Rodney Rules part 2

I reached out for your hand, and you helped me out of the car. The pull toward you is undeniable, irrefutable. I am going to see this through and not because I merely want to. It is more a need, a screaming from my soul. I have to see this through, to determine what this craving is all about.

You led me up the two steps and we entered a very nice ranch styled home. It is definitely male décor with lots of oversized leather furniture. You grabbed me by the nape of my neck and pulled me toward you to give me the hottest most soul searing kiss I had ever experienced. My knees were weak when you broke contact, putting your forehead against mine, you whispered, “do you want a glass of wine little girl”? I numbly nodded yes, anything to stall for time to regain my equilibrium. You returned with two glasses of wine and hand me one.

“Are you ready for this adventure”? you ask. “Are you ready to find what it is you have been missing? What you are craving”? I lick my lips and confusion swirls about in my head. “What is it you expect from me? What is this draw you have on me? I have never done anything like this before. I don’t understand what is happening, why I am even here”. You look at me with intensity as you reply, “sure you do, little Miss Kerri. You may not be ready to admit it, but you know exactly what this is about. You want someone to take control, someone to take all the responsibility for your actions. You want someone to relieve you of all the decisions making. I’m that someone for you sugar. I’m the man you are going to kneel for; I’m the man you are going to give everything to. You are going to do it willingly, just because you know it will make me happy. And in return, I am going to make you feel more cherished than you have ever felt before in your life. If I want you to kneel you will kneel, because you want to make me happy. If I want to redden your ass with a crop, you will ask for more because it makes me happy. I will make you feel more like a woman that you ever imagined yourself capable of feeling”.

With that announcement you got up and took the glass of wine from my hand. “Now, remove your clothes, all of them, I want to see you”. I stood on shaky legs and began to remove my clothing, you were right, I wanted to please you, I didn’t necessarily understand why, but I knew in my heart this was what I wanted to do. After dropping my blouse and my skirt to the floor you ordered me to stop. “Turn around slowly; I want to see all of you. “Beautiful” you whisper, “stunning”.

I knew the matching bronze colored lace bra and panties were a perfect complement to my skin tone. You smiled and said, “There’s the woman you are, the one I could sense beneath the surface, the one you keep hidden from the world, my precious little girl now”. Stay like that and come remove my clothes. I approached you slowly, sensuously and began to unbutton your shirt, starting with the cuffs on the long sleeves. You reached up and pushed the cups down under my breasts then started to lightly pinch and tweak my nipples. My breath hiccupped as you pinched a little harder. Then you let go as I pushed your shirt down over your shoulders. As the shirt fell to the floor you undid your own jeans and reached to drop a pillow from the couch onto the floor.

“On your knees”, you commanded and without hesitation I dropped down in front of you. I knelt gazing up into your eyes, licking my lips, leaving them wet and shiny, wanting to taste you, wanting to explore this new dimension to my world. My insides had thrilled to your pronouncement that I was your little girl. Something I had always derided whenever I had heard it used in the past. Confusion reigned and yet I melted to your every request. Was this the real me? Did I want to be ordered about and taken care of? Or was it just you I felt compelled to acquiesce to? Oh my God, I hoped it was just you. My job would be impossible to do if I was a demur submissive type of woman.

“Now take me in your mouth sweetheart, I will let you set your own pace until you are comfortable, but then
I am going to fuck your throat hard, fast and deep. Your hands grabbed a handful of my hair; not pulling it, just letting me know you could and would take complete control when you wanted too. Butterflies fluttered low in my belly, the power, the dominance appealing to me as it never had before. I opened my mouth and licked slowly across the tip of your cock, lingering a moment at the slit where a small drop of precum had oozed out. A sense of satisfaction washes through me when I hear your breath catch as I take you in my mouth, my tongue busy against the vein pulsing on the underside of your cock. I suck you deep and love feel the feel and taste of you.

