The f****y Reunion

The yearly picnic was planned for the fourth of July weekend.This tear it took place at a scenic mountain lake setting that was perfect because temperatures in the valley were forecast in the low hundreds.These meetings were always fun because my b*****r s****r and myself got to see all of our cousins that lived in a three state radius.It was the summer of my sixteenth birthday and my blossoming sexuality continually kept my mind racing over thoughts of the next opportunity to dip my cock in some hot,wet pink pussy!My parents siblings and I all hopped in the mini-van and started off for this summer's destination of strader lake,passing lots of green pine trees as we ascended the winding roads,climbing higher and passing through stands of quaking aspens. We finally reached the lake,which sat at seventy-five hundred feet elevation.Stepping out of the van we immediately noticed the cooler temperature which refreshing compared to the baking valley below.We headed over to a covered picnic area where thirt aunts,uncles and cousins were gathered,grilling up hamburgers and hot dogs.After eating,some of my cousins and me decided to throw a frisbee that one of them had brought along.Two of my cousins,Laura who was f******n and Melissa who was fifteen soon got bored throwing frisbee,I told Melissa that I had brought a canoe and some paddles along,would her and Laura like to take it out and check out the other side of the lake? Hey Laura Melissa said,you wanna go with me and James out in his canoe and check out the other side of the lake? She chimed in yeah that sounds more fun than throwing a frisbee around...Come on Melissa you can help me take the canoe off the top of the van.We set the canoe in the lake and began paddling ,both girls commented on the large jagged boulders that encircled the azure blue lake,"It's so beautiful here and the fresh air is a big change from all that polluted air lower down." We arrived on the other side of the lake and laid a blanket down in a grove of quaking aspen trees.I said to the girls,"you've really filled out since the last time we were all together a couple years ago"... you wanna play a game of show-and-tell?Yeah that sounds fun but you go first they said,without hesitation I removed my swim suit, WOW they exclaimed we've never seen a thingy that big before.Now it's your turn girls take your t-shirts off.I reached out caressing both girls young breasts in my right and left left hands,both had puffy brownish-pink nipples that hardened between my thumbs and fingers...pull your shorts down girls so I can have a taste of those sweet little pussy's,they obliged and I kneeled down in front of them fingering Melissa's snatch while I began to lick Laura's peach fuzz covered little cunnie,which had a musky sweet taste.Now my cock was as hard as the quaking aspen that silently watched from above.Will you please stick your thingy in us now James? They proceeded to lay down on the blanket.I asked Laura if she got her period yet? Not yet she said,so I began banging Melissa's pussy slowly,taking care not to cum inside her...Then I entered Laura's tight snatch,it felt sooo good as I entered her she squeezed my ass cheeks in pain as I popped her cherry,and felt some bl**d cover my cock.I took it slow for the first fifteen or so strokes not pushing all the way in,as her young pussy began to get more creamy the sloshing sounds filled my ears,I pushed deeper further until I was balls deep in her sweet young snatch,I increased the speed of my thrusts,soon she was grabbing at my ass hard,then my balls tightened and I flooded the depths of her pussy with my hot,sticky seed...Melissa and Laura moved across the country and I never saw them again,but I will never forget the good times we shared that year at the f****y reunion!
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3 years ago
3 years ago
great memories to bad there were not more
3 years ago
3 years ago
There was nothing better than young cousin pussy,,,well except for mature aunt pussy;o)) Thanks for posting.
3 years ago