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I recently had an exciting experience at an event. My girlfriend wore a new pair of heels, nude colour 5 inch platform peep toe with small cut out holes all the way around the shoe. Walking into the event she said 'Hang on, I can't walk fast in these...they slip off my feet if I do.' Secretly wishing she'd walk faster so I could see the heelpop I slowed down for her.

Inside she spotted a friend of hers and began talking. Another friend in that group said 'Hey, you two are wearing the same shoes!' I looked down and yes, both my girlfriend and her friend were wearing the exact same pair of shoes. However, her friends looked too big for her as there was a large gap at the back of her shoe and the sides looked looser than my girlfriends. My girlfriend said 'Do yours slip off when you walk?' 'Oh yeah,' said her friend, 'I buy mine a size large so they aren't tight on my feet'. As she said this she arched her foot out of her shoe with ease and then slipped back into her shoe, twisting her foot to show everyone that her shoes were a size too big. 'I bought 4 pairs of these in different colours, I wear them to work. I normally wear a gel insert to keep them on better but I've worn these out so much it makes no difference so....' I was trying to hide my interest but as she walked away to the bar I snuck a look and saw her heels popping on and off her feet sexily.

I just loved the idea of buying shoes one size too big, even if it makes them loose at the back. I could imagine wearing them out with every day of wear and tear, the heel cups becoming looser and looser to the point that heel inserts no longer work. My girlfriend walked around trying not to stride out too much and have her heels slip off, however her friend just heelpopped along, making a little slapping noise as she walked. So amazing!
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