Flashing First Time

I just had a unique (for me) experience in my hotel. After a soak in the hot tub, I returned to my room and donned my lounging pants. They have a generous fly in the front.

I wanted some ice to cool down a diet drink. For whatever reason, I decided to go down to the ice maching with my dick and balls hanging out. Don't ask, because I have no explanation. It just seemed to be the thing to do at the time.

Since it's quiet in the hotel, I figured "No Big Whoop!" I grabbed the bucket and a key, and off I went. After filling the bucket with ice cubes, I headed back to my room. Just before arriving at the door, a door to the next room popped open. Out came two lovely mature women. I was a bit startled as they appeared and turned toward me (turns out they were also going to the ice machine). We made eye contact and greeted each other. With my key in one hand and the bucket in the other, I had no cover. After our mutual greeting, one of the ladies (Karen) looked down and said, "Oh, my God! Buffie - look - his dick is hanging out!" Buffie looked down, gasped, and looked back up again.

What could I say? Since I had yet to open my door, and neither of them shrieked or yelled "Perv," I figured it was not a big deal for them. I simply said, "You know, every once in awhile, there's a place for being weird. I'm glad you're not going crazy with my first flash!" They both laughed, and Karen said, "Hey - we're all adults here. If you're experimenting, that's cool. Nice look, by the way!" I thanked her. Neither of them attempted to leave, and so I stayed and talked. It was small talk, but pleasant nonetheless.

After a few minutes, Buffie said, "This is weird. Either you need to park your dick in your pants, or I need to flash, too!" Karen turned to Buffie and said, "What a slut!" They both laughed, as did I. As Karen gave Buffie some well-placed shit, I said to Karen, "How can you be such a prude when your friend is so cool?" Karen responded with a "Bite Me, Perv!" Now, we all were laughing. I turned to Buffie and said, "Well, I'm not parking my dick!" With that, Buffie reached inside the bodice of her gown (they were dressed for the night) and pulled out one of her tits - then the other one. "Bravo, Bravo!" I exclaimed. I then turned to Karen and said, "Well, you're the odd one out - put up or shut up!" Karen said, "You're both pervs" then proceeded to lift up her gown from the hem up. There was a light brown patch of hair at the top of the V from her thighs.

Finally, I said I was thirsty and was going to head in and watch a flik. They said they were going to get some ice, then return to their rooms and also watch TV. I invited them to join me, or I could join them (to save electricity, of course). They weren't sure, and I didn't f***e the issue. We all went our own ways.

After icing a drink, I turned on the TV and checked out the movies. Finding one, I tuned in and stripped off my loungers. Now, in the all-together, I relaxed. I could hear commotion in the next room, and it got rather loud. "You ask him!" "No, you ask him!" This went back and forth a few times, so I called their room. "Look, if you're going to act like teenagers, why don't you come next door and do it!" Karen had answered the phone, and she replied with a bit of a stammer, "Well - well, we were just . . ." I interrupted with a "Blah, Blah, Blah" - just come over, or I'll come over there!"

2 minutes later, a knock on my door. I looked in the peep hole and there they were - still in their gowns. I shouted through the door "Clothing optional, and I've opted for none!" They laughed, and one of them said, "Oh, my God!" I swung open the door, standing there with nothing on. Buffie said, "You're crazy - I like it!" The entered and I invited them to get comfortable. "I'm watching 'Singing in the Rain," so if that's not your deal, too bad!" I sat on the sofa with my feet up on a chair - my legs spread about 12 inches. That was enough for me to air out my unit and "the boys."

We started to watch the movie, and they asked if I had anything to drink. I said, "In the fridge - soft drinks only!" They said that was O.K., and helped themselves. After they sat, I said "So, are you going to make yourselves comfortable, or stay in those gowns." Karen said she'd keep hers, but Buffie said, "It's dumb for you to be the only one naked!" With that, she stood - pulled her gown over her head - and sat down on the sofa next to me. We started giving Karen shots about being the odd one out again, but that didn't last long.

We half-watched the movie, as I was looking at this delightful brunette (Buffie) in her birthday suit. Her thighs were nicely shaped, and she was trimmed at her pussy - but not a lot - just neatly groomed. I commented on her clitoral coif, and she said, "Well, I've never heard it described like that!" Buffie commented on how open I was, and that she felt comfortable with me in the situation.

As we chatted, Karen must have felt left out, for she turned to us and said, "What's with you two?" I simply said, "Hey, we're experimenting here!" Karen finally said, "I guess if you two can do it, so can I! Buffie - help me out of this thing!" Buffie stood up, next to Karen, and pulled her gown down. It was elastic at the top, and slid nicely off Karen's tits - past her waist - and off her legs. NOW we all three were nude, sitting down on the sofa, kind of watching the movie.

We really had a nice time, talking and cutting up a bit. I've seen the move numerous times (one of my favorites), so it didn't matter we didn't concentrate on it. Karen sat next to Buffie, and they seemed not to mind having their naked legs touching each other's.

The movie ended, and they decided to go to their rooms. I said they could leave, but one one condition only. They had to go out in the hallway without wearing their gowns. By now, we were all loose, so there was no protest. They took their gowns, d****d them over their arms, and out to the hallway they went. They each kissed me on the cheek and said good night. "Oh, I'll have a great night. I fully intend to wank to the images of your naked bodies!" Karen said, "God you ARE a perv!" Buffie smiled, and said, "Cool." Maybe I'll do the same!?!

Interesting evening, I think.
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2 years ago
2 years ago
Hey, Erin - thanks for the comment. I like your style. I can only try to conjure up an image of that: you, in the buff, in front of a window. I'd love to see that.

I've continued my flashing experiences, in drips and drabs. Common for me now to wear my loungers with the fly unbuttoned. When I go to the ice machine or to get a soda, I pull out my cock and balls first. Walking down the hall I anticipate what I'll do if someone comes off the elevator or out a door to a room.

Hope the trip is going well. Watch out for winter weather. We're getting blasted in South Dakota right now!
2 years ago
Lots of times when I stay at a motel I like to sit at the table at the window with the drapes open and watch porn. While I'm doing this I'm playing with my pussy. Everyone walking by can't see what I'm doing. Maybe sometime I should show them.
2 years ago
pussycat98: BTW - VERY NICE TITS !
2 years ago
pussycat98: thanks for the note. Yes, it was a very different experience for me, and I was just lucky enough to have contact with someone who didn't freak out at the sight of my unit.

I took a quick peek at your page - very nicely put together: a bit mousy, but sexily so.

Hope to chat sometime. If you send me an invite, I'll surely accept!
2 years ago
Sounds like you had a good time!
2 years ago
lol-fun story