Miss Quincy Part - 4

It had been two weeks since our class room fiasco and it only served to stoke the unbridled passion within Miss Quincy.This lusty temptress could not be tamed.I was to report for detention at her apartment immediately at the close of school Friday.When I showed up at her apartment she was still grading papers from the previous week.I'll just be a few minutes finishing these up she said,go into the bedroom and make yourself comfortable, I left something there to keep you occupied until I get these tests graded!I opened the door and walked in,everything seemed as usual until I laid down on the water bed,looking up at the three spaced headboard I noticed a pair of her silky beige nylon panties with a note attached saying I wore these all week for my young stud, enjoy freely until I finish grading papers.I took what she said literally,picked them up turned them inside out revealing a wet crusty stain in the cotton crotch my cock began to fill with bl**d as her sweet musky scent made it's way to my nose.I held them to my nose inhaling my lovely teacher's sweet pussy fumes! By now my cock was standing at full attention,I reached down slowly stroking it... delighting in her scent,I began to lick at the crotch pulling the elastic side gussets apart with my fingers, I scooped those tasty little yellow crystal crusty's hungrily onto my tongue savoring the tangy taste that gave me a rush of tingling ecstasy in my throbbing cock,I looked up and she was standing there in the doorway! So you enjoyed my little appetizer huh,now it's time for the main feast.She was already undressed with two fingers in her hairy pussy,want a taste she said coyly as she offered them to me,I licked the clear pussy juices from her dainty fingers telling her how good she tasted.I need you to stick that hard cock of yours up my ass,I want to feel you your hot seed squirting deep in my ass!I continued kissing her,she pushed me back on the bed still standing, I oiled my cock up and she sat down on my lap with her back facing me then stood enough so that my helmeted cock head could easily enter the depths of her tight rectum,ooooh she said as she sat down with more f***e allowing the thickness of my seven inch shaft to glide all the way in balls deep,once all the way in I firmly grasped her breasts and began rocking her back and forth, her sphincter muscle feeling so tight as it gripped my cock ooohhh that feels so good she cried out,please cum in my ass now! With that my balls tightened as a river of hot spunk flooded the depths of her bowels.
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3 years ago
i know that you shot off more than once in her each detention