Bi Bi Miss American Pie Part 1

Alicia was beginning her freshman year at college and had been nominated to join an exclusive sorority on the campus that was widely known to throw some wildest parties around.It was just a few days before the labor day weekend and she was having some second thoughts about taking her pledge as a Kappa Phi Delta s****r.The small town where she grew up was conservative to say the least. Two of her new pals,Kelly and Jennifer who were members of the s****rhood reassured her that the initiation would be a breeze.Come on Alicia you're going to love the benefits of being of being a member of the campus's most exclusive sorority. Alicia thought to herself all day long about what her friends had said,barely able to concentrate on her class subjects.It was the end of classes Friday,the big day of the initiation and Alicia sat in the commons nervously awaiting Kelly and Jennifer,as her friends approached the table she was sitting at Alicia was having second thoughts,but the big smiles and calming reassurances of her pals gave her the boost the boost she needed.Come on Alicia loosen up,you are going to love sorority life as they joined in a group hug.After your initiation is completed,some of the frat guys are bringing over a keg and we're going to party til dawn!Alicia thought a few seconds about what her friends had said,...oh alright it sounds great.With that the three girls left the commons and made their way back to the sorority house two blocks from the commons. It was now 6:00pm and the other six girls greeted the new pledge.Jennifer and Kelly introduced Alicia to Becca,Amanda,Holly,Nissa,Bailey and Amber who was a senior and host of the initiation ceremonies.Amber spoke saying, fellow Kappa Phi Delta s****rs,this is our new freshman pledge Alicia who thinks she has what it takes to be a member of the s****rhood...Step to the circle and undress pledge,the nine girls held hands and formed a circle dressed only in their white robes,Alicia entered and stepped to the center of the circle,undressing as commanded by Amber. Do you Alicia solemnly swear to abide by the doctrine set forth by the s****rhood to always assist a fellow s****r in times bad and good and to always offer assistance in any manner needed? I do...and do you Alicia agree always to abide by the doctrine and traditions as set forth by me Amber, deity goddess of Kappa Phi Delta? I do... Now it is time for our new freshman pledge to perform five minutes cunnilingus to the satisfaction of each of the s****rs of the sorority! Alicia felt her skin flush and pulse quicken as each of the eight s****rs dropped her white robe and formed a daisy chain circle.Alicia kissed and licked each of the eight girl's pussy to their individual satisfaction...Amber spoke the final words of the ceremony,your final task complete you are now a full fledged member of Kappa Phi Delta congratulations Alicia!
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good for sure
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Agreed more detail is essential.
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alot more detial and that would have been great