"The Penthouse Suite"

Randy had been managing a ritzy hotel in Hollywood for the past three years and was aware of the wild sex parties that consistently played out on a nightly basis,his ears treated to the sounds of wanton delight that the well heeled guests partook of.He was doing some maintenance, changing burned out light bulbs in a suite one day when he noticed some places where he could conceal well placed hidden cameras that blended in seamlessly with the decor of the spacious suite,recording all the action for his own private peep show.This project completed he now had access to all the sights and sounds within the top floor penthouse suite.He set the cameras to automatically turn on when the guests opened the door,and shut off when there was no sound detected in the room.The only thing left to do now was monitor the screens he had wired up in his modest quarters on the hotel premises.It was the Friday of a holiday weekend and Randy anxiously awaited the end of his shift to see up close and personal all of the lurid details that had played out in those luxury suites so many nights before! Collecting his weeks pay from the hotel's accountant he headed to his room took a shower and kicked back nude on his bed,looking over at the clock on the wall it was now seven pm and he knew he was in for some pleasured viewing because he had checked out the guest list which had three beautiful young actresses who were rumored to be be lesbians staying in the suite!Turning on the monitor he was not disappointed,all three of the young ladies were already fully enjoying each others charms.One of the blondes was hungrily licking the brunettes juicy pussy as she moaned in delight, while the second blonde was giving the brunettes pussy a frenzied hammering with a strap-on dildo.Randy continued to watch the young starlets while jerking his swollen cock slowly, savoring this private sex show that was being played out for his eyes only,as he thought to himself, this stolen moment of gratification was certainly better than before when he could only hear the squeals of passion the times he had walked the hallway of the penthouse floor.Lost in the moment he wondered to himself what future delights he would be viewing as the different actors, actresses and monied sheiks checked into the top floor penthouse?
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3 years ago
you know it is a room of sin & debauchery