Trio Lust

My girlfriend at the time Cheryl and I had been on a two week vacation and were traveling through a mid-western state,it was early afternoon and we needed to refill our gas so we pulled into a large travel plaza just off the interstate.As I headed in to pay for the gas I spotted a pretty petite girl dressed in a tight fitting mini-skirt that hugged her petite shapely ass in an eye catching fashion and a light pink cotton blouse that displayed small but luscious breasts with no bra, she seemed to be having difficulty carrying a freshly refilled spare tire back to her car trunk.Being one who enjoys helping others when he can I said "it looks like your having trouble getting that heavy tire back to your trunk",yeah it is a little bit heavy...Let me help you out miss? I'm Jennifer she said in a pleasant sweet voice.I picked the tire up and carried it to her trunk as she proceeded to unlock it.That was very kind of you, can I offer you five dollars for your help?Oh no that's alright miss I'm glad to help out when I can!Please call me Jennifer,I see you're traveling with your wife/girlfriend?Yeah that's my girlfriend Cheryl...well could i offer the the two of you lunch? I just live down the road a couple miles.We were planning on stopping for lunch at a restaurant,but your offer sounds better than restaurant food,walk over to my car and i'll introduce you to Cheryl,honey this is Cheryl she was having trouble getting that heavy tire back to her car so i gave her a hand she's offered us lunch at her place in lieu of that restaurant fare we've been tiring of on this trip.Cheryl told her it was nice to meet her and kind of her to offer us lunch,with that we proceeded to follow Jennifer back to her place a few miles up the road.Jennifer pulled into a nice apartment complex in the suburbs just outside of a medium sized city.We followed her to her apartment which was a small one bedroom unit that she said was comfortable enough for her as she was single and had no pets.Jennifer put some burgers on her grill style stove and 3 baked potatoes in the oven and tossed a salad for us to enjoy for lunch.We all three sat down in her living room and watched the second half of a dvd movie that she had paused as we chatted about with Jennifer about the adventures of our trip,as the movie finished playing Jennifer and Cheryl headed to the kitchen to bring the food out to the table.We all enjoyed the home made meal,Cheryl said can we help you clean up the dishes Jennifer? Thanks that's kind of you.As the girls washed the dishes and i dried Jennifer said she had been feeling lonely and it was very nice to have the company as she smiled at Cheryl and me and caressed her small 36B sized breasts,the two of you have been so kind i'd really like to show you my appreciation as she licked her lips.I could tell Cheryl was up for some fun by the look she gave me that i had come to know was her look of approval.Would you like to see my bedroom, i have a comfortable waterbed?Cheryl looked at me nodding in approval as we followed Jennifer across the hallway.Jennifer reached down with her left hand and cupped my balls while caressing Cheryl's ample breasts with her right.Why don't we all get more comfortable I said to the girl's as the three of us undressed Jennifer took her pink blouse off exposing smaller than Cheryl's but still lovely breasts,we all three had all our off except Jennifer still had her mini-skirt on, I laid on the waterbed as Jennifer and Cheryl took turns sucking my my rigid cock.Jennifer said that she'd like to feel my thick seven inch cock in her but she didn't want to get pregnant,would I mind fucking her in the ass? Since that was something Cheryl was only up for on the rare special occasion I was up for it!Cheryl laid her head back on the pillows near the headboard as Jennifer lapped at my girlfriend's pussy,she took a breath and told me there was some lube on the table beside the bed. I grabbed the bottle and slathered the clear thick liquid over the length of my cock,making sure to coat it all the way to the thick base,then pulled Jennifer's mini skirt up over her sensually rounded hips,i poured afew drops on Jennifer's tight little asshole and my middle and fore finger then slipped those two in her ass getting it loosened up some to prepare for the entry of my seven inch cock, I thrust forward as Jennifer pushed back into my cock at first just the my mushroom tipped cock was in,then she backed up as I thrust forward in a powerful motion sinking my cock balls deep into her tight asshole,she sighed and began to moan as must thrusts grew stronger,I reached up under her at this point to rub her clitoris with my right hand and was surprised at what I felt!,it was a small cock and little balls.I couldn't believe that this pretty girl was not all female but at this point in our passion filled lust it did not matter,I grabbed hold of her small dick couldn't have been more than four inches and stroked it as i pounded her ass,i felt her little nuts tighten as her sphincter muscle clenched tighter on my cock i could hear the pitch of Cheryl's moans grow higher as the three of us all came in unison and collapsed on Jennifer's waterbed falling into a deep sl**p for a couple hours,when we all woke up a couple hours later Cheryl and I told Jennifer we both had a good experience and would return again to share some more fun times!
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Surprise surprise thanks great story