The money was great for part-time work and the education I received
about D&S was invaluable.
I continued to research D&S and in particular, Female Domination. I
evolved in my own personal growth and I became a self-described
Female Supremacist. By my definition, a Female Supremacist is a
woman who believes that women are the superior sex over men. She is a
woman who has come to believe that society would be better served if it
were governed by women instead of men. A Female Supremacist
believes that women should be in positions of authority, from
government clear down to marriage, where the wife should rule over the
husband. A Female Supremacist believes that women and men are not
equal but rather different. She believes that they both have strengths and
weaknesses, but that the woman has more strengths than the man and
that she contains the traits that is best fitted to be in a position of
I majored in Psychology and minored in Sociology in college. I wanted
to use my education, so when my friend encouraged me to become a
professional Dominatrix like her, I declined. However, I remained an
active member in the D&S community and I eventually decided to
combine my two loves in life, Female Domination and Psychology. I
offered more than just a D&S session, I also offered counseling if a male
client wanted to better understand why he desired to be sexually
dominated by a woman. I placed an ad in the City paper as well as in a
few of the publications where my Dominatrix friend advertised, and
before I knew it, I had myself a small but loyal clientele. Over the next
decade, I developed a rather large clientele, offering a combination of
professional Female Domination, counseling and practical advice.
I start with each person that I counsel from the basis that they are special
and a valuable creation made by God. I don't believe that God makes
mistakes and thus I don't feel a person is perverted or a mistake of
nature. With that as the foundation, I am then able to be non-judgmental.
I believe that God is the judge, not us. I don’t believe we were put here
on this Earth to criticize, judge, or condemn other human beings. We are
not to judge others unless we want to be judged ourselves. Who am I to
say that another person's sexual desires or core nature is wrong? I have
my own desires that others may feel are unusual. Each of us has our own
Female Domination
unique nature, personality and temperament. With that in mind, I can be
open minded and understanding as I listen to others bare their soul to me.
I have my core beliefs and I am a person of Faith. I believe in right and
wrong and I believe in morality. I don't think that all behavior is
acceptable and I don't believe that society should tolerate or ignore
destructive or dangerous behavior in human beings. However, when it
comes to the subjects of human sexuality, domination and submission,
and male submissive desires, I feel that I am a bit of an expert based on
years of study, observation and participation. What I have learned is that
there are reasons why men have these desires and a person's core nature
expresses itself in the sexual realm through different sexual desires. It is
important to understand why people do what they do but it is more
important to care for the person who is struggling with life or with
themselves. Most people do not need to hear that they are wrong but
rather that they are special. That has always been my approach.
I have researched Female Domination and male submission for over
twenty years. I have counseled with submissive men and female
dominant couples and I have interviewed many couples that practice this
lifestyle in varying degrees. I have personally lived this lifestyle and I
still actively practice this lifestyle. This book is based on my many years
of searching, seeking, asking, learning and living Female Domination.
I realize that the D&S community encompasses many different lifestyles
and that Female Domination is only one of the flavors of the D&S
community. This book is not about the D&S community in totality but is
solely about Female Domination and male submission. There have been
a number of excellent books written about D&S and BDSM. This book
is different because it separates Female Domination from the other
flavors of D&S and strictly focuses on Female Domination and its
societal impact; past, present and future. Female Domination is unique
because most of our institutions are patriarchal. Society is evolving and
the empowerment of women is not isolated from the desire of men
wanting to submit to women both sexually and socially. This book will
examine the correlation between the two and the current trend in societal
I must forewarn the readers that this book will talk about some very
intense and controversial sexual practices. I will be sharing the lifestyles
of real people who are not unlike your f****y members, the people you
work with or the people you socialize with. I want this book to be both
educational and entertaining. I will try my best to be descriptive without
being too graphic but in some cases, being descriptive will strike some as
being graphic. This book will no doubt arouse, titillate, shock and
challenge. However, it is my hope that above all it will enlighten and educate.
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