Your hips start to thrust forward your cock going deeper into my mouth and I adjust the angle so I can take all of you. As soon as you see that I am comfortable your grip on my hair tightens and you start to fuck my mouth in earnest. Going deeper, gagging me and holding me against your groin until I start to struggle for breath. You are completely in charge and I love the feeling of being controlled. The tears are streaming from my eyes as you continue to brutalize my throat and then you thrust one last time holding my face against you as you shoot burst after burst of semen straight down my throat. I am lightheaded from lack of oxygen by the time you let go of my hair and you sit back on the couch. You reach down and take both my arms pulling my up to your lap and holding my tight, stroking my hair and my back, soothing me after the roughness of your actions.

“ Shhh, such a sweet little girl, so good baby, you did good sugar. You were perfect”. You continue to ease me, handling me like I was precious to you. Shhh, sit here baby, let me go get you a cloth for your face. You returned with a warm washcloth and wipe away the tears. Cooling my face, wiping my neck and across my chest. “Are you okay”, you ask and I nod hesitantly, not exactly certain. I have never been treated so roughly and yet I have never gotten so much pleasure from the act. Disorientation reigns, I’m not sure what this says about me. I only know I am content, pleased to be with you, satisfied with this position as your subservient. You pick me up as if I weighed nothing and carry me into your bedroom. You stand me up beside the bed and remove my underthings. “There will never be anything between us when we are in this bed Kerri, nothing but skin to skin”. With that you ease me into the bed and pull the covers up over us as you take me in your arms, holding me close.

Within a few minutes your mouth is all over me. You have licked my breasts, my nipples are hard tight buds; you have whispered hot thoughts in my ears and kissed down my neck. Light little bites along my jaw and then lower still. Your tongue circles my clit and I am lost to you again as this time you make slow sweet love to me. So good, it is as intense as the first time even though it is so different. You shift your body to where you are entering me. My need for you as intense as it was earlier and you penetrate me in one slow smooth thrust. You grip my hair adding edginess to our love making that only increases my pleasure. “ I want you to come with me sugar”, you whisper in my ear. “I want us to fly together this time”. I’m so close and you let go of my hair to play with my clit taking me over the abyss and we both surge to new heights at the same time. I have never experienced pleasure like you have given me. The dominance you employ taking me to places I have never known existed. I would have never thought I’d tolerate it, let alone enjoy it. We both doze off wrapped in each other’s arms.

The smell of coffee wakes me and I can hear you in the other room. My face burns in embarrassment as I recall exactly what happened the night before. You enter the bedroom carrying a tray, “I didn’t know what you liked for breakfast so I just brought you coffee and juice. If you tell me what you want I’ll make it for you or we can go out to get something. I love the way you blush”! As I push myself up into a sitting position you sit on the edge of the bed, set the tray over my lap and grin at me. “How’s my little Kerri this morning”? You lean over and brush your lips against mine. I look at you and can feel my cheeks getting red all over again,” uummm, look”, I stammer “ I really need to go. This should never have happened. I will just get my…” “NO. This is not over Kerri, this was not a one night stand and you are not running out of here like it didn’t happen”. This meant something to me and it meant something to you. You are mine now and we will continue with this arrangement while you are in Texas.
When you followed me home you agreed to become my submissive, if you leave now you will never know the full
extent of what you can be. Now be my good little girl and tell me what you like for breakfast”.

I look at you and answer, “just toast”. “Just toast what Kerri? What did I tell you last night? How are you to address me when we are alone? “Just toast, Sir”, I reply. You lean over and place kiss on my forehead, “good girl”. The smile on your face makes the submission worth it, you look so pleased and I feel a glow echoing through me at making you so happy. While you are off to get my toast I start to rationalize my actions. I have two more weeks before any of my other coworkers will be here. Two weeks to do some preliminary research, find some office space and get things organized. Do I dare? Do I dare give you the two weeks to explore this anomaly? To find out what this need I seem to have is all about. To see where this leads? By the time you return I have convinced myself to let this happen. I have two weeks to explore the depths of these new feelings in me.

