Presenter to Purveyor to Pervert - Part III

At this point, all bets were off. Granny stripped off my loungers - leaving my now semi-erect dick airing out. I kicked off the garment and put my arms in the air. That was her hint to finish exposing me. She jerked the top upward with agression. It was apparent she knew what she wanted. After I was stripped, I said, "It's time to peel your body!" She simply stood still while I pulled the leather slowly down her hips, ass and tummy. You guessed it - her panties matched her bra! I've never seen a woman of her age wear such revealing panties. High cut to past the hips and a slender crotch strip. No hair visible on this woman. A slight pull of the crotch into her slit, her pussy lips bulged nicely around the cloth.

I dropped to my knees to finish pulling off her pants. Now I saw the great legs that had been massaged by the leather. Excellent skin - nicely tapered calves that lead to equally nicely formed thighs. Now she was wearing only her panties. The red and black against her alabster skin was alluring, to be sure. I gently pushed her onto the bed. Down she went, plopping face-up on the bed. Her knees bent nicely to the edge of the mattress. It was easy for me to spread her knees apart, and say "I'm hungry!" (Granny Here: the way he said "I'm hungry" made my pussy surge with anticipation. He buried his face in my panty-covered pussy).

I liked one lip - then another. After a few minutes, I bent an index finger, slipped it between her pussy and her panties, and pulled toward me like I was drawing an arrow to be shot through the air. While holding the cloth away from her cunt slit, I slipped my tongue into this odoriferous opening. As you may recall, I like to curl the edges of my tongue and stiffen my tongue - using it like an oral cock. I thrust in and out several times, increasing the speed progressively. (Granny Here: I've never had a man do that before - it's a great thrill). Licking and thrusting, I reached up for her tits - and found there was no place for me. Her hand were already there, massaging like crazy. I wasn't disappointed, for there were other places for my hands.

We were both getting pretty worked up. It was time to remove her panties. Rather than using my hands, I grabbed the waist band with my teeth and pulled them down. Granny arched her back, to enable me to finish the unconventional removal of her panties. Once removed, I liked her cunt like it was an ice cream cone. For a woman her age, she was amazingly wet - and tasty.

We readjusted on the bed, and I propped her ass in the air with some pillows. Now, her pussy was actually tipped upward - easy to enter. She said, "Fill me up!" No hesitation - I simply spread her cunt lips and pushed the head of my dick toward her love tunnel. I slid right in - man, she was really wet! It was as though we'd done this before (with each other), the way our thrusts became sync'd so quickly. She started doing Kagels around my dick, causing excellent stimulation while I pumped. This woman is a fucking machine, at the very least.

We thrusted and wiggled, writhed and slapped skin as we fucked. This was, in no way, love-making. This was genuine fucking. No pretense by either of us - no games. No one had to say, "I love you!" We just consumed each other. I laid down on her, concentrating my thrusting from the waist down. Granny began to chew on my ear, saying "Fuck me hard!" (Granny Here: I love to talk dirty when I fuck, so telling him to "fuck me hard" was natural for me).

We really didn't have a desire to switch positions, we simply wanted to fuck. I was so turned on by her method of dress - she was equally turned on by my performance at the convention - there was no reason to do anything but fuck each other. We did, and did it well. I orgasmed first, filling her cunt with my seedless semen. Now, talk about wet! She must have thought I was going to pull out, because she grabbed my ass and held on. She amplified my thrusts with her hands and arms. She began to grind her cunt into my crotch, and kept doing the Kagel on my dick. She began to moan - the Kagel increased in f***e - and she exploded in voice and thrust. I felt the contractions on my cock, so tight like she was 40 years younger than she is.

As her spasm subsided, she still didn't want me to roll off her body. I was still inside her pussy - we lay still - I licked her ears and told her "That was fan-fucking-tastic!" (Granny Here: I agree - it was). We finally separated, but we weren't done. I crawled down to her pussy, staring as it oozed a blend of male and female liquid. I pushed my face forward and began to lap at her slit. While I probed, releasing the mixture, I reached for her clit. It was fairly prominent, easy to find. I fingered her clit as I penetrated her cunt again with my tongue. (Granny Here: no man was ever willing to do that to me after we'd cum. I was so turned on, I stuck a finger into my snatch, wet it with our joined juice, and stuck my finger into my mouth. I figured, what's good for him is good for me).

I caressed, licked, sucked some more. She did the same. We talked about our beginning to end encounter - from the convention center to the restaurant to the hot tub to the bed. We agreed it had been a great experience, with two "mature" people having untethered, uninhibited sex. We'll both be at the convention tomorrow. I wonder if she'll come to the session I'm facilitating.

Mature women certainly have a knack for making sex a great trip!
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Very hot indeed,I just love how older ladies know how it is done,,great story,,,thanks