Campground Quintet

One summer a few years ago I was managing a campground in the rocky mountains.Many people visited because of the close proximity to hiking in the scenic mountains.I had a peep hole hidden in the women's restroom where I would frequently watch them as they peed or changed into they're swimsuits for a dip in the small lake that was situated on the campground. This particular day a group of college students from a women's parochial college were passing through the area.They were signed up for a weeks stay.I had just finished some repairs on one of the cabins, when I noticed five of the ladies strolling into the restroom.I decided to come down off the roof and take a closer look as I was curious to why five of them would be going to the restroom all at one time.As I approached I could hear them giggling,as I peered into my porthole I had to rub my eyes as I could not believe the spectacle that I was viewing! They were all naked and sprawled about on the floor in a daisy chain, each woman wildly licking the next's snatch,I pulled down my shorts and started stroking my hard cock slowly savoring the performance that my eyes beheld. After about five minutes I saw two of the women perched with there feet planted on each side of the two commodes that were in there,the other three laying on the floor with their faces under the squatters pussy's. I watched as the two lovelies warm golden piss gushed from there cunt's like a four alarm fire hose!Knowing that these parochial students would not betray my secret porthole,I cleared my throat loudly enough that they would become aware of my presence.They were all startled and came over to the spot where my camouflaged hole was hidden.I spoke through my porthole informing them that I was willing to keep they're little secret,but only if all five would get in line and service me orally! They gasped at my proposal,talking amongst themselves briefly before hesitantly accepting my demand for oral service.I told them that each lady was required to suck on my seven inch cock for a minimum of three minutes,and there would be no cheating because I had a watch and they were on the clock!I told the most attractive of the five that she would be the last in line and receive the honors of swallowing the hot load of baby batter that I had been brewing between my loins for the past week! Between each suck I would look through the hole making sure there were no cheaters,that each had her turn polishing my helmet head cock,with my favorite one as the caboose of their cock sucking train,and yes she would be have to swallow.As my favorite of the quintet got to the end of her duty, I shuddered and wildly heaved as I churned up the biggest load ever,hearing her gag as she struggled to gulp down my massive load of semen!
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3 years ago
Fantastic story to the victor go the spoils
3 years ago
yes it is all good
3 years ago
Great story
3 years ago
good stuff