So I got up.

I was led to the door before she let go of my nips; and with what seemed like an eternity she closed the place up. "You lead, I'll follow" she said after she locked the door. And I walked to my place. Slowly at first, then picking up a little speed.

The street was just beginning to feel the affects of lunch hour as groups of lollygaggers kept walkers with a purpose dodging left and right, and we were no exception. I paused at the corner green grocers and eyed the neatly stacked veg. She stood behind me to my side and fixed her chin on my shoulder. "Shall we have a snack?" I asked noncommittally, and while I picked a few banana's, she made a beeline to a nicely stacked pile of cucumbers. Selecting two large ones she presented them to me with dancing eyes. I wonder if green grocers ever notice that look in a woman's eyes when eying cukes? It sure wasn't lost on me.

In single file, for a few blocks we dodged our way back to my front door, enjoying the fruit as we walked, the poor banana's being the first casualty of a hunger that was eating alone just wasn't going to satiate.

After unlocking the door, I paused and looked back over my shoulder right into he eyes. "Did you hang a sign on the door?" "Yep" "Back in I hour?" I asked. "Gone fishin'" she replied flatly. I smiled, "I didn't know shop girls went fishin'" " dunno" she cooed, "you felt hooked to me!" Indeed I was.

to be continued.....
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