The Nurses Office

I always had a keen eye towards the nurse at my school,she was around 50 years of age with a sensuous shapely body and smooth skin for a woman of her age.It was a Friday and I was sitting in study hall feeling bored and horny like always, as most guys in high school do.I told the teacher that was assigned to study hall that I was feeling ill,could he give me a pass to the nurses office? He gave me a pass and I proceeded to walk to the nurses office at the other end of the school.the door was shut,so I knocked and she opened the door.What seems to be the trouble she asked?Oh I have a headache and just needed to lay down.I noticed that both beds were empty and no one else was in her office.She took two aspirin from the metal cabinet in the room,handed them to me and said here take these and lay down on the bed for awhile.I noticed that she was finishing up some sort of paper work.I made the comment to her that that looks fun! She smiled and said not so much, but I have to get the reorder papers typed for supplies. After about ten minutes she retrieved a manila folder from her desk put the papers in it and took them down the hall to the principal's office.About five minutes later she returned and asked me if anyone else had come in sick? I said no, today must be slow.How are you feeling?I think those quick release tablets are starting to have some effect,but I feel kinda warm maybe you could check my temperature? She bent over put her hand on my forehead, I noticed that she had no bra on and the nipples on her g****fruit sized breasts turned hard as they brushed my right arm,I got the feeling that she may be turned on, so I reached up with my left hand and pretended to bump her breasts by accident.That's alright she said as her face flushed pink,I think I have a fever! No other students had visited her office sick in the time that I had been there.I told her it's gonna be slow today it looks like? She walked over to the door and closed it, pushing the center on the lock,turned around and said; "How would you like to take my temperature?" with a coy little smile on her face,but we must be quick because someone might stop by and wonder why i've shut shut the door. I quickly stripped off my clothes unbuttoned her white nurses blouse, as she slid out of her pants.I wasted no time in sliding my finger in her furry blonde pussy that was getting wetter by the second! That feels so nice,how about giving it a lick for me,she laid down on the bed and I spread her soft skinned legs far apart and dove in giving her little cunnie some fast hard licks with my flattened tongue,while rubbing her hard pink clit with my thumb, ohhhh that feels so nice she cooed.Mmmm I said your pussy tastes so sweet!The scent and taste of her pussy had my cock standing at full attention. Please stick that hard dick in my pussy NOW she exclaimed.I quickly responded sinking in balls deep,man her pussy was tight!I pumped fast and furiously,spilling my hot spunk deep in her pussy within a minute. We both hurriedly put our clothes back on, and she handed me her phone number and said to call her and we could get together again so I could take her temperature with my flesh thermometer!
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3 years ago
I remember the nnurse in highschool she was bnothing like that thanks
3 years ago
I love the story. great description and too the point
3 years ago
LoL nice story.
3 years ago
sweet naughty nurse