The next day I arrived at miss Quincy's and this time I knew the way without getting lost,I knocked on the door and she opened it wearing nothing but a smile! I explained that I had brought the spanish text book for my tutoring.She said that she needed some tutoring of her own and the type she was talking about didn't require a textbook!She took my hand and led me to the kitchen where she had prepared a meal of braised shrimp,a couple nice steaks and corn on the cob.After we enjoyed the eats she led me to her bedroom with jasmine scented candles and some sensual music playing.She explained that she had been lonely since her husband had past away three years prior.I comforted her placing my arms around her, pulling her close for a sensual kiss and telling her that I understood.I began to rub her shoulders and told her to lie on her stomach on the bed where I could perform a more complete massage,beginning first with her feet then calves and when I got to her thighs,I moved my hands further up and began to massage her buttocks in slow circular motions to the lower most portion where I took my hands and spread her thighs out wide and reached my hand under to sticking my hand up under where I could feel her downy soft patch of coal black pubic hair as I pulled my hand backwards,I raised my middle finger up towards her tight little slit,where there was a considerable amount of moisture oozing from her soft downy heavily pubed pussy.I pulled my finger back and and placed it in my mouth tasting her tangy sweet juices which made my cock throb in anticipation! She turned over looked at me and said now it's your turn for a massage,reaching out with her right hand she firmly grasped my swollen seven inch cock and slowly began tugging on it.I told her that it felt much better the way she touched it than it ever did when I was alone.She proceeded to place her mouth on my cock at first slowly licking the sides where the blue veins were throbbing from the well enjoyed attention,then she licked at my ball sack and took one then both balls into her mouth and gently began sucking on them,by now I was getting pretty excited so I told her to wait a second, then she said I have an idea, I'll lay on the bed with my head hanging over the edge and you can fuck my mouth!I thought to myself hey this sounds like a great idea.I started fucking her mouth shoving my manhood all the way down her throat,she really knew what she was doing because I didn't even have to tell her to breathe through her nose,she inhaled my dick like it was the first fresh air she had breathed in ten years!I felt an orgasm welling up from deep between my thighs and my nuts suddenly tightened as wave after glorious wave of contractions propelled every last drop of my hot,thick white creamy love potion onto her waiting tongue, exhausted I leaned forward and gave her pussy a few more good licks before collapsing on the bed in total exhaustion.I said did I pass your test miss Quincy? She gave me a contented smile and said you scored an A plus on this exam,see you tomorrow afternoon then miss Quincy?Why certainly,and don't be tardy!
90% (7/1)
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3 years ago
Thank you got tojackoff tothat onethanks
3 years ago
damm good but like my 1st story hard to read try using paragraphs it will open it up a bit more
3 years ago
I was waiting for the 2nd part.
Keep 'em coming
3 years ago
very good & sexy part 3, 4...????