Dinner with a View

I'm on the road - again. After a full day of client services, I stopped at a restaurant (more like a truck stop) for a bite to eat. This is a place I dine semi-frequently, so I know some of the staff.

On arrival (late afternoon), I noticed there were very few customers. As such, I sauntered up to the counter and asked if I could be served there. A very nice, very slender, very young server flashed a big smile and said "Well, sure - come on over!" I seated myself and prepared for service.

The server, Lara, approached me - regreated me - and took my drink order. When she returned, I was able to drink in her loveliness. She has her hair dyed very black, and styled in a somewhat tossled fashion. It suits her. She is about 20 or 21, has alabaster skin, a somewhat long tapered nose, nicely shaped lips - and KILLER EYES! Her deep blue eyes are like pools in the South Pacific. I complimented her on her striking appearance, especially her eyes. She blushed, and thanked me for the compliment.

Lara took my order, though I prolongued the process to keep her in front of me. She was wearing a crisp, white button-up blouse that shielded exceptionally-sized tits. I say this because she is probably a size 3 or 4, but her tits are more than generous. She is likely not augmented, so what she has is likely her! I stared quite a bit at her chest, while continuing to also gaze into her fantastic eyes.

Since it was slow at the restaurant, Lara felt very good about standing near me and talking. I flirted quite a bit, even though I am more than twice her age. She responded very well. As we continued to talk, the conversation became more personal. Lara seemed to be willing to share quite a bit, and I'm not shy at all about talking about personal things.

Her blouse was buttoned up except for the top two buttons. This made for some subtle cleavage, and I always enjoy that. Before my food was "up," I leaned forward, resting my elbows on the counter. I asked her to do the same, and she did. When we got close enough to whisper, I aimed my mouth toward one of her ears and said, "When you bring my food, is is possible to unbutton another button on your blouse?" She gasped, and I thought I'd get tossed out of the place. I did not! When she gained her composure, she simply said, "I'll be right back with your food!"

A minute later, Lara came to the counter with food in hand. I also noticed she had - indeed - unbuttoned the next button on her blouse. Now, there was REALLY something to see. She left for a moment, but returned quickly. Now, she was overtly leaning forward - having figured out what I would enjoy. We talked as I ate, and I had difficulty keeping my eyes looking at hers. I leaned forward again, and she did so as well. I whispered, "Thanks - you have incredible tits!" Now, normally, I would not use such language - but thought I had little to lose. She simply whispered back, "It's my pleasure!"

This went on for all too short a time. Soon, my dinner was finished. She asked if I'd like dessert. I said, "Yes, but it's not on the menu!" She was serious - I was not. Her response was to grab a menu and start showing me the desserts. I helped her out by saying, "No, YOU'RE not on the menu!" She blushed again and said, "You're Crazy!" I mumbled something like, "That's one of my endearing qualities!"

She served me some pie, and I took my time eating it. When finished, I thanked her for the great service. The check came to $12.50 - I gave her $25.00. She was worth it, if only to see her marvelous cleavage.

As I was leaving, I feigned trying to find something I'd left at my seat. She asked if she could help, and I responded with "Yes - but not here!" She asked what I had in mind, and I suggested she could keep me company after she got off work. I told her how to find my hotel. She smirked, winked and said, "We'll see!"

That was 2-1/2 hours ago. I'm holding out hope!
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2 years ago
Good luck. Hope there is a part 2.