Rene & Me Chapter 4

I had planned a camp out in the back yard one night. I asked Rene if he thought his mom would allow it. She was very skeptical, but went along with the plan as long as my mother could guarantee we would behave and not break any of the ten commandments. Of course I knew we would be alone and naked outside with the freedom to suck each others cocks and play all night. Mom never asked but I knew she was aware of what I was thinking.

I was so excited I set the tent up before lunch and gathered all of the regular camping equipment too. "G....what the hell are you doing dragging all of that stuff're gonna be busy running around and doing things that boy's do on camp outs at home," she said as she joined me in the hot tent. "you better air this the flaps on the windows or it'll be a steam bath in here." she added as the sweat ran between her breasts. Her house coat was clinging to her in the summer heat. She stood there looking at me, those hungry eyes and the smell of her arousal filling the tent. I loved how she would simply fall to her knees and take her little boys cock. I knew when she came in the tent she wanted my boy cock. Mom pulled my shorts down and looked up to me, "You been so into Rene....I feel like I have to beg you......I hate that feeling....but it makes me so horny too......I need you now," Reaching out she took my cock and squeezed me.. Mom's other hand was playing with her pussy. I could hear her wetness. We shared a stare. She bit her lower lip and brought her fingers to my nose. Her scent was always intoxicating. Her fingers touched my lips as I licked. Her cunt tasted so good. With one smooth motion she opened her house coat to reveal her hard nipples and hairy wet mound.

"'re so wet." I whispered. I could hear Dorothy next door talking to Rene. They were so close. The thought of taking my mother was incredibly powerful, the risk of getting caught made it all the more desirable. "Shhhhhh.......lets hear what their saying," mom whispered back. We stood in the sweltering heat of the tent with sweat running down our bodies, listening to Dorothy. "Rene......I'm letting you sl**p outside with G.......I know I can't stop you from know.....those things.......but I don't feel it's right." "Mom......I know.....Please just let us.....Please." Rene begged. I know this is common....boys exploring and learning.....but you had his penis in your mouth......does he do that with you too?" Dorothy asked. There was silence and then we heard her gasp and say, "Oh my."

I didn't hear anything after that. Mom fell to her knees and licked the head of my cock. "Mmmmmm.......tell me I still suck your cock better than anybody G?" Mom said looking for affirmation, as usual. I loved it when she would look up at me with those hungry and adoring eyes. my cock in her mouth or on her lips, her tongue bathing me and sending shivers all through me. "Mommy's want her little boys cock in her wet cunt hole G......Fuck me like I'm a cock I'm a camp ground slut......put your hard cock in my wet hole G." I pushed her back and raised her legs. Her cunt was wet from arousal. Her anus was dripping with the mixture of it all. I stepped out of my shorts and plunged my cock into her. "Ooooooooh....fuck my cunt hole baby boy.......Fuck Mommy......cum in me deep G.......Breed me G." Mom said as she raised her hips to meet my thrusts. I felt my balls tighten and my lower belly squeeze as my cock swelled and then released squirt after squirt of cum into my mother's cunt.

We collapsed onto the floor and realized Dorothy and Rene were on our door step knocking. Mom quietly said, "I'm sure she is trying to get me to keep an eye on you two tonight.....let them go home and we can sneak back in the house." I nodded. Looking down at her as she laid on her belly, I said, "Roll over Mom......I wanna see my cum oozing from you." Mom looked back at me, rolling over to spread her smooth thighs. My cum was dripping out of her pussy. I leaned in like my mom had taught me so long ago, and licked her lips, her clit. I licked deep into her, my tongue fucking her as she moaned. "Ooooooooh yes.....lick your cum from Mommy little boy." I crawled up to her with a mouthful of my cum, her cum, and kissed her deeply. I sucked her nipples and went back to gather more cum to smear on her nipple before I told her to lick and suck her nipple. "Suck it you taste me?" I badgered her, knowing she would be ready to play again. I loved keeping her horny.

Mom decided to eat dinner earlier than usual and have something light since it was sweltering hot. Looking at me she said, "G......Bernie wants to take you for the willing?" I nodded. "He's been missing you too......he'd love to have you for a weekend all to himself." Mom said pursing her lips. "I wish I could bring Rene with, but that would never work......his mom would never let him and then I would have to be really open with him." I said. "No.....that would not be a good thing and Bernie wants you alone......Oooooh he would love Rene I'm sure......but you and him have something very special.....he needs that G." I nodded again and went to my room.

I laid there thinking about tonight and being with Rene. And then my thoughts drifted to Bernie. I tried to remember the first time I he and I were intimate. I know Rene would love him but I couldn't tell him, not yet. I remembered a time when Mom and I and Bernie were driving at night. We had decided to take a trip out west and my father was going to be gone for a week or more. Mom and Bernie took turns driving and some nights we drove all night. It was fun, but as a young boy I hated being in the car all that time. I remember we were on a long road that was illuminated by the bright moon light. I was in the back seat alone and Bernie suggested he crawl in back to keep me company so I might fall to sl**p. Mom said, "Yeah Bernie, I know you all too well......I'm sure you're concerned about G's sl**ping.......Hmmmmm......whats this I feel here?" I assumed she was taking about Bernie's hard cock. She must have reached over and grabbed him. I heard him gasp and sigh, I knew those sounds even at that age.

I remember him crawling over the seat saying, "G......come lay your head on my lap.......pull your legs up......and let me cover you with this blanket." I felt warm and cozy and loved. I also felt his hard cock, the cock my mother had grabbed pressing against my cheek. I was tired, I fell asl**p for a bit and so did Bernie. It was quiet in the car and the radio was playing some old country and western song. Somewhere in that cloud of waking up, I heard them talking about me. "Bernie, I bet you're loving my little boy's head resting on your cock.....are you hard....are you m*****ing my son Bernie?" "My naughty s****r always accusing me of being a m*****er of dare you," Bernie said quietly, as I felt his fingers slip under the wast band of my shorts. It felt so good. I had been waiting for that for so long. His finger slipped up and down the cleft of my butt crack and teased my hole. I adjusted myself as if I was tossing in my sl**p, giving him better access to my tight boy hole and my now hard cock. Mom could tell by the grin on Bernie's face he was having fun, "I can see you in the rear view mirror that you're wallowing in a world of boy cock," she said.Bernie didn't say a word. He cupped my balls and cock and fondled me, squeezing my cock and relaxing, only to continue. I couldn't pretend to be asl**p any longer. My legs were moving and my breathing was more rapid as he stroked my cock. I looked up at him and smiled, pulling my shorts down to my thighs, leaving my hard little hairless cock standing straight up. Bernie's hands were fondling and touching me, caressing my smooth hairless body. I could see him tremble with desire as he adjusted himself, leaning forward so he could take my cock in his mouth. "Mmmmmm.....Ummmmmm..........yesssssss..... Uncle Bernie please.......Ooooooooh......please make me feel like that.....Please.....Ooooooooh cock feels soooo good," I moaned. "Oh my're sucking his naughty b*****r is sucking my little boy's cock.......Mmmmmm......I'm so jealous," Mom whined and added, "Do I need to pull over?.......You know I love watching you with G......Damn you two are making my panties wet."

"G.......Rene's at the door....he's here to begin the big camp out!" Mom yelled, snapping me out of my day dream."

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When will the next chapter come our out
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when will there be more?
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It's coming along....I promise....
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When's the next chapter, this was really good