Brian and Lois

One day Lois came home from the store,Peter was still at work,Chris and Meg were still at school and Stewie was fast asl**p in his bedroom.She called out for Brian I got some of your favorite treats at the store Brian!Come sit on my lap Brian,she petted him and brushed his fur,say Brian how would you like to use that long K9 tongue on my hungry red bush?"Would I Lois",I thought you'd never ask!Lois slid her pants off and tossed her panties on the floor.Ooh I'm getting so wet thinking about your tongue on my pussy Brian leaned in tasting the musky damp wetness between Lois's thighs,he began to pant faster as Lois drew her knees up further until they were rubbing her voluptuous 36c tits...Oohh uuhh Brian your so much better at licking my pussy than Peter,"where did you learn to lick like that? you're such a b**st Brian!"Well thank-you Lois,you taste so delicious I don't want to stop... Oooohh Brian your gonna make me cuuummm.Lois reached over and began to rub Brian's dick as the deep pink shaft hardened under her skilled caresses,she rolled him over and began licking his balls,moving further upwards she took his rosy pink thick shaft into her mouth and sucked on it with a feverish pace as his salty pre-cum began to ooze onto her tongue she told Brian that he tasted yummy...Slow down Brian I don't want you to come yet,... you just have to stuff that hard milk-bone in my damp pussy!Brian assumed the doggie position behind Lois, grasping her curvaceous hips his back hunched as he felt the silky smooth tightness of Lois's red haired snatch clamp down on his steadily hardening cock,he humped her faster and faster until he heard Lois squeal in passion,oooohhhh oooooohhh Brian I just felt your knot expand in my pussy,that's soooo good Brian don't stop,don't stop!Brian's paws scratched at her back raising red welts on her skin...Uuuggg,oooohhh "Lois your tight pussy is going to make me cum" Brian barked out as he flooded Lois's pink pussy with his doggie gravy,he lowered his head,licking the small of her back as his knot began to relax and pulled free of the grasp of Lois's well fucked cunt,his cum oozed out and she told him to clean her up fast,Peter would soon be arriving home from work and I have to wake Stewie from his nap.That was nice Brian,you'll have to share that milk bone of yours with me again soon!

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2 years ago
Brian is such a good dog!mmmmm
3 years ago
Very interesting.
3 years ago
oooohh..very nice
3 years ago
Excellent, more of the same please James :)
3 years ago