Harder Honey

Relaxing against the wrought iron railing of the sundeck,I gazed down at the U-shaped swimming pool below.A gentle breeze rippled the crystal clear water and reflected the moonlight in a pattern of pale,dancing lights.I was savoring the realization of an idea that had come to fruition soon after the termination of my first disastrous marriage: my own apartment-house,built to my own specifications.A week ago the last building inspector had given final approval on the entire six-unit complex,even though some of the finish work was still needed.Three days ago I had moved into the master apartment on the second floor.Within a week and a half I would begin to solicit tenants and place my dream into action.My moonlight reverie was broken by a feminine voice from the open sliding-glass doors leading to my bedroom.What's the matter,stud?can't you sl**p?Slowly walking over to the open doors,I leaned against the door jamb and looked down at the naked female form on the bed.She laid on her back,with the sheet covering only one leg on her splendid body.Her long, blonde hair lay in a tangled sunburst above her head on the pillow.The soft brilliance of the moonlight illuminated sensuous curves on her body.It gave her beautiful chiseled face a pale glow and emphasized the softness of her full,sensuous lips.Her azure-blue eyes returned my gaze boldly.Without answering I sat down on the edge of the bed and let my eyes feast on the lush swell of her of her smooth belly and the soft,thick tuft of golden pubic hair centered between her round thighs.Tonya Davis was a wild piece of ass by any measure. "Sorry I woke you Tonya",I said fingering the nipple of her right breast.Immediately, I was rewarded.It swelled and rose tautly in response to my manipulation."The anticipation has made it hard for me to sl**p."My fingering of her nipple was starting to arouse her....You got the best hands I ever felt James.In the right kind of massage parlor you could be a millionaire in a year.Every time you touch me I get all fucky hot she said in a husky voice.Her hand moved my robe, seeking my manhood.Locating my 7" thicky,her moist,warm fingers enclosed the mushroom tipped knob.Fondling it gently,she ran her forefinger under the head,locating the sensitive area just below my glans.In a slow tantalizing manner she began to rub the area in a circular motion,alternating that with light feathery caresses down the underside of my shaft.Like a snake,my cock uncoilrd and began to swell. "Take off your robe",she said urgently,"then tell me!" "tell you what?" I answered. "Don't gimme that shit honey, she said hoarsely and gripped my cock firmly.Tell me how you like me to suck you.'Why do you always insist I tell you? You know I love it,I answered,my cock now rigid and pulsing...I like to hear it before I do it. "It makes me all hot and excited when you order me to suck your cock",she answered in a hushed whisper.We had established a ritual soon after I met her at a party six months ago. She was the first woman I met who openly relished fuck talk,before and during sex...Also she was the first who didn't play coy games about sex. Ten minutes after Celia Davis, her s****r had introduced us at a party,we were en route to my place.The trip was twenty minutes by freeway.During the ride Celia had boldly unzipped my pants and sucked me to a wild orgasm,almost causing me to run the car off the freeway. I was stunned by her boldness and raw sensuality.Most of the previous women in my life buried their true sexual feelings under a dozen layers of hang-ups, Celia was astonishing to me.I thought I had died and went to heaven, our relationship flourished.I moved into her palatial home in brentwood. She was an early widow at thirty-six,when her wealthy husband succumbed to a heart attack.He had left her loaded and lonely.As our relationship advanced we realized that we had something far more valuable than love: a deep mutual friendship and a sexual appetite that required variety... We had experimented with the swapping routine with several couples but were disappointed with the results.None of the several combinations of our partners seemed to fit our specific needs...No matter how carefully we attempted to screen them,their personalities and sexual capabilities never matched the image they portrayed.An apparently sexy woman turned inhibited in bed.An outwardly virile man would become passive the minute he dropped his pants.After several futile ventures into this kind of swinging,we had given up that avenue.Finally, four months ago,I had experienced a brainstorm.It came to me while trouble-shooting a circuit problem on equipment my firm had installed at the missile site at vandenberg air f***e base.As lead engineerfor aeronautics,I was sent up to analyze and solve the malfunction in a piece of internal gear located in the missile control center... [to be continued]
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3 years ago
I can think of all kinds of chapters, which one will you ad to the story. Very Exciting.
3 years ago
Great beginning to a story.
3 years ago
good start