4 Blue Ribbon Pies

It was August and for the past six weeks Pennsylvania had been in the grip of an unrelenting heat wave.My girlfriend at the time Pam and I had plans to attend a local yearly festival in a large city twenty miles from our home where home made pies were always judged the final day of the celebration.Pam had taken first prize in the judging the past three years,with the delicious variety of apples that we harvested from dwarf trees in our back yard.She had spent the morning preparing the pie crust and mixing all the ingredients that composed her award winning dessert.We left the house a little after eleven thirty and arrived at twelve fifteen. I'm going to drop my pie off at the judging booth said Pam,ok I'll meet you at the entrance to the concert pavilion in fifteen minutes.I proceeded to the pavilion where two jazz bands were the scheduled entertainment.In route to the pavilion ,I bumped into an old college flame that I had enjoyed numerous passion filled nights with some four years previous.Marie I said,it's been ages how have you been? Oh not too bad I guess,the last two guys I was dating dumped me,but I met a woman that I share a of the same interests with,her name's Gina, she's seven years younger than me,the sexual passion we share together is off the charts! Don't you miss getting plowed by a guy I asked?Gina thrusts a mean strap on dildo when I need it,but I do miss a man's soft warm cock sometimes.So I see you still enjoy listening to jazz Marie.Yeah my girlfriend Gina's got a blanket set up down there on the lawn. My new new girlfriend Pam will be along soon and I'll introduce you.We talked some more agreeing with each other that the band promised to be great listening. I looked over my shoulder and Pam came strolling up seeing that I was chatting with Marie,honey I'd like you to meet an old girlfriend of mine Marie.I could see the look of lust in Pam's eyes as she drank in Marie's sultry five 5'4" 36-24-36 figure.I always thought my new girlfriend had an eye for a gorgeous woman and at this moment, I knew that my perception was right on!Marie invited Pam and I to join her and Gina down on the lawn,come on you guys let's head down to find Gina,I told her to set the blanket up in a private spot behind that dense thicket of evergreens a couple hundred yards distance from where the band was playing. We headed towards the thicket and Marie spotted Gina, who was stretched out out on the blanket with her blouse off,sunning a great pair of natural tits.Hey Gina,Marie spoke up,this is an old boyfriend of mine and his girlfriend Pam; they're very much uninhibited like us.We all sat down and joined Gina on the large blanket.Pam looked at Gina and said, I love the shape of your breasts,reaching out to caress them with her soft hands,those dark pink nipples began to swell in anticipation as my girlfriend cupped Gina's pendulous tits,Marie started licking Gina's ginger pubed puss. she was on her knees sticking her soft,smooth bubble butt high in the air awaiting my now fully aroused cock.I plowed into her tight anus from behind,savoring the way her tight sphincter muscle clamped down on my 7" dick as I matched the rhythm of the jazz band that played in the distance.Pam joined in,kissing and lapping at Marie's cute smooth snatch. I never realized a another woman would taste so magnificent exclaimed Pam, as Marie's clear pussy juices coated her tongue!Our frenzied fuck fest continued for the next forty five minutes until the first band's set concluded.Pam and I excused ourselves,telling the ladies we had to get to the judging contest to see how she placed.When we arrived the judges informed her that her apple pie had placed first for the fourth year in a row.This was I day I would never forget,the thrill of sampling four blue ribbon pies in one day!
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3 years ago
I've always liked to go to the county fairs now i remember why thanks
3 years ago
Nice story. I always enjoy a country fair, but now I'll be looking in the bushes. Thanks for posting.