The first time I got aroused by the scent of pussy was in high school.My gym class was on a field trip to a local tennis court.I had arrived late and my class mates had left about ten minutes before I arrived for gym class that day.So I decided to walk into the girl's locker room.All the sudden my cock began to throb as I inhaled the musky sweat filled room.I started looking around at some of the girl's lockers and noticed four were open without the locks on,so I decided to check them all out the first one just had a few books in it.When I got to the second one I could smell the delicious scent of sweaty pussy before I even got the door open!I could feel my pulse increase and my cock started to throb with desire,so I unzipped my jeans and put them on the locker room bench,then pulled my underwear down and sat them on the locker room bench, reached in and pulled out a pair of bright red polyester gym shorts,they were still dank with moisture from the vigorous exercise the tyrant coach always put our class through every day.I turned them inside out and raised the moist crotch area to my nose.It was intoxicating breathing those sweet cunt fumes and even more so finding out from the notebook inside there with them that the owner of this pair of gym shorts was a girl that I had a crush on every since the third grade, she was blossoming into a real beauty with perfectly shaped large g****fruit sized breasts that had fully developed by the time she had reached the ninth grade.By this time the scent was driving me wild with throbbing pangs of lust that were emanating from deep between my thighs.I felt my heart beat increase as I deeply inhaled those heavenly scented shorts.the scent was a mixture of sweet and a musky like tangy all mixed together,the chemistry of pure raw unadulterated lust!All I knew was that this would certainly become habit forming but at least not what I considered to be any kind of bad habit.I began stroking my thick seven inch cock faster as the passion grew stronger with every deep breath that I inhaled from those shorts!Then I brought them down from my nose and placed my flattened tongue on that polyester crotch that held her womanly scent oh so well.this was nirvana you could say,teen spirit at it's finest,her taste made me harder than I had ever been before! next I decided to hold her red shorts so they were wrapped around my fat cock with my dick inside that moist crotch area,I stroked with an intensity I had never felt before in my jerk off sessions that did not include this delightful added dimension of pleasure heightened stimulus!I heard the bus pulling up outside school with my returning class mates so I quickly finished my session, depositing the biggest stickiest white load of spunk I had ever shot before right in the crotch and then rubbed it back and forth vigorously between my hands until all of the tell tale thick white milkiness of my semen was blended nicely and what I hoped would be indistinguishable in the crotch of that red pair of shorts.I had no more finished up then my classmates came walking back into the gymnasium.I just played it off that I was late,when all along I had planned my little escapade just to be alone in the girl's locker room for what turned out to be a far more thrilling escapade than I ever could have imagined in my adolescent mind!
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3 years ago
I jacked off with you the sent of a womens pussy is icredable its so hot i just can't help myself lets wr\ite another chapter very son thanks
3 years ago
you just cant beat a good sweet smelly pair.....
3 years ago
3 years ago
You damn dirty little wanker you!Bravo, well done, i personally enjoy a good wank myself!
3 years ago
Very hot.
3 years ago
dam good and hot it's good tastin dirty panties.