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Day at the beach.

It was a glorious morning,the sun was shining and the sky was clear. I was on holiday with my parents,they had no idea that i was such a cock whore,i was 16. We decided that we would have a day at the beach,the sun was so hot and was perfect to for getting that all over body tan,that as young guys we all wanted. I went into the sea and it was full of hot guys my dick was hard as i left the water,all i wanted to do was to take every guy and let him fuck me. By the time i had got back to where i was sunbathing,i was so horny it was unbelievable,i just had to go off somewhere and wank. I went up ... Continue»
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[Story] Me and the stranger!

as he shoved his purple headed piss rocket into my pulsating chocolate pipe,he fucked and he fucked until he made my pulsating man pussy wetter than a spastics chin. His cock snot dripped from from my stretched man cunt,making a puddle on the floor where he had fucked me not 10 minuets hence, i could not move. He teased my ass with his 12" dick,i remember thinking i just wanted it back in me. He looked at me and said that he wanted to see me again,i said yes. He left and i just led on the bed smiling. 2 days later the phone rang,it was him,iver boyle,wanting to my chocolate man cunt again. I s... Continue»
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