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I belong to a professional association. Whenever I'm in the town where headquarters of the association is located, I stop by and say "hi." Today was no exception.

After conducting business, one of the staff who I'd yet to see today happened by. Now, by far, Sheryl is the hottest of the entire staff - though none are unworthy of attention. She's approsimately 40 years old. We greeted in our usual sarcastic, jovial manner. She's really a lot of fun. Our small talk is sometimes slighty caustic, but always in fun. Sheryl was dressed in nicely tailored slacks and a cocoa brown knit top with a lacy bodice. There was enough transparency to reveal a 1/2 cup platform bra, and the commensurate cleavage. Very Hot!

As we continued our thrust and parry, she said she was bored and asked me what I had planned for the night. I said, "No plans except for the hot tub at my hotel! What do YOU have in mind?" Naturally, I was k**ding, so followed up with a "I'm up for anything - especially if it's i*****l, immoral or fattening!"

Rather than moving along, Sheryl responded with a "Hmmm - I don't do i*****l, but DEFINITELY do immoral!" I contained my gulp, as I could see a look in her eye that said she wasn't k**ding! With that, I leaned my lips toward her ear and said, "Call the Ball!" She smiled and whispered "I'm off at 4:00!" I said "Call my cell!"

I still wasn't totally convinced at her seriousness. Upon my departure from the office, I shouted out "See you all later!" I drove away to a meeting, took a few phone calls, and headed for my hotel.

Pulling into the hotel parking lot, my cell phone rang. It was Sheryl. She greeted me with a "Didn't think I was serious, did you?!" I confessed to her that I did not believe she was serious. "Does that mean you're not interested?" Not wanting to lose the opportunity, I quickly replied with a "Not at all - of course I'm interested! How about dinner?" She responded with a "Light, quick dinner sounds good. Of course, I want dessert!" I asked her "Would dessert be at the restaurant, or my room?" Sheryl laughed and said, "Well, duuuuhhh!" 'Nuff said!

She drove to my hotel, jumped in my car, and off we went. The roadhouse was only 3 miles from the hotel, so dinner was quick. She ordered shucked oysters and beer; I had frog legs and Bacardi cocktails. The server asked "How about dessert tonight?" Before I could say anything, Sheryl spurted "Already planned!"

We returned to the hotel and went to my room. I asked if she'd like any more drinks, and she said "No, I like to be semi-sober when I fuck!" GULP! Tough to maintain my composure after that, but I gave it the ol' college try. I said "O.K. - no booze - Now What!?!" She said "You're the host - it's up to you!" I said "Have a seat, and I'll turn on some music!" She sat on the sofa in my suite and I tuned in some soft music. That set a mood I wanted.

I turned to Sheryl and said "If it's up to me, stand up." She stood and stared at me, almost impatient. I confessed to her "That top has been driving me nuts since I saw you at the office today. Let's lost the slacks and make the top a focal point!" She reached for her waistband, unbuttoned and pulled the zipper down. She slowly (knew what she was doing) pulled the slacks over her hips. This revealed some wonderful brown hipster panties. Sheryl has a great body - I'd guess a size 5-6. Silky skin, slightly alabaster. The slacks smoothly slid down her thighs and past her calves. She abruptly kicked the slacks to the side, keeping her shoes on, and posed with her hands on her hips. WOW ! ! !

I approached her, got close, and began to look through the lace of her top. I told Sheryl "What a great top! I love the translucency of the lace, allowing an opaque view of your wonderful tits!" She said she loves to wear that type of clothing, giving people (men and women) a peek. When she said "...and women," I got further interested and excited. I was getting hard.

After gazing through the lace, I reached for the top of the top and pulled gently on the lace. As I did, I leaned my head toward her, and began to look down the top. The bra was so brief I could only see her tits - no bra. What a great view! After a few minutes, I said, "Time to move on!" I took a short step away from Sheryl and instructed her to remove her panties - slowly. She responded with a "After staring holes in my tits, you want my panties off?" My response was "Of course - remember the focal point?" She chuckled and hooked her thumbs at the waistband at her hips. She pulled down slowly until the waistband rolled over her mons. No hair! I whispered "Don't stop on my account!" She smiled and finished removing her panties. She began to kick off her shoes, and I stopped her. "Leave them on - I like it!"

