After School Special

Billy had long admired the pleasing curves of his older s****r Lynn.He was shy around the freshman girls in school who were his age of fifteen,but she had always helped him with his homework after school because their parents both worked second shift.Lynn had the routine of always showering after school.Billy's sexuality was beginning to awaken,he had begun masturbating usually twice a day since he was f******n.He was curious about his s****r and one day after school he decided to sneak in his s****r's bedroom when she was in the shower to sniff his beautiful s****r's panties.He waited until the water was turned on and walked into her room,reaching down into her clothes hamper he pulled out a dainty pair of beige nylon panties that were freshly tossed in.Turning them inside out he held the crotch to his nose and breathed deeply,he could feel his cock begin to throb as he imagined her s*******n year old cunt saddled in the crotch of them.Laying down on Lynn's bed he began stroking his now fully hard cock and licking at the crotch.In his mind he felt guilty, after all this was his s****r... but he was in the throws of lust and the guilty feelings seemed to melt away.Billy had been so caught up in the moment that he didn't notice Lynn was observing him from down the hallway, all the while feeling her young pussy beginning to twitch at the sight of her younger b*****r getting sexually aroused with her panties.She had quickly decided to confront him,in the back of her mind she secretly wished to end his session with her panties before he reached an orgasm.It was the first time she had seen her younger b*****r's cock and she liked what she saw!She eased around the half open door still naked,Billy what are you doing,his face reddened in embarrassment.I'm,I'm sorry Lynn please don't tell mom and dad.I wouldn't do that, you know I love you Billy.You have some cock there little b*****r!Did my worn panties really turn you on that much? Sure s*s, your the prettiest girl in the whole school.Lynn sat down beside her b*****r on the bed feeling her pussy begin to get damper with the compliments her younger b*****r had just paid her,how would you like to lick something besides my worn panties Billy?,as she spread her creamy thighs wide to reveal a full coal black bush.Gee s*s your pussy is so pretty.Go ahead and touch it,you'll be an expert pussy licker in no time Billy.He slid a finger in her juicy's alright to stick a couple more fingers in use your thumb to rub that little hard button at the top of my pussy that's called the clit and it's a really sensitive part of the female anatomy Billy, ohhhh that feels so nice lick my pussy harder,ohhh ohhh Billy I'm gonna cum! Now it's your turn she placed her mouth on Billy's cock,running her wet tongue along the underside,how does that feel?I really like the way you suck my cock s*s.Lynn sensed that Billy was ready to cum,so she took his cock out of her mouth so he wouldn't cum too soon, she lusted to feel her little b*****r's manhood deep in her wet snatch.Put your cock in my pussy now,he obliged his older s****r's command, thrusting like a jackhammer in and out of her sweet tight pussy.Ahhh ahhh I'm cuuumming lynn,she slid off his dick as the river of cum began to drip out of her cunt she grabbed the pair of panties that her b*****r had been masturbating with and mopped up the flood of sperm that spilled from her satisfied puss.I really enjoyed this close time we spent together Billy,me too s*s!
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2 years ago
Lesson one: Don't start the game until you're ready to play a full game, and go away a winner.
Half sex is like half pregnant.
3 years ago
very good but short
3 years ago
Good story, hope there will be more
3 years ago
Nice. Hope you have more to tell.
3 years ago
Good beginning to something.. Is there more to come?
3 years ago
so i hope there more to this love to here more
3 years ago