Mom Tastes The best- Part 2

Story so far - I conviced Mom to allow me to masturbate in her room with her masturbating beside me! But it was more than just masturbation session.


Saying so I hurried to her room got completely nude and sat on the left side of her bed, my mom usually likes the right side of the bed. I turned on both her bedside lamps and switched off all the other lights. After 15 mins my mom entered the room and was surprised at my boldness I was completely nude with my erected cock in my hands stroking it slowly waiting for her to undress. She said wow you are quick son but your mom is no less too, saying so she raised the night gown off her head and to my surprise she was completely naked beneath. She sat on her favourite right side of the bed and took her dildo from her drawer

MOM: you ready now son?
ME: yes mom!

She slowly started sucking her dildo getting it wet from her saliva OHH I was so turned on looking at that I started stroking my shaft slowly then mom shoved her dildo slowly into her pussy and started pumping it in and out, she started looking at my cock and increased her speed while masturbating she said in heavy voice beta you have a nice healthy cock good in both lenght and thickness.

I thanked her and told her I loved her body too her pussy is just perfect in shape color smell and taste!

MOM(surprised): smell and taste? when did u smelled or tasted my pussy?
ME: Oh mom when u were at ur work I smelled and licked ur dildo too!
MOM(breathing heavily and sweating): Oh rajiv you shouldnt have told me that beta look what you just did I am coming so early AAhhhh ahhhh aaaahhhhh ufffff!

She came hard and I could see her cum sticking to her dildo and inner thighs, I too started stroking myself hard and came withing few minutes a big load onto myself and my moms bed, she was staring continiuosly at my cum load. After catching my breath I asked her if we could do it one more time together she said yes beta I too want you here with me while I cum again. I smiled and thanked her and hesitantly asked her if I could have her dildo for few minutes she was surprised again and asked me wether I m bisexual too, I said no mom I am very much straight but I can even suck a man's cock to taste your pussy juices off it. I need your dildo to smell it and taste your cum from it. She said Oh beta if thats the case then why my dildo? come here taste it directly from the source! Listening to that was like heavenly harps in my ears. I realised she was too turned-on to realise whats right and whats wrong now, I immidiately took position between her legs and even she stretched her legs invitingly I dived between her legs and started licking her shiny underthighs first then slowly got up to her love hole and as soon as I licked her pussylips she moaned softly and started caressing my hair I loved the taste of her pussy I started licking my mom's clit my mom began moaning loudly like she was going crazy. I held both her legs up to get better access to her pussy she helped me too by holding them herself by her ankles as soon as I got better view of her nicely trimmed beautiful wet delicious pussy I coudnt hold myself from darting my toungue inside her pussy.

As I darted my toungue inside her pussy hole my mom screamed of pleasure (OH yess baby thats it...keep doing it baby...keep fucking me with your toungue beta ...oh this feels so good). My moms juices started flowing withing few minutes some of it crawled down to her beautiful ass hole too so I bent a little lower to catch it with my toungue as I licked her ass hole my mom started to shiver and kept on moaning I knew she was loving every bit of it. After licking and rimming her ass for few minutes I streched her ass crack a little and started darting my toungue inside her ass hole my mom screamed, shivered, her legs got freed from her hands and she started squirting streams of her love juices all over the bed and my face. I quickly positioned my self in the line of fire and tried to catch some in my mouth. As she was catching her breath I started licking the leftover from her pussy again, but she pulled me up quickly to her face and kissed my forehead softly. Still a bit shakey my mom whispered in my ears baby no one has ever done that to me before no one has ever licked my ass hole like that it felt so good beta, I was never so close to my moms bare tits except for when I was an infant ofcourse I kept looking at her tits then with my left hand started massaging her right tit smoothly my mom noticed that and asked me to suck it if I want, and I sucked on it hungrily and even bit her nipple lightly she moaned a little.

