The Summer Of "69"

Tabitha and Jason always enjoyed their bond as b*****r and s****r,having only two years separating birthdays Jason always helped his younger s****r whenever she had difficulties with her homework.It was the summer of Jason's senior year in high school and Tabitha's sophomore year, their parents had planned a week long camping trip to a remote mountain campground.They had planned on doing some hiking in the forest and canoeing in a river at retreat.It was the morning of the departure and they had breakfast with their parents loaded the canoe on top of the mini-van gathered back packs,hiking boots and the changes of clothes needed for the week long trip.Along the route to the high country the f****y passed through the desert scrub of yucca trees,joshua trees as they drove higher in elevation the vegetation began to thicken,providing views of denser and denser pine trees as they neared the destination there were thick groves balsam fir trees that blanketed the area.They pulled into the campground, checked in at the guest registry and drove a quarter mile further to the grouping of ten rustic cabins that sat nestled in a quiet grove of fir and sycamore trees.Stepping out of the van they inhaled deeply the fragrant muskiness of the pine trees and relished in the calmness of this nature playground.The f****y had lunch together outside of they're small cabin,fixing some burgers,potatoes and salad which they had packed in their supplies for the week... After finishing lunch Jason asked Tabitha to help him unload the canoe from the mini-vans roof so they could explore the clear slow flowing river that passed through granite boulders that lined both sides of the river.With hiking boots on and backpacks they set off down the river marveling at the numerous variety of birds that they could hear fluttering about in the dense tree cover.They noticed a branch in the river and decided to follow it to see what lay ahead.They came to a small cove with an overgrown trail that had what with the aided view of their binoculars looked to be the base of a high reaching granite mountain,docking the canoe they shouldered their backpacks and began the two mile hike to see what lie ahead...When they arrived at the base of the high escarpment they discovered the entrance to a cave that was barely distinguishable because of thick over growth at the entrance.They had brought along the type of bright led lighting that was attached to the top of hats they were wearing.After clearing the brush that disguised the entrance to the cave they headed deeper into the cave,after about three-hundred yards they came to a wide opening and discovered a large room with ancient native american symbols etched into the rock walls.They sat their backpacks down and pulled out a blanket some snacks and a lantern that they had brought along...As they sat there alone in the quiet wonder of the cave Jason said to his s****r,you sure have blossomed into a beautiful woman Tabbie.I really appreciate all the times you helped me with my homework whenever I didn't understand something as she gazed lovingly into her b*****r's eyes,they came together and kissed each other,as the tranquil location gave the two the impetus they needed to explore each others adolescent bodies further.Tabitha reached down and unzipped Jason's jeans and began to rub the crotch of his boxer shorts as he leaned in close to his s****r and softly kissed her lips,their tongues intertwined as their wanton lust began to build.Jason pulled his s****r's t-shirt up and palmed each soft fleshy breast with both hands as she sighed...Jason your strong hands feel so good! She laid down on the blanket and Jason unzipped her jeans pulling them off of her,he ran his middle and forefinger down and slipped them inside her white cotton panties he stuck them in her tight virgin pussy as his thumb massaged the hardening pink bud of her clitoris he he put his face to her pussy,rubbing his chin in her downy soft coal black bush as her young pussy grew wetter and wetter.Ooohhh Jason your tongue feels sooooo good licking my pussy! I want to do you now.Jason laid flat on the blanket as his s****r climbed on top of him straddling his face she bent her knees lower onto her b*****r's face as she lowered her mouth to her b*****r's cock,she swallowed it whole,running her tongue down the length of his shaft as he groaned with pleasure,aaaaahhh s*s you are such a good cocksucker,as they enjoyed each other in 69 fashion.You know I'm a virgin Jason and I would be honored to have my big b*****r be the first to get in my pussy!Jason reached into the backpack and pulled out the spare blanket,placing it under Tabbie's smooth rounded ass cheeks to have a good angle for entering her tight teen pussy...he began to rub his sensitive glans in the thickness of her coal black bush,then pushed his cock at the entrance to her warm young snatch that was profusely dripping her tangy teen cunt juices over his mushroom crowned cock.He thrust forward and sank his cock in,at first just the head as Tabbie cooed with lust,Oooohh that feels soooooo nice Jason,then he thrust forward very hard sinking balls deep into his pretty s****rs silky smooth snatch as the tightness of her virginal cave gripped him,your so damn tight Tabbie I can't hold out any longer uuuuhhhh he wailed as he filled his s****r's tight fuck hole with the what seemed to Jason was the biggest orgasm he had ever produced.That was awesome Jason said Tabbie as they held each other close in their i****tuous embrace,you have to promise never to tell anyone Jason, and so it was they had taken their vows to never disclose this passion filled tryst shared as b*****r and s****r.
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3 years ago
great story i got so hard thinking about her coal black bush. what a great description
3 years ago
there is more to this