The Exchange Student

Bill and Veronica had decided to host a foreign exchange student this year.Their sex life was good,but they thought a fresh face around the house may very well add some spice to things.Driving to the airport they discussed matters of school and whether the eighteen year old senior Claudia from Austria would adapt well to the change in location.As the passengers from the flight disembarked they immediately recognized Claudia,as she had told them before leaving Austria that she would be wearing black leather pants and a pale pink blouse.They introduced themselves and the three made there way back to the car.When they arrived home Claudia said that she could use a shower after the eight hour flight from Vienna.There were no towels in the bathroom,so Claudia called for Veronica,I need a towel,as she handed the towel to her Claudia asked Veronica if she could help her dry off because she had sprained her wrist a week ago playing tennis.Veronica looked the young Claudia's sultry curves over and smiled sure honey I'd be glad to,as she started with her shoulders and brought the towel around to her front side and patted her firm toned thirty-six C cup breasts dry Bill came to the bathroom door and asked the two ladies if everything was alright,just fine dear...I'm helping Claudia dry off she sprained her wrist and was having difficulty drying off.May I come in?Claudia spoke up,"sure Mr.Stewart that would be great!Stepping through the door he told her Claudia honey please call me Bill.He grabbed a towel from the hall closet and entered the bathroom.Would you like to dry my front off Bill? Without hesitation Bill began to pat the towel against Claudia's soft blonde nest of pubic hair."You know Claudia,said Bill you would dry so much faster if you didn't have that full bloom of hair down there" I'm a professional barber and I'd be glad to give you a shave!Oh that sounds like a wonderful idea,well sweetheart you just have a seat right up there on the vanity and Bill the barber will have you fixed up in a jiffy!Claudia sat on the edge of the vanity and drew her legs up,spreading them wide she leaned backwards against the mirror,will this position be alright Bill?That's just fine Claudia said Bill as he removed his trusty hair clippers from beneath the vanity and reached for a fresh new disposable razor and can of shaving cream.He started out using the clippers to remove Claudia's bushy blonde pubes...Oooh Bill the vibration of the clippers is tickling my little clitty so!Bill moved the pile of pubic hair to the other side of the counter top as Veronica took the cap off the shaving cream and massaged some of it onto Claudia's stubbly mound,Bill gently pulled the razor upward removing what was left of Claudia's hair,that's it Claudia all nice and smooth now,how does it feel? Great! That's good honey,jump in the tub and I'll rinse you clean.The two stepped back admiring Claudia's fresh new bald cunnie,mmmmm you look very tasty honey they said as each took Claudia by the hand and directed her into their bedroom,lay down on the bed there sweetheart.Veronica got on the bed and squatted down on Claudia's face facing Bill as he drove his cock deep in Claudia's bald snatch,him and Veronica shared a kiss,as he said to his wife "it looks like the beginning of a great relationship!
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love it,thanks
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no eating a tasty pussy