The Coach

Phil had been coaching the women's swim team at college for ten years and always had an eye for his girls,admiring the way their toned taut muscles flexed as they made laps in the olympic sized pool and performed skilled dives off the top tier board.He noticed that two of the girls,Liz and Katy had a lustful gleam in their eye as they watched one another during practice.The other three members of the team had been sick with the flu,so when Friday's practice session wrapped up and the girl's hit the shower's he decided to watch them through a small spy hole that was unnoticeable to any one but himself.He had always took pleasure in viewing the lovely young ladies as they showered and never really noticed anything unusual when all five showered together after practice but he had the sneaking suspicion that things could get steamy and not just the showers!As practice ended he told Katy and Liz to hit the showers,he had to make the transportation arrangements to the upcoming competition that was to be held in an adjoining state next month.As the two headed for shower area Phil walked the other direction towards his office at the other end of the facility,when he was certain that they had reached the locker-room shower area he waited until the showers were on then quietly walked in there for some deep sniffing of each girls panties,before taking up position in his private viewing area to observe and see if his suspicions were correct,he listened as Liz asked Katy to apply some of the liquid soap to her back,Katy massaged the soap into Liz's back as she told Katy her muscles were really aching from the intense practice and her finger's felt sooo good as the combination of the hot water and Katy's fingers brought such a relief,would you mind moving a little lower to massage my cheeks they're very tense too Katy,her hand's made their way lower massaging in broad stroked circles,she slipped her right hand in between Liz's sculpted thighs rubbing her index and middle fingers into her silky pink snatch as her thumb pressed into Liz's anus.Oooohh Katy that feels soooo wonderful said Liz as she spun around to kiss her friend on the lips.The two held each other in a loving embrace and then Liz said,you know I've had the biggest crush on you since we first met as freshmen in Mr.Jone's economics class,me too exclaimed Katy,your beautiful blonde hair and small perky breasts make me soooo wet!Liz slowly lowered herself down and began at first kissing on Katy's smooth bald pussy using her thumb to make a vigorous fast rubbing motion on her bl**d engorged clitty as she buried her wet tongue deep in her friend's honey pot... oooohhh,oooohhh,Katy cooed I'm cuuummming!!! All the while Phil secretly watched as his girl's pleasured each other in forbidden lust as he stroked his cock lost in his own satiated lust that was made even more complete with his panty sniffing fetish ,that added to his own enjoyment when it was followed up with the peep show that did include what he had all along suspected of the girls,a lesbian attraction for one another!Phil knew that both girl's had come from very religious strict upbringings and if their dirty little secret were to be made known around the campus it would certainly have a detrimental effect on both.He thought about it as the girl's finished up in the locker room,would he hold in what he had witnessed or blackmail the girl's to his own advantage to gain sexual favors with each alone or perhaps in a shared tryst amongst the three of them?
85% (12/2)
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3 years ago
Your stories are always good. Thanks for sharing
3 years ago
go for both in a 3-way