Mom........Chapter 1

How it all began is no longer important. It came along slowly with many starts and stops. It was like a slow dance. We had some very intimate moments her and I. Maybe you've read about the night Mom invited me to share their bed and how she asked me to help my father feels good. But there is more, there's always more, and this place where after all the starts and stops, the fondles and sucks, this is where we arrived mom and I.

As I remember, there were always the looks, the glances filled with desire and anticipation. I remember how her nipples always pressed against her blouse when she gave me a hug. And as I got bit older the kisses lingered a bit too long, leaning in a bit farther, molding her body to mine. My mother, highly sexual, passionate, and needy always running to me in those times of emotional distress. Sometimes I wondered if she didn't conjure up scenarios just to be held, to feel me against her. As I matured her attire around me became more revealing, obviously more sexy, many times naked.

My mind wanders back to dinner time on a warm spring evening. The windows were open and the d****rs were blowing in the warm balmy breeze. I had just gotten home from school, and mom was leaning against the kitchen counter putting together diner as I walked in. "Hi sweetie" she said without turning around. The kitchen was sweltering and her dress clung to her backside, wet from perspiration. I stopped in my tracks as I looked at my gorgeous mother. Her bubble butt so nicely presented in her house coat of a dress, white and almost transparent. It was obvious she had no underwear on. Her soft shoulders, pale arms and lovely neck screamed out to be held. "Hi look hot", I said. ........"Oh well thank you sweetie......always for you", came her replay as she wiggled her bottom at me without turning around. "Your fathers gone with his all weekend......what are your plans?" she asked as she finally turned in my direction. After working in the hot kitchen her front was as wet and sweaty as her back, her nipples pressed against the white fabric and were clearly visible. I felt my cock harden.

I wanted to run to her, to hold her and feel every inch of her body. The fact that she was sweaty only added to my excitement. It had bee so long since we had shared intimacy and I was hesitant to try, to say something. Let me back up. My mother had always raised me to be comfortable with nudity. I had seen her naked, or partially clothed all of my life. My body begged for attention from the woman who loved me, birthed me, nurtured me all of my life. I had stolen her panties and sniffed them as I fell asl**p stroking my cock. I had desired her, hungered for her, as I listened to my father fuck her from the next room. I had heard her passionate sighs and moans and heard the whispers. I had heard the role play about things taboo, things mothers aren't supposed to say. We had been intimate many times on and off, and then it stopped. I wondered if it was never to be again. Her voice snapping me back to reality, "Why don't you do your home work..... I'll shower......then you can take a quick one.........screw what I have here for and I will go out......"
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11 months ago
Reads promising of things to come.
11 months ago
Thanks, It's very genuine......real.
11 months ago
Thanks, there's more.
11 months ago
Thank you....
11 months ago
good start to what seems like a promising story
11 months ago
very good start
11 months ago
fantastic story, cant wait for more