Far East Feast

Life in the navy had it's share of ups and downs,but this particular day promised to be something special.We had been out to sea in the pacific in the stale confines of our submarine for the past six weeks gathering intelligence on human traffickers known to be operating in an area off the east coast of Japan.Within two hours we were scheduled to arrive in Iwiki,where from there my buddy Derek and I would take the high speed train south to Tokyo to meet up with a couple young ladies that Derek had met there on shore leave the previous year. After we arrived in Iwiki,we boarded the high speed train,where we arrived in Tokyo just thirty minutes later.After stepping off the train we checked into the room we would be staying at for the next three days,showered,shaved and changed into our civilian clothes.Derek made a phone call to the girls talking briefly,he hung up the phone and told me to be prepared for some wild fun! Within fifteen minutes the girls arrived at our door.They were both asian beauties with coal black hair,almond brown eyes andshort,shapely statures that begged for attention.Derek introduced me to the girls and told them to come in and make themselves comfortable,which they wasted no time in doing.they began kissing and stripped each others tight mini-skirts off,revealing smooth curvaceous asses and pussy's that were covered with straight black pubic hair...Watching these two lovely girls making out was quite a sight!Derek and I had wood in no time at all.I instructed the girls to come into the bedroom,where a king sized bed awaited our weekend of unbridled lust...By now the girls were really getting warmed up.I looked at Derek and said since you like chicks with short hair best I'll take her friend with the long hair...I started kissing her and feeling up her ample 36C breasts,as she reached down cupped my balls with one hand and began slowly stroking my seven inch cock,Derek had already begun thrusting the other girls tight asian cunt in a slow controlled rhythmic fashion,my girl sat down on her friends face as the shorter haired girls tongue darted in and out of her furry snatch she purred in hushed tones of pleasure...I stood up on the bed as my girl began sucking my raging hard-on,she was quite the little cock sucker being well skilled in the art of deep-throat she devoured my dick whole til her nose was buried in my soft nest of dark pubic hair.My girl got up off her friends face and turned around to kiss her tasting her own sweet pussy juices as i pounded my girls puss doggie style. Then Derek and I switched girls,he had already blown his load in her cunt making for a super smooth ride for my cock and I too was soon depositing my pent up load deep in her hot little hole. After some quick snacks of sushi and rice to further fuel the fires of our shared passion,we were back at it again,this time me taking one girls ass and Derek taking the other girls we fucked in rhythm as the girls kissed each other.Derek and I finished at the same time filling each girls rectum withwith our hot creamy jizz...I told Derek,man we have got to get back to Japan on a more regular basis.That was one year before the nuclear disaster at Fukushima.
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3 years ago
i agree with flmixxer
3 years ago
Your content is good but it would be a better read if you didn't write the entire story in one sentence.
3 years ago