There she stood - brown knit lacy top and a great pair of shoes. The curve of her hips, the roundness of her mons, and her bare pussy - Priceless! I stared for a bit, approached her, and kissed her while placing an upward palm on her pussy lips. She gasped and tightened, then relaxed. I cradled her cunt as I sucked on her tongue. As I slid my tongue in and out of her mouth, I thrust my hand forward and back against the softness of her labia. I could feel her wetness, in her mouth and her pussy. I was becoming incredibly hard.

I was still fully dressed; she, almost naked. I was time to release her tits. I pulled up on her top, guiding it over her head. She has short hair, so no worries about messing the coif. Now she wore only her bra and her shoes. I'd played ad delayed enough. I noted the bra was a front clasp (my favorite), and released it quickly. The cups pulled apart, and two beautiful breasts were revealed. Nice pink aereola and gumdrop nipples. Without delay, I cradled one breast in a hand while sucking on the other breast - allthewhile returning to her pussy with the other hand. She was mine!

I was content to caress, smell, taste this woman's wonderful body - but thought it was unfair. I stopped, stepped back, and began to undress. She reached for me, but I put up a hand. "Remember - it's up to me!" She didn't chuckle or smile - she just glared, watching me drop one garment at a time. I was soon naked, with my dick standing at attention.

I returned to her, nudging her thighs apart a couple of inches. This was just enough to allow my cock to get between her thighs and contact her cunt. I instructed her to pull her feet together, and her thighs gently but firmly held captive my cock. Now I could thrust forward and back with thighs and pussy caressing my member. I nibbled, licked, kissed her face and neck - while caressing her tits. She was getting very hot, and I was way ahead of her. I finally stopped and guided her to the bed.

We engaged in some incredible exploration of each other bodies. I slid down to probe her cunt. While I penetrated her opening, she reached for her clit. This was great - I doing an in and out, she doing a rub. She got very hot with this. While laying on my belly and thrusting inside Sheryl, I began to thrust against the bed sheets. Withdrawing my finger, I replaced it with my tongue. This was WAAAY cool, as her finger was in my face as she massaged her clit - while I tongue-fucked her. This lasted for quite a bit of time. We both really liked it!

All of a sudden she moaned "I need your cock in me!" I obliged, content to surrender some control to her. I pulled myself up - she reached for my dick - and she guided it into her tunnel of love. "Fuck me - fuck me hard!" I did my best. As I thrust, she bucked and rotated with her ass. My cock became a stir stick inside her cunt. Great stimulation! We continued for several moments, but she was sucking air like each breath was her last. I sensed she was going to explode, and I was right. Rather than timing my orgasm to hers - which would have been good - I wanted her orgasm to be hers alone. She grabbed a pillow and covered her face with it. Apparently, she knew what she was like. I heard muffled screams as her cunt tightened down on my cock. Her orgasm lasted a couple of minutes - then she relaxed.

Still inside her, I began to stroke again. She stopped moving and whispered to me "Cum in my face! I want to taste you!" Again, I obliged her. I knelt down on the bed, straddling her tits with my thighs. I stroked my dick rapidly, and Sheryl said, "Tell me when it's gonna spray!" I stroked, looking down at her beautiful face. Soon, I felt "that feeling" and knew it was time. I said "Here we go!" She raised her head upward, changing the angle of her face. I spewed my cum, aiming at different parts of her face. There was little skin on her face or throat that was not wet. She shuddered again, and it was apparent she'd orgasmed from her facial.

I collapsed on top of her, rolled on my right side, and pulled her closely toward me. I stared at her cum-covered face and she licked her lips. Even though I'd just blown my load, I felt twinges in my balls as she licked her face.

We laid there for awhile, then arose and hit the shower. We scrubbed each other, toweled each other, then helped each other get dressed. There's something very special about dressing a woman. Seeing her naked, then covering her, is a thrill for me. After we were dressed, I walked her to the door. She turned, kissed me, hugged me, thanked me, and she left.

I patted her on the ass as she passed through the door. Without turning around, I heard her say "Good One!"
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2 years ago
That was the beginning and the end (at least for now). Don't know if there'll be a follow-up. She's an interesting woman. This experience was so unexpected - so spontaneous - I wouldn't bet a nickel either way.

If there is a "repeat performance," I'll be sure to post.

Thanks for the comments!
2 years ago
Is there more? Very nice