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Giving Oral

I don't know what it is but I just love giving a woman oral. Nothing beats it. The taste, the wetness, the sense that you are giving so much pleasure.

Different women respond in different ways though and maybe it's just my experience but black women seem to be able to cum over and over again whereas white women seem to build up to one huge orgasm. As I said it could just be my experience but I love both.

I can tease, kiss, lick and suck a woman's pussy and clit for as long as they want and i've had some fantastic experiences. Some slowly get more and more aroused, building up until they are on the brink - desperate to cum. Once they have their orgasm though it is all over. One mighty climax and then they are so senstive you can't go near their pussy and they just want to relax. Others get excited so quickly they have a small orgasm just a minute or two after starting to suck their clit. But they just want more and more and stay on a level at which they can just keep cumming over and over again. Small orgasms but lots of them. As I said, my experience is that black girls generally follow the latter rule and white girls the former. Maybe people could let me know if this is coincidence and just my experience or not. If any girls out there want to comment that would be great and if any want me to give them an extended period of oral i'd be happy to consider it.

Andy XX
Posted by goldfish73 2 years ago
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