Then she felt my hard cock poking her belly she reached for it with her right hand and started stroking it slowly, then after few minutes she pushed me to lay on my back and said beta its time for me to return the favour you did to me tonight. My heart started throbbing I thought my mom would give me a blowjob now. She knelt beside my right hip with her left hand she held my cock shaft and with her right hand she started massaging by balls. As she bent over with open mouth I closed my eyes in anticipation of a blowjob but to my surprise my mom took whole of my ball sack into her mouth and her toungue started licking my balls, her left hand was still stroking my shaft slowly but her right hand was now moving underneath my left thigh as she reached my left knee she raised it up then slid her hand down to my left ass cheek she was still sucking on my balls, then suddenly I felt a little tingling on my ass hole it was my moms middle finger fondling my ass I started moaning, now stopped sucking my balls and started licking it I was enjoying evry bit of it. Slowly I felt her toungue crawling down my ass crack and withing no time my mom was giving me a rim job! I was in heaven. Afer some time of awsome rim job her right hand stretched one side of my ass cheek and she started to dart her toungue into my ass hole and started toungue fucking my asshole. That was the peak of my pleasure. Immidiately after few seconds I started crying (mom I am cumming mom..I about to explode right now mom oooohhh mom) My mom quickly stopped stroking my cock and with one motion took complete lenght of my cock down her throat, Oh I just cannot explain that sensation of her warm soft wet mouth gripped firmly around my cock and her toungue teasing me from inside I came almost instantly in her mouth she took 5 huge cum loads of mine right down her throat, I almost passed out! My cock began loosing its erection but my mom pulled my limp cock's foreskin back and licked it all clean.

After resting on my chest for few minutes my mom got up collected her dildo and started putting it back into the drawer, after keeping it safely she looked at me and said..
MOM: baby its time for u to go to ur room now, u promised u wont sl**p here
ME: OK mom I will go, but promise me we will do it again tomorrow
MOM(smiling): Not just tomorrow baby we will do it everyday from now on

listening to her words and watching my smiling naked mom who has just taken my cum load down her throat I got my erection again and I showed it to her she smiled and offered me another blowjob to which I said yes immidiately. This time while sucking to make me cum sooner she started rubbing my cock on her cleavage gripping it firmly between her beautiful titties! this was too much for me to handle I had to fuck her today I said to myself. I pulled her up to my face and smooched her deeply with my tougue deep inside her mouth she reciprocated well then I turned to lay her on her back and while kissing her I spread her legs positioned my cock on her pussy and with single thrust I was half way inside her. She f***ely broke our kiss and started shouting and protesting but I didnt stopped I thrusted again and whole of my shaft was inside her she moaned (sssssssssssssssssss oohhhhhhh). Her protest began fading away withing few minutes the hands which were pushing me back from my shoulders were now slipping from under my armpits to my back to press me closer. As soon as I got used to her pussy I began giving her slow but constant strokes she was moaning slowly her eyes were closed. Then suddenly she stopped moaning and whispered in my ears with heavy voice..

MOM: beta u know what they call guys who fuck there mom?
Me: yes mom they call such guys Madarchod or Motherfucker
MOM: you know who u are from today?
ME: yes mom I know I am a madarchod now, your madarchod and I will be a good motherfucker!
MOM: oohhh u dirty minded motherfucker u have made me a pervert like yourself, fuck your mommy good now madarchod aahhh ahhhh
ME: oohh yess mom I will fuck u good I will satisfy u and after I am done with your lovely pussy I will work on ur asshole too!
MOM: uffff no beta I am still a virgin there and I dont even know if I can take ur huge cock in there!
ME: Oh mom, now I will definately take ur ass cherry mom, no matter what! oh i love u mom
MOM: oh my motherfucking son is such an anal pervert! oohhh I love u too madarchod!

I cud feel my mom cumming all around my cock shaft, her hands were wrapped around my neck and her legs were wrapped around my waist she moaned a bit louder and started to shiver I knew she had came, within no time I came too Inside her pussy 3 big cum shots down her womb. As soon as I caught my breath I apologised for cumming in her womb I told her dis was completely unplanned or I wud have got condoms I dont wanna get her pregnant and defame her in public. She said its alright she will get some pills tomorrow for herself and kissed me for being so caring for her. We held eachother for sometime and rested. She started massaging my semi erected cock and got it hard in no time she said lets finish it off now son! She seemed more eager for anal sex than me! I said ok. She said but there is one condition I said, I wud do anything for ur ass mom. Her condition was that I will have to lick her asshole and make her cum before fucking her ass! And I happily accepted her condition.

In the next and final part of this story I will tell you how I fucked my mom's virgin ass and did she liked it or not! If you liked the story so far then plz give your comments and anyone can contact me or chat with me on yahoo at my id (goldlund). Next part will be up in few hours!
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2 years ago
nice story:)
2 years ago
great continuation
3 years ago
Great story!!! Want to do the same in my life!!
3 years ago
give me some more loved it so good
3 years ago
Brilliant, and well written.
3 years ago
Another good good cockriser Goldlund