The Twink Next Door

I love Gay and Bi teens. I have a fem boy that lives across the green way from me. He still at 19 lives with his parents. I remember the first day I saw the young man. They had just moved into the townhouse next to ours, just a few yards actually from each other. He possessed that seductive look that said I'm shy, but very hungry. It was like we both knew.

His bedroom is on the second story across from my office. I have always talked to him and teased him, almost flirting at times. In the beginning I don't think he knew how to take it, as he seemed embarrassed that a 50 something year old male was quietly coming on to him. His mother seems a bit more tolerant of his choices in sexuality as apposed to his father, so ultimately he came to understand that I am very non-judgmental and open to a wide array of possibilities.

I work late into the evening at times and he would pass in front of his window. In the beginning I really thought nothing of it, but certainly enjoyed the show. He was typically partially clothed, never naked, but always very hot to watch. This went on for a while, and one day he asked if I was flirting with him, I nodded and said yes. He then asked if I could see into his room. I stated, very well in fact, I could actually see a lot, and loved seeing "his floor show"......

He then asked if his parents had my phone number, I nodded I thought so. He seamed a bit brazen, which was not like him, but he was blushing

It seemed odd for the next few days, his room was dark at the usual times he had previously been there. I was felling a bit let down. I had anticipated something...I had fantasized and continued to, but as the days passed I began thinking I may have scared him...I guess you always project the worst.

One night the phone rang and it was him. I'm sure I sounded too excited as he on the other hand, was acting shy and a bit coy. He said he had been gone and was worried that maybe I thought he forgot about our conversation. I said no I had not and yes I did miss him.....very much in fact. He said he would be home all night, and would love it if at some point I might look in on him. I was so excited I don't think I was able to do anything waiting with a lot of anticipation. He said great and hung up. I sat at my desk for what seemed like the longest time. My cock was so hard in anticipation of seeing him....hoping that he got the hint I wanted....needed to see more.

After what seemed like an eternity the light went on and he walked through the door way with only a towel wrapped around his slim hips. He paid no attention to the open d****s or window, and went about combing his longish hair. I was a voyeur and he was acting like I didn't exist. I was somewhat saddened that he wouldn't wave or look towards me, but then another part of me was dripping with desire, wanting to see more....I was caressing my cock and loving the show.

The windows in the bedrooms are not at waist level like some of the other ones. They bottom edge hit just over the knee, so his butt, so nicely wrapped in the towel, was clearly visible. Almost like a teasing strip show, the towel slipped from around his hips. And there he was, naked with his smooth back and butt facing me. And then in a moment.....he turned and faced me.....his cock hard and standing straight up.....his head down....his eyes to the floor....

Oh my god he was gorgeous. His cock not large, in fact it was rather small. It was surrounded by a sparse growth of dark hair around the base. He was caressing his cute little cock slowly, stroking it, before the light abruptly went out......

I was so disappointment the light went out, but I had seen him. I had finally had seen him and he was gorgeous. I had seen many Bi teens in my life, I had been one earlier in my teens, but he was very special. He was so feminine, his stature....the slight sway in his hips....the way he moved.....everything.

I could not get the vision of him naked, out of my head. I sat there in my chair with my pants down around my ankles, masturbating as I fantasized about him. I could not bring myself to admit how obsessed I was becoming over him, I was infatuated at best, I told myself.

It was Sunday morning when I woke, still in my chair. I heard his father loudly telling him they would be home late from an all day fishing trip with his mom and s****r. I was delighted, maybe I could have a few minutes with him. I went to bed to catch a bit of sl**p, but I couldn't keep my hands off my cock. I laid there thinking of all the times I had seem him, and how he turned me on even then. I remember the time at the pool when he was climbing out of the water and his thin Speedo clung to him, the way it outlined his cock, the way it had pulled to one side and was resting in his butt crack, and then remembering last night and seeing him naked for the first time.

Finally I decided to get up, and went out on the patio with a cup of coffee. There was my lovely young 19 year old boy. I was instantly hard. He was laying in the sun with his legs slightly spread wearing an old pair of cut off blue jeans. They were so short. I have always had such a weakness for those garments. I used to wear them and my father would look at me with raised eye brows when I did. I loved the way they would rub my cock when I wore them, naturally with out briefs under them. Mine were worn and faded from caressing my cock constantly, the denim thinner and softer.

He looked up at me as I walked over. He was that conflicted combination of "I was very brave to show you me naked.......and now I am like so shy"........which was fine with me. It gave me more room to flirt....tease and...and empower him to be a young slut.....

I laid down next to him and without saying a word......trailed my finger from his knee the bottom edge of his shorts. I told him...."I used to wear shorts like this when I was your age"........I remember how his thigh felt, hairless, smooth, soft.....a hint of peach fuzz.....I watched as the lump in his pants grew.....I continued to caress his thigh. I brushed it with the back of my hand gently......I knew he was a gentle young guy and much of what he was yearning for.....hungry for...was intimacy....wanting so badly to be loved and touched.

He trembled a bit as I ran my finger under the leg of his shorts. His cock head was there, about to poke out. I pushed against it as he looked at me. He was so excited. I wondered if he had ever been seduced before. I wondered if his only male to male experience had been young guys grouping each other, experimenting, only playing and not sharing emotion or passion, only watching each other cum.

I pushed back against the head of his cock, and rubbed it, caressed it. I found his pee hole and was delighted to feel his slippery pre-cum oozing from the tip. I bought my finger to my lips and tasted him, as I looked into his eyes. "Mmmmm....the sweet taste of you", I said in a very flirty way, relishing the sweet and salty taste of what was still simply boy juice.

I had flirted with him and teased him for as long as I knew him. it always seemed make him blush.I looked at him naked from my window and now I was laying in the grass next to him, caressing his cock without more than a few words.

I urged the head of his cock closer to the edge of his very short shorts. I needed to see it up close. The head was a deep shade of purple, very shiny from being so swollen. Youth is a wonderful thing. He was nervous and looked around for neighbors who might be peeking. I told him to relax and continued to finger the tip of his gorgeous cock, his pee hole a deep wide open crevice oozing with tasted so good...clear threads of this fluid sticking to my finger and back to his cock, before breaking and wetting his leg.

"Do you ever taste your self", I asked. He nodded, "Then you know how delicious you are?" I asked. He shrugged his shoulders as if he didn't know or was too shy to say, or he had no clue, no experience. His nipples were hard and it was sweltering in the sun. Sweat was running down his chest into his belly button, and down into his shorts. I envisioned how sweaty his balls and cock his 19 year old boy musk would I would be driven to nuzzle him.....inhaling.....kissing and nibbling...licking and tasting his sweet salty perspiration. The thought of having him naked made my cock pulse. I wanted to be naked with him, holding him, pleasuring this boy who was so much like a little girl

He looked at me and asked if I thought it better we go inside. I remember nodding as he got up, stretching, his arms to the sky, back arched, his pelvis pushed out as I reached up slipping my hand up the leg of his shorts. His balls were sweaty and his cute cock so hard as I and fondled him......"Someone will see us"...was all he said as he turned and retreated to his house..."Are you coming?"......
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11 months ago
So very sexy! I eagerly await more.
11 months ago
Yes there is more to the story. He is away at school now, but soon to be home to his naughty Daddy......
11 months ago
must have more of this story very hot so far