You return hand me the toast and grin, “still here I see. Eat up and then we will take a shower”. You raise your eyebrows and then look at me expectantly. After a moment I realize what it is you want and mumble a “yes Sir” to you. “Good, you learn fast, that may take away a little of my fun as you won’t get as many punishment sessions.
Although as your Master I can spank that pretty ass just because I want to”. I thrill inside at both the complement and the threat of some future spankings. If I am going to do this I want to experience the entirety of this lifestyle.

After I eat you lead me into the bathroom. After warming the water we step into the oversized shower and you proceed to wash every inch of me from my hair to my toes. As the warm water cascades over us you begin to kiss and caress me, your cock growing harder by the second. You then turn me and press me into the tiled wall. My cheek and tits are pressed up against the wet tiles. “Spread your legs for me, Kerri” your husky voice sending chills down my spine, behind me you feed your hard engorged throbbing cock up between my legs and between the hot soaking wet lips of my pussy. Standing up, sliding it deeper and deeper until I go up on my tip toes, legs spread. You are gripping both of my wrists with one hand, holding my hands above my head as you start thrusting, slowly at first and then speeding up as you hear me moaning for more and more..."Do you want to cum around my cock"?, you ask in a taunting voice.

“Oh, God yes I whimper, I need this so much. I want to feel you shoot your cum into me”.

With that you deliver a hard slap to my ass, the crack of it echoing in the room and I moan from the sudden mixture of pleasure and pain as it pushes my need so much higher. You slap my ass again and again, asking, “What did you forget?” You continue to thrust into me harder faster deeper. You are driving me into a frenzy of lust as each slap cracks through the room and sending me spiraling higher and higher. “What did you forget Kerri”? I suddenly snap, and scream out, “Sir”, as you again slap my ass even harder. The pleasure of having you inside me is intense, the heat from you striking my ass raising it even more. I can feel you filling me, stretching me, exerting pressure against my sensitive tissue as your cock invades me, the sensations overwhelming.

AAAHHHH I love it, the mixture of pleasure and of pain from the slaps you continue to deliver and I now realize this is what has been missing from my sexual exploits. Of course it has been easy to remain an Ice Queen, no one until you had the key to unlocking these secret desires. “NOW, cum for me now sweet girl”, you demand and I do, melting around your cock and almost passing out from the extreme pleasure. You holding me up, as my legs are shaking too much to do it on my own.

You rinse us off again and then ease me out of the shower where you dry me off completely and then wrap me up in a fluffy warm robe. “Come on baby girl and I’ll comb your hair out for you”. I smile in wonderment that you could possibly know how much I enjoy having my hair brushed or combed for me.

The next two weeks were some of the most enlightening of my life. I learned how much I enjoyed the feel of a crop against my skin. I learned how freeing it was to be tied and blindfolded, leaving total control in someone else’s hands. I learned what had been missing in all my relationships as I relinquished the power to you. And yes, I learned what it felt like to be a woman cherished.

From 9 – 5 I still had total control of an immense network of people. I negotiated contracts, wrote positions for candidates, worked with them on how to comport themselves, planned events and raised a large amount of money. But then I went home to you, and I got to let all of that go. I got to relax and just enjoy being a woman.
I now understood what had always eluded me about this lifestyle. You give as much to me as you take from me.
Being a submissive was not the one way street I had always pictured it. Your need for me was as great as my need for you. You might rule in the bedroom but the rest of the time you dote on me, giving me more than any man ever had.

I start the car and pull out of the parking garage. I’m on my way home finally. I grin as I wonder just how you will ‘punish’ your little girl for her disrespect earlier. Will I feel the flogger against my tits? Will I feel the crop against my ass or will your hand strike and then caress my ass until neither of us can stand the need and we melt into a puddle of lust driven need. Whatever you devise will be worth the anticipation. You have not let me down yet! It has now been five weeks. The most pressing question in my life now being how will I live without you when this interlude was up? How would I ever leave Texas to go back to my own world? Only time would tell.

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1 year ago
Thank You Darlin! I haven't seen much of you lately, I have missed you. Hope all is well and you are just busy.
1 year ago
Tremendously erotic. A lovely mix of pain and pleasure.