A "Bonnie" Night After Motel Check-in

For those who follow my documentation of encounters, you may recall contact with Bonnie - a Front Desk staffer at a favorite hotel of mine.

Well, last night, I checked in to the property. Knowing Bonnie had been on leave for awhile (per the General Manager), I expected a greeeting from one of the other staff. To my delight, Bonnie was there - her usual smiley face and great, warm greeting abounding. I was thrilled.

After finishing with another guest, Bonnie looked up - made eye contact with me - and exploded in a huge smile and a "Wow - how ARE you!?" After exchanging pleasantries, I leaned onto the top of the Front Desk. She returned the favor. There she was, adorned in a great pink skirt and matching cardigan sweater. Her top was a multi-colored V-neck puffy knit. When she leaned onto the desk, her breasts were pushed in and up toward the V of her top. Delightful cleavage!

She signed me in, handed me a key card to a suite, and wished me a good night. I thanked her, and she said "I'll check on you later" with an alluring wink. I winked back and went to my room.

Bonnie's shift ended at 10:00 p.m., and I knew it. As the clock shifted toward 10:00, I began to think about her "checking on me." Yes, it happened. I got a phone call, with Bonnie asked if I needed anything. I said, "Yes, would you mind bringing a bucket of ice, please?" She said she'd be right up. Of course, the request for ice was a ruse. I really just wanted her in my room.

Knock, Knock - there she was. Peeking through the security hole in the door, I saw her with bucket in hand. Short, dark haircut that flattered her lovely face, I could not wait to greet her. Ensuring the fly was unbuttoned on my lounging pants, I swung open the door and invited her in. "I really should just leave the ice with you and leave the property. You know I'm not supposed to be her while off duty."

"If you don't tell, I won't either!" With that, Bonnie crossed the threshhold and her perfume began to permiate my nasal passages. She walked in, with a gentle sway to the sofa and occasional table. She set down the bucket, turned to me (I was right on her tail) and I took her in my arms. She responded in a spontaneous way, pressing her delightful breasts and slightly bulging tummy against my front. We held each other for a moment, and I murmured into her neck how glad I was she had returned to work. She shivered.

We partially pushed away from each other, but only enough to connect with an open-mouth kiss. She tasted as good as she smelled, and I probed every bit of her mouth with the tip of my tongue. I especially licked the area between her cheeks and her teeth. There's something incredibly sexy and stimulating about that. As I did so, I felt her slump slightly downward - as though her knees were buckling. NOTE: I don't know precisely what her sexual experience has been with her husband and/or other lovers, but I suspect no one paid attention to HER needs - only their own.

After separating our mouths, she was flushed and breathing heavily and rapidly. We remained separated only long enough to get fresh breaths of air. We again engaged orally, and I sucked her tongue into my mouth with great abandon. I sucked as though I was sucking on her tits. As we remained "sucking face," I guided her to the bed. Gently lowering her fantastic ass to the edge of the bed, I dropped to my knees and moved my face to her chest. Pulling the V down with my chin, I began to expose the magnificent globes she sported at the Front Desk. Tipping my chin backward, using my forehead as leverage against her chest, I was able to push my face down her knit top, gaining access to her bra-embraced tits. What a Wonderful Place to Be!

While facially intruding on her marvelous breasts, I reached up and behind her, accessing the hooks of her bra. Separating the fasteners - one by one - 3 separate, slow moves released each of the 3 hooks. As the straps relaxed, I deliberately tucked my fingertips inside the straps toward the cups of her bra. When I reached the sacred part of her body, I gently lifted the cups away from her, releasing the now softly dropping mammaries. They settled to their natural resting place, and me with a bird's-eye view of all the action. I'd never done this before - it just seemed to flow with my passion.

My hands played on her thoracic playground, rolling my thumbs around and across her nipples. Her breath continued to quicken, and I still kept watching what I was doing. It was like an in-the-flesh porn movie, and I was an actor. I soon reached down and lifted the knit top from the hem - exposing her exceptional tits. Pulling my face out of the top, I slid down below the top and began to nurse like a baby - first on one nipple, then the other. As I did so, I slipped her cardigan off her shoulders and down her arms. After removing it, I tossed it behind me - caring not one whit where it landed. this gave me opportunity to lift the knit top over her head.

Now, the only thing protecting her waist-up nakedness was a dangling bra. That, too, became a victim of my hands - as the bra sailed through the air. Now, Bonnie was naked from the waist up. I stepped back, taking in her fantastic womanness. I told her how incredibly beautifuly she is, and how lovely her skin and her breasts truly are. She blushed, thanked me, and said, "Come to Me!"

I walked to her, intending to press her onto the mattress. Not to be, I soon found out. As I approached, she put up a hand like a traffic cop and stopped me. I played along, and she proceeded to reach into the fly of my loungers. She gently released my cock and balls in one smooth motion. Still sporting the pants, Bonnie reached up with her other hand. She cradled my goodies - staring longingly. Not using her hands except for support to my balls and cock, she leaned her head forward and softly, gently sucked my cock into her mouth.

This was quite a sight: she, sitting topless on the edge of the bed, I with dick and balls projecting from my loungers. I was massaging her tits while she stroked my dick with her lips and tongue. What a lovely, stimulating continuation of our initial engagement. This continued for several minutes, while I grew harder progressively. I love the way Bonnie sucks on me, and I love the feel of her perfectly-sized & shaped breasts.

I gently pulled my dick out of her mouth - she seemed slightly disappointed. I promptly grasped her hands, stood her up, and dropped to my knees. Tugging the waistband of her skirt downward, I pulled the garment over her nicely-curved hips and let the skirt fall to the floor. This left only her panties: high-cut over her hips and very snug across her pussy. The roundness of her cunt was so beautiful, with just a hint of a wet streak from mons backward. I moved my nose toward her crotch, sniffed and sighed, then ran my tongue from back to front along her panty-garbed pussy. She was loving it!

I didn't want to wait any longer. Slipping my fingertips into the crotch of the panties, I pulled the fabric to one side - releasing her now-damp lips. Not hesitating, I began to caress her cunt with my tongue. I licked, then probed. She was wet enough that my tongue slid between the external labia, and I began to lap like a kitten to a bowl of milk. After a moment, Bonnie said, "I need to sit down!" It seemed, from that simple comment, my dick grew another inch!

Once she sat, I pushed her down to the mattress. Now, spreading her knees apart, the entire of her cunt was mine for the taking. As her thighs spread, her lips separated, exposing the inner lips of her womanness. She glistened in the light from the lamp on the night stand. I was hungry, and proceeded to eat what was exposed. While gorging myself on her cunt, I reached up and massaged her glorious tits. When she protested with a "Come Up Here," I said "No - this is for you! I am going to eat you until you scream!" She suddenly relaxed slightly, sinking into the mattress. She was absolutely surrendering her every fibre to me.

I raised my shoulders to engage her knees. This allowed me to lift her thighs up without losing hand contact with her tits. Never missing a hand stroke or lick to her pussy, I had greater access to her cunt and her sweet ass at the same time. She protested no more - simply indulged herself with my actions.

While sucking her wet cunt, I pulled one of my hands from one of her tits. This allowed my fingers to penetrate her vaginal and anal opening at the same time. I could easily penetrate her ass because her pussy juice dripped down to the crack of her ass. Now, I was licking her clit, finger-fucking her cunt, and stroking the inside of her ass. That's all it took. With a minute or so, she arched her back, sucked in a huge amount of air, and screamed. I had to release her tit and place my hand over her mouth. Didn't want someone calling the police, or have a Front Desk person finding Bonnie in my room. The muffled screams and moans were excellent, for my body and my ego.

After her orgasm subsided, she raised up on her elbows and said, "I want you to jack off on me!" I agreed, but only with the proviso of her fingering her cunt. She said nothing, but reached for her cunt and began to do her thing. I climbed on the bed, straddled her body, with my cock and balls near her tits. I stroked my dick as requested. My balls were rubbing softly against her chest as I jacked my dick. She kept playing with her pussy, and verbally encouraged me to stroke my dick. It actually reached a point where she began to talk dirty. NOTE: Bonnie is a very sweet woman, and not at all the type that would necessarily use dirty language. Nonetheless, I began to hear, "Stroke that cock. Rub your balls on my tits. I want you to spray my face!"

Now, that was all it took for ME. I got so hot so fast, I stroked like crazy and let her know I was going to cum. Bonnie said, "Give it to me hard!" I tilted my hard-on toward her face and let it fly. It shot across the center of her face, reaching as far as her hair. A couple more jets shot on her face: chin, lips, nose, eyes, forehead. After I was spent, I remained straddled on her body, looking down at the magnificent mess I'd made on her request.

I reached up to her face, dipped a fingertip into my cum, then asked her to open her mouth. She did so, and I deposited a bit of cum into her mouth. I wiggled my fingertip across her tongue, spreading the cum from front to back of her tongue. As I withdrew my finger, she sucked on it very hard. When my finger left her mouth, there was an excellent little "pop." Bonnie said, "I want more!" With that, I scooped up a large portion of man juice and placed it into her mouth. I then bent over and gave her a tongue kiss. Now we were sharing my cum. She got excited all over again.

I was shot to hell, and abruptly rolled off hter body. Her face was still covered with cum, her tits were slightly sagging and sweaty. Her belly was also sweaty, and her cunt still glistened with her pussy juice. I reached over to her, pulled myself to her body, and we fell asl**p.

What an experience! She is, indeed, awakened!
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