Miss Quincy - Part 3

It was Friday at school,the usual weekly pep rally for our football team the Trojans was scheduled at the end of final classes at 3:00pm. I was sitting in miss Quincy's third period Spanish class looking forward to hanging out with friends and cruising our small town,the usual fare in the humdrum boring town I lived. Miss Quincy had been giving me that look that I had come to to recognize as her well hidden lustful thoughts disguised!We were turning in our tests as the bell ending class rang, I hung back as my class mates exited the room.She cleared her throat and said,I have been having this crazy fantasy in my dreams.When everyone goes to the gymnasium for the pep rally at the end of the day,I want you to meet me here in my room and I'll tell you all about it! I sat through classes the rest of the day wondering what could be going through that naughty head of hers.The final class bell rang at 3:00pm and I waited a few minutes until I was sure everyone was in the gym for the pep rally,and with pep in my step made my way to miss Quincy's room. The door was closed,I knocked and called to her it's me miss Quincy,yes come in.I opened the door and she was sitting behind her desk.All the papers from earlier in the day were cleared from the top of the desk.I've been anxiously awaiting you she said.I walked behind the desk,she pushed backward in the wheel bottomed chair she was sitting,revealing to me that the denim skirt that she was wearing earlier in the day was long gone.The only item of clothing still remaining was the white blouse,which was still buttoned to the top of her neck. she spoke to me in a hushed whisper,I've had this fantasy in my dreams of you and I here in my class room,the two of us making love right here on top of my desk! It sort of took me by surprise,all of the passion filled nights that we spent together in her apartment,abandoning all sense of reason,satisfying our carnal lust in each others warm loving embrace.Now we were here together alone in her class room and I was about to hump her sweet lovely mature bod right there on the desk that she conducted daily classes from.My young mind raced as my heart began pumping what seemed to be all of my bl**d right into my now hard as stone cock.She stood up and I kissed her soft red lips while loosening the buttons on her her blouse and reaching in to massage her lovely pendulous breasts as her dark pink nipples hardened between my thumbs and fingers. Why don't you make yourself comfortable miss Quincy and lay down on the desk.She obliged laying with her neck d****d over one end of the desk,as I inserted my thick 7" cock in her mouth and slowly began to fuck her mouth. It felt so good,as her warm wet tongue danced wildly all over and around my young dick!She was well accomplished in the skills of deep throat,breathing through her nose as my helmeted head popped down entering her esophagus,I leaned forward,spreading her creamy white thighs widely apart as I let my tongue dip down to taste her always sweet pussy. In the throws of our sweaty lustful shared fantasy we could hear the the others in the gymnasium clap and shout as the cheerleaders performed their dances to build spirit for our team.Miss Quincy and I held each other tight as we both reached climax in unison,scoring our own touchdown for the home team!
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Yeh rah, rah ,rah, thanks
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Nice! Lots of scope for more.