The Other Camp Crystal Lake

It was a hot summer day at camp crystal lake, a coed camp in the state of Maine. This tale takes a different spin than the one in the original camp crystal lake from the 1980 movie Friday the 13th. when they were playing strip poker and none of the monopoly players got to the action! The girls there were all at the east end of the lake with one of the counselors doing basket weaving.I knew this would be the best time to check out the girls cabins to indulge in my one of my favorite past times,sniffing panty's.I hurried in and began looking through the piles of dirty laundry and there they were,a pair of white cotton ones with the sexy little strings on the side,turning them inside out I noticed they were wet and yellow pee stained.I felt my dick starting to throb and needed relief so I wrapped them around my hard on putting it right in the pee soaked crotch,I was enjoying the feel of the piss soaked panty's slowly rubbing them up and down my now bl**d engorged dick wondering which of the cute girls they belonged to,then to my startled surprise Amanda came walking through the door of the cabin,she said oh my god what are you doing with my underwear? I stammered for a second and said I was sorry and that I thought she was with the other girls at the other side of the lake basket weaving!I was she said but I forgot my instruction manual.I can't believe you were masturbating on my underwear. You had a little accident I see.Yes and I had them hid in the bottom of the clothes hamper because I was embarrassed,she went on to say that what I was doing with her panty's was certainly more shameful than her little accident!She looked at the clock on the wall it was 2:00pm, and said the other girls wouldn't be back for another hour and gave me an ultimatum,since you seem to enjoy my pee soaked panty's and I have to go really bad,you can either lay down and let me pee in your naughty face or I can tell all the girl's and the counselors about your escapades!I said no, don't do that if you keep quiet about this transgression you can pee on my face,she said yeah I thought you'd see it my way bad boy lay down on the floor NOW I gotta pee bad.I laid down and she sat down,facing towards my feet hovering her soft blonde pubic haired muff above my face then slowly lowered her young limber body over my face,bending her knees down more she ground that lovely little pussy f***efully into my nose and let loose with a hot blast practically drowning me in a river of yellow piss as she was letting it go, she reached down with her right hand briskly gripping my raging hard on and using her left to massage my cum filled balls when the last bit of pee exited her tight little cunt she raised up a little and scooted backwards a little and bent her head down putting her soft mouth around my cock,she came up to take a breath and said that's a nice thick cock you have there,must be 7" I said yeah why don't you try to take it all the way down your throat,so she went down on it again gagging at first I told her that she should just try to relax her throat and it would go down a lot easier,she made another attempt and this time success.It felt so good as my cock was enveloped by the tight muscles in the back of her throat!I could feel it as the head of my dick eased past the muscle in the far back and dropped down into her throat,I instructed her to keep breathing through her nose so as not to choke,she was wildly bobbing her head up and down on my cock,I could feel my ball sack tighten as a hot creamy load spunk shot down throat.We both looked up at the clock which now said a quarter till three,they'll be arriving soon from basket weaving class she said.With that she took a towel and wiped up the excess pee from the wood floor and said that I had done a good job letting her pee in my face,and that this was our little secret and she would not tell the others about finding me jerking with her panty's.
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3 years ago
You are a real pervert thanks
3 years ago
3 years ago
mmmmmmmm yes
3 years ago
wow i hope that the 2 of you had more fun that summer