"30 Minutes or It's Free"

Stan's monotonous job as a pizza delivery driver had been getting him down lately,most of the people didn't give very good tips and he had not gotten a raise in his measly wages for over twelve months.High school graduation party's on this Saturday night were keeping him running about in a frenzy trying to keep up with all the orders.It was a quarter til eleven pm,fifteen minutes before the end of his shift.He parked his car and walked back into the restaurant to collect his wages for the evening.The boss said I've got one more delivery for you to make,we've been swamped with orders and these four pizzas have got to make it to the customers place in the next five minutes or I have to eat the loss. Stan grabbed the pizzas and his wallet heading out he decided to utilize some of the alleys that he used for shortcuts to reach the other side of town faster without getting stopped at the six red lights that dissected the town.He looked down at his watch hoping he wasn't late,grabbed the pizzas and walked up to the door,there was a light on out front he rang the door bell,waiting for almost a minute.It didn't seem like anyone was going to answer,just as he was turning away the door opened and a gorgeous red head who looked to be in her late thirty's and wearing nothing but her birthday suit opened the door smiled and said,I just hung up the phone and the manager said the driver should be arriving any second.Those pizzas are for my daughters graduation party in the garage out back,if you'll kindly take them back to her,stop back up here before you leave and I'll see what I can come up with for a tip,giving Stan a wink. When he came back around he stepped up on the deck and began to knock at the screen door...He could hear the redhead inside say,"You don't have to knock sugar,come on in!" He stepped inside and in a hushed whisper she spoke back; back here sugar.Stan walked into the kitchen where the woman was rubbing her pendulous breasts with one hand and fingering her pussy with the other.He looked down at her perfect full orange-red bush and she said "wanna taste my fingers?" Stan slipped her pussy juiced fingers in his mouth licking the sticky clear fluid from them.You like said the redhead? Stan nodded in approval as she reached down unzipping his jeans.He never wore underwear and his aroused cock immediately sprang straight out in front of her,to her delight "that's some sausage you have there!, How would you like to stick it in my ass?" I think I'd like that miss...You can call me robin honey.What's your name? Stan.Well Stan,I like the way your cock is standin,won't you let me suck on it a little so it's hard enough to penetrate my tight little asshole? She sucked Stan for about five minutes while licking at his balls until he was at full mast,then propped the pillows on the kitchen table,which stood at the perfect for some serious ass pounding action. Robin reached over and picked up the bottle of anal glide lube sitting on the table and and poured a copious amount over her hands and massaged it onto Stan's stiff cock,then leaned back on the table letting the first couple inches of her creamy smooth ass dangle over the edge of the wooden table as she spread her legs wide,pulling her thighs backward towards her tits.Stan moved in close grabbing each of her ankles tightly in with each hand as he slid his cock into her tight asshole,at first just the head in teasing slow strokes,then he thrust forward in a hard direct manner until his full blonde bush was tickling her taint.Ohhh Ohhh yes Stan that feels soooo good fuck my dirty asshole harder!Stan pumped harder as he kissed the toes on both of her freshly pedicured feet. He felt his throbbing cock begin to spasm as Robin's tight sphincter muscle clamped down hard on his dick and the sweat rolled off his brow.He grunted loudly I'm cuuumming,as he pumped his hot sticky seed deep in her bowels. Glancing down at his watch Stan noticed it was already eleven-thirty,oh shit I've got to get the money back to the boss before I get fired...It's alright sugar cooed Robin,I'll call your boss and tell him you got had trouble finding my place because the front light is burned out and you just dropped the order off a few minutes ago and offered to pay the late delivery cost of the four pizzas out of your own pocket...You'd do that for me Robin?Why certainly she said "that's the best hot sausage I've ever had!
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3 years ago
i need to go see her myself hehe
3 years ago
never happened to me but good
3 years ago